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2013 Race Calendar Season 1

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Just thought I would post up SWSRGs race calendar for Season 1 for current members and anybody else interested in having a run with us.


We race on 8 tracks stretching from Epping and Kellyville in the North West through to St Clair in the west and Casula and Minto in the Southwest. Also racing at Revesby in the South.


Anyone looking into getting into some casual racing is more than welcome. Our group is about having fun and trying to make everyone competitive so if you feel you are interested and would like to learn a few tricks and tips from Dr Joe (The Slot Doctor) come along and participate.


PS. No need to worry about not having cars as most guys lend their spares out!


Our race calendar for Season 1 2013




Our tracks


Gazzas track (Casula)





3 lane Ferrodor with coat of Cabots clear over the top.


Gazzas Rally track (Casula)

35 mtr single lane






Joes track (Quakers Hill)





4 lanes Ferrodor with Cabots clear coat)


Craigs track (Minto)





3 lanes Dulux Suede surface with Cabots clear coat


Craigs Rally track (Minto)

35mtr single lane



Marios track (Colyton)




4 lanes Ferrodor with Cabots clear coat


Mels track (Revesby)






2 lane Ferrodor road track with switchable 1 lane rally infield of Dulux Suede


Caddos track (Kellyville)




3 lane Dulux Suede surface with multiple coats of Cabots clear


Mohawkks track (Merrylands)




3 lane Ferrodor surface


Yngwies Track (Epping)




3 lanes Dulux Suede with Cabots clear coat


General rules


1. New brands, or models from approved manufacturers must be approved by the Clerk of the Course before the previous meet prior to being allowed to race.

2. All cars must be available in Australia from Australian suppliers.

3. Any car about to be lapped by a faster car is to allow the faster car to overtake. The best option is to call the faster car through once driving onto the straight. The passing driver should notify the car to be lapped of their intention to pass.

4. All cars must be ready to race 10 minutes prior to that particular class starting and be placed on the dummy grid. Once on the dummy cars can no longer be removed by the driver unless it is to place the car on the track to commence a heat.

5. If a car breaks down the driver can only repair the car during the running of his respective heat. Cars cannot be worked on during other heats as this will classify the car as a DNF and no points are allocated

6. Cars jumping the start are to be penalised one lap. All race hosts are to ensure that lap timing software is set for a one lap penalty.

6. All weight limits for appropriate classes will be enforced a 1gram allowance will be made for different scale tolerances

7. When a car deslots and this causes a second car to deslot the car which was deslotted as a result of the first car is to be placed back on the track by the marshal first.

8. If a car is being lapped by another car the driver being lapped is to allow the faster car to pass The time keeper will notify the driver who is about to be lapped of a car wanting to pass. If the car about to be lapped does not allow the faster car to pass within 1 lap of being notified the driver will be penalised 3 laps for blocking.

9. The race starter is to ensure drivers and marshals are ready prior to starting a heat.

10. The track owner is to ensure that drivers are aware of the start conditions relating to the software and hardware being used.

11. Unless otherwise notified racing starts at 7.00pm on Saturdays and 8.00pm on Fridays cars need to be on the dummy grid 10 minutes prior. If cars are not on the dummy grid on time the car cannot compete in that class.

12 New Clerks of the course are John, Mario and Kai



1. GT International


Eligible Years 2000 onwards



Race Liveries only although repaints allowed. Wing must be fitted if car came with wing. No filed guards. Standard interior and windows must be fitted.

Can be lowed onto chassis. Wheels and tyres cannot protrude outside body when viewed from above. No lexan interiors unless car came standard with one.



Standard chassis only. May have sides trimmed to allow body tilt. Guide may be replaced and hard wired in case of SCX, Scalextric or Auto Art.

Standard motor position.



Standard wheels as supplied with car or plastic or metal wheels from other manufacturers that give scale accurate appearance. (NO AIR RIMS)

F1 Rims from any manufacturer are banned as are F1 tyres.

Also Alloy wheels can be used, must have matching wheel centres (Front & Rear). MUST HAVE INSERTS BUT DO NOT NEED TO MATCH

Aluminium Wheels Ninco, Slot It, NSR or Sloting Plus. (any other not listed)






Motor pinions can be changed. Slot It crown can be used with poor meshing gears but must be the same ratio.MT-1, NC-1, NC-8 CAN HAVE FREE GEARING

Anglewinders have to retain 12:32 gearing.

Inlines retain 9:27 gearing.

Sidewinders retain 11:36 gearing.




Standard SCX 42B, NC 2, MT-5 and Ninco NC9 Sparker minimum weight of 100 grams.

Slot It Green Motor minimum weight of 110 grams

NC5 and Slot It Orange can 120 grams. NOT ELIGIBLE

NC1, NC-8 and MT-1, Pioneer and Scalextric no minimum weight requirement



Standard position rear bushings Front axle height may be altered.


Eligible Cars

Ferrari 550, 360, Seat Cupra, Aston Martin DB9R, Corvette C6R. Ferrari F360, Mosler, Porsche 997, Ascari, Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielargo, Ford Gt and Elise Ninco Viper, Aston Martin DB9R, Maserati MC12, Porsche GT3, Ferrari 430. Ferrari 575, Corvette C6R, Audi R8 and BMW M3 GT

Fly: Corvette C5, Viper, Saleen Fly Racing version and Marcos Diablo GTR. Mercedes SLS GT Ninco cars from the Japanese GT class

Scaleauto Cars (NOT Scaleauto motor)



See Motors heading for weight classes.


2. Ninco Porsche 934/997 Cup



Ninco 934 d and 997 Porsche only



Standard body no modifications



Standard chassic no modifications



Ninco NC1 NC8 or NC11 only. Motor must be mounted using Ninco NC1 adaptors only Ninco guide only


Wheels,Tyres & Gearing

Standard Ninco 934 or 997 plastic wheels. Original tyres only. 997 Standard gearing as supplied with the car. 934 may be replaced with different ratio Ninco 934 free choice of gearing. Weight may be added.


3. NC1 Classics



Pre 1966 Classic Sport and Touring Cars.


Brands of Car

Ninco Classic, Fly Classics Carrera Classic, Scalex Classics Revell Monogram Classic, Auto Art Classics Pink Kar MRRC Resin and plastic kit bodies from era



Original engine position may be relocated for front engine cars. Body may be lowered on chassis. Chassis sides may be trimmed to allow body tilt. Weight may be added. Original Guide may be replaced. Resin and plastic kit bodies must use Ninco Classic chassis adapted to fit body.




Wheels must not protrude outside the body when viewed from above. Body cannot be altered except to produce a replica of an original race car. Photographic evidence must be produced when doing so.



NC-1, NC-8, MT-1, Slimline MT-1, Artin and Dick Smith Motors



Standard 9:27 gearing for inline and 11:36 for Sidewinder



Plastic Classic wheels and Racer Allow wheels P/N RCRWR1) or similar only. Wheels may be swapped between brands if car is being modelled on a 1 to 1 car to give scale appearance. Photographic evidence must be submitted in this case.



MJK Tyres or original tyres only 9mm maximum tread width.

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No where in the regs does it say that laughing is condoned or that we can have fun ...... i'll be watching

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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