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Peter Gunn


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Was not going to get this new car yet was going to wait for a decalled version, but amongst the test cars was a painted yellow one which i rather liked and i knew i had some decals to make it look a lot better than a yellow slab.

On arrival it looked rather good and after taking out the magnet and inserting the front grub screws i gave it a warm up on the track, the rear tyres are treaded Supergrips and after a bit of running came in well as far as grip was concerned, now the motor is the 21-5 k evo which has a good turn of speed as it ran in, now over here this motor has caused a bit of interest as all the motor nerds reckon it,s 21-9 in the k range , i don;t know aBout that but it,s quicker than my older NSR motors in that form, just had to paint that driver.

On the track it,s lively needs weight and softer braids in my opinion , front lifts when applying full power the motors run in and the rears have gripped up, and all is smooth so definitly weight the front, enjoyed the car great slot car , but i knew i could do better as i had the parts to do so.

First was fit the NSR wood guide and softer braids, , motor wise used the Pirana 25 K ballrace motor which i am using a lot now , give loads of control smooth and very quick in this form, as i was using a ballrace motor only right i ballraced the rear axle , then some weight note the picture , decided to keep standard gearing, all the wheels and the original rear tyres as they were operating very well on Carrera track.

Back on the track and yep lap times were soon in the modified Thunderslot range , can see this car being a very good stable mate for a mod Thunderslot in the same configuration which mine now are except for one Lola Spyder which is basically now the slowest of this fleet of cars , next for mods, i have no where to race so it,s me against the clock with each class of car i have and during the pandemick i have really gone to town in my quest for fast great handling cars.

Few pictures.




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