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Friday Night Racing

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Hey guys. Having a run at my place this Friday night for those interested. Will be running Slot.it Group C's (can use your Sideways Rileys) and F1's. (Bring your NC-1 classics as well!)


Will be starting at 8:00 pm, and just like Craigs will be running through them quick so would be an early finish for those who have to work on Saturday. (no later than 10:00 - 10:30)


If time permits will run a host class (NSR 917's)!


Nothing serious just a mens shed meetup. ( Girls (not women :lol: ) welcome too of course!)


Will be putting on a feed so if interested please let me know so I can work out food quantities!





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Sorry guys but have to change it to Saturday night at 7pm. Sorry Paul for change. Any one else like to have a run let me know.

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Friday or Saturday NGFM this weekend

I can't believe that I wanted to grow up


Mount Salt Panorama Track Combined Road and Rally Track built near Salt Pan Creek Padstow - Sydney


A quick build rally track


2017 WRP Round 11 at Mt Salt Panorama



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