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Found 15 results

  1. Mumneedinghelp


    Hi, sorry to crash the party. I'm a desperate mum trying to set up a scalextrics for my little girls with no instructions. It's F1001 superloop thriller i think with 2 loops so the track has to go under itself and I can't work it out! Could someone please tell me where I can find instructions? Thanks so much!!
  2. Sold my track and I didnt get to use this car , XW Moffat Falcon #64E still in its box. $75 o.n.o - inc post within Oz. To view ad it`s listed on Facebook Marketplace under scalextric cars in townsville. Pleasep PM thru Auslot has having trouble retriving messages in FB Thanks
  3. Many years ago I had a Dick Johnson Scalextric set. Years ago it was nicked from my olds’ when they were moving. I remember it had a track plan sheet including one for Mt Panorama. Anyone our there have that set and leaflet they could scan and upload the whole thing?
  4. Good day Can anyone advise if there is a blade conversion kit to fit to a Scalextric Car to make it work better with a Carrera track?
  5. Scalextric SSD track and accessories for sale as per below list * NIB = New In Box * NIB/AN = Combination of NIB and AS * AN = As New (no original box nor packaging) * Plus Postage extra on top of purchase price, any excess postage money will be refunded directly to your bank account. * Postage $15 per item* (*small single item only) depending on weight and size QTY - NIB/AN - PRICE - DESCRIPTION 2 - NIB - $55e - ARC AIR/PRO Wireless Hand Controler 1 - NIB - $50e - PSR Dunlop Bridge much bigger and better then the plastic Dunlop bridge, constructed 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Control Tower - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Grand Stand - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Podium Box - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - MDF Lettering to make two of each words: Slot Cars, Dunlop, MDF, to be painted 1 - AN - $65e - Supercheap Auto Airbrush kit, including small air compressor hose normally sold separately 1 - NIB - $25e - Careera Pit Garage - Unassembled 12 - AN - $35e - Duracell Rechargable Batteries, New only used in these controllers nothing else, ALL holding charge perfectly 60 - AN - $25e - Grey Fence (6 pieces per) 1 - NIB - $25e - C8212 - Grey Fence + Clips 18 - AN - $21e - Sand coloured Full Straight Lead-In 18 - AN - $21e - Sand coloured Full Straight Lead-Out 18 - AN - $21e - C8228 Sand coloured Radius 4 Outer Border 45 degree (4 pieces) 30 - AN - $21e - Grey Curve Inner Border 45 degrees (4 pieces) 30 - AN - $28e - Grey Curve Outer Border 90 degrees (4 pieces) 20 - AN - $21e - Grey Half Straight Lead-In (4 pieces) 20 - AN - $21e - Grey Half Straight Lead-Out (4 pieces) 2 - NIB - $95e - C7038 - Double Lane Change Straight Track (1 piece) 8 - NIB - $20e - C7016 - Single Lane Half Straights 175mm (4 pieces) 5 - NIB - $22e - C7017 - Radius 3 Curve 22.5 degree Single Lane Curves (4 pieces) 1 - NIB - $59e - C8512 - Extension Pack 3 - 2 x Hairpin Curves, 2 x Side Swipes Borders and Barriers (4 pieces) 4 - NIB - $38e - C8526 - Extension Pack 4 - 4 x 350mm straights, extend your track by 1.4m (4 pieces) 6 - NIB - $69e - C8554 - Extension Pack 5 - 8 x 350mm straights, add 2.8 metres (8 pieces) 5 - NIB - $59e - C8555 - Extension Pack 6 - 8 x Radius 3 Curves - 22.5 degree, total of 180 degree (8 pieces) 2 - NIB - $59e - C8556 - Extension Pack 7 - 4 x 350mm Straights and 4 x Radius 3 Curves - 22.5 degree, total of 90 degree (8 pieces) 2 - NIB - $59e - C8201 - Radius 1 Hairpin Curve 90 degree (2 pieces) 7 - NIB - $21e - C8236 - Short straights 78mm (2 pieces) 2 - NIB - $18e - C8222 - Half-straight Converters 175mm - Convertor 1/2 Straight Classic to Sport (2 pieces) 10 - NIB/AN - $18e - C8207 - Half straights 175mm (2 pieces) 34 - NIB/AN - $24e - C8206 - Radius 2 Standard Curves 45 degree (2 pieces) 2 - NIB - $25e - C8201 - Radius 1 Hairpin Curves 90 degree - for use with C8246 Side Swipe Straights (2 pieces) 4 - NIB/AN - $19e - C8200 - Quarter straights 87mm (2 pieces) 1 - NIB - $17e - C8212 - Fence Barriers 330mm (5 pieces) and Track Clips (15 pieces) 1 - NIB - $39 - C8332 - Scalextric Dunlop Bridge (Black and Yellow) 40 - NIB/AN - $18e - C8233 - Lead In/Lead Out Borders 350mm, use on straights ahead of corners to give a smooth lead in and lead out of corner borders sections (2 pieces) 1 - NIB - $25 - PL/LF - Slot Track Scenics: Parc Ferme Set - includes: railings, cones, board logos and stickers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pickup Taree, NSW, 2430. I can post, this is a large parcel and will cost $199 postage (in Australia ONLY), this postage cost was charged on original purchase, any excess postage costs will be refunded. - Tracking, Insurance, Signature are all a MUST - This is a large box, 1100 x 650 x 430 with a weight of 10.2kgs - Will only be posted once funds have been deposited and verified cleared - Payment ONLY via Direct Deposit to my bank account - Payment Types NOT accetped: - PayPal, - Cheques (Personal, Business and Bank), - Money Orders, Thanks Johnno
  6. I'm selling a scalextric digital track for pictures https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/emerald/miscellaneous-goods/scalextric-digital/1197941398 it is a platinum set with a pitstop challenge set and single piece sections mounted on a board using scalextric clips so as it can be removed 9 cars in good condition check it out
  7. Have been busy restoring some cars for Christmas, and have six 70's Scalextric cars that I already have at least 3 or 4 versions of in my collection. I have put them on my http://home.alphalin...tml/ForSale.htm page on my website. May eventually go on ebay if no interest here. As Photobucket pics can't be posted here any more, you'll have to go to each cars webpage to see pics and get more details: Boxed Scalextric C16 Ferrari P4 - $45: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_4l.htm Boxed Scalextric C125 Porsche 911 Martini - $30: http://home.alphalin...ForSale_11l.htm Scalextric C125 Porsche 911 Gold - $30: http://home.alphalin...ForSale_12l.htm Scalextric C022 Porsche 917 (French) - $50: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_1l.htm Scalextric C018 You Steer Ford 3L - $60: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_5l.htm Scalextric C017 Lamborghini Miura - $40: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_8l.htm Scalextric C007 Yellow Mini Cooper - $25: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_3l.htm Scalextric C007 Red Mini Cooper - $30 http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_2l.htm Scalextric C079 Blue F/E Offenhauser - $55: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_14l.htm Scalextric C080 Yellow R/E Offenhauser - $35: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_15l.htm Scalextric C080 Red R/E Offenhauser - $35: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_16l.htm Strombecker Blue Cheetah - $45: http://home.alphalin.../ForSale_13l.htm Postage is at cost, but if you buy 2 or more cars, I'll pay the postage, and I'm happy to consider any reasonable offer, particularly if you want multiple cars. All cars are guaranteed to be working, although they all have pink big can motors (except the 911), so aren't the quickest, but are very smooth and easy to drive. The 3 with boxes all have the correct box, but apart from the 911, probably are not the car's original box, and all boxes are rather tatty. Thanks,
  8. With the terrible weather of late - I finally got around to taking some photographs of the highly collectable Scalextric V8 Supercars. A mere thirty eight models (as of May 2015). I struggled like many of you finding a good photograph of the Scalextric cars. Some of the reference sites have very poor photographs that make identifying the cars very difficult. And on with the photographs
  9. Come join other slot car enthusiasts at the annual Club Auction, now in its 25th year. It is the main annual event for the Australian Scalextric Racing and Collecting Club (A.S.R.C.C.). We will have another varied and interesting auction with 350 lots. It is a fast paced, interesting and friendly night as well as a great opportunity to sell or buy slot cars at competitive prices. There’s always something special and of interest for the collector and racer. Event Date? Saturday, 3rd September 2016 Where? Loftus Community Hall Corner of Loftus Ave & Tenth Ave, Loftus NSW 2232 (opposite Loftus railway station) When? 6pm start time (doors open at 4pm for viewing.) Entry Cost? Members $5 (incl. family memberships.) Non-Members $10 What’s Selling? 372 Lots. Preliminary lot listing can be viewed Here Food & Drink? Food and drink will be available at the venue. More Information? For more information please visit the Scalextric Australia Website. We hope you can show your support and turn up for what should be an Great Night, so ink it in your Diary! Regards, Jason - Committee Member Australian Scalextric Racing & Collection Club (A.S.R.C.C)
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone might have a loose CK1 Cobra windscreen in good (excellent?) condition I might be able to borrow or purchase? I would like to make a mould from it so I can make copies for myself and other collectors who have contacted me recently, bemoaning the fact that these windscreens no longer seem to be available for purchase from any of the usual motley crew of repro (take that anyway you like ) parts suppliers. Can guarantee to return it undamaged, with a free copy if you wish for the trouble. Would prefer a loose one, as I cannot guarantee to be able to remove one that's been glued into a completed model without damaging it or the body, although I would certainly do my best not to damage it if that was all that was available, for both our sakes. If anyone can help, please pm me or reply here so we can make appropriate arrangements. Thanks!
  11. Alrighty, I'm down to around V8's that I need to complete the collection so I'll see if anyone has any of these models for sale? Looking for reasonable prices (happy to neg). Send me a PM with if you have any for sale - I'm not in to used cars so MIB is what I'm looking for. C2446 - Castrol Ingall C2447 - Pirtek Ambrose C2612 - Castrol Richards C2613 - Ambrose C2692 - Murphy C2693 - Lowndes 888 (somehow I missed this car) C2695 - Bright CAT C2768 - Murphy Supercheap C2830 - Richard Castrol C2954 - Tander Surprisingly I don't need the SleepyHead model. Cheers Mark
  12. More photos and information can be found: here
  13. Scalextric have revealed the first shot of its 1974 Brut Ford XB Falcon. Pre-order now from your favourite sponsor.
  14. Red Racer is back with some club racing to suit all forms of Slot car fans. Watch this and simular space's for current and upcoming race event's. Friday Night Racing Sideways Dallara and Riley Championship The first installment of Double R Club Racing will commence Friday the 10th of August. Sideways are produced by Racer in conjunction with Slot.It drivetrains. The combination results in highly detailed replica's with performance to match their looks. They have 12 different liveries and have small design changes which made the car's appear the same but perform differently. We have closed the gap on performance by using Slot.it race magnets throughout the 12 cars which has given them the same amount of magnet down force. The cars will be raced in stock form other than the magnet exception for some close racing. Tyres as alway's will be a must to get adiquiet grip and ride height. CARS Sideways Riley and Dallara SW01 to SW12 REGULATIONS 1 Control Race Magnet Rear Tyre optional between Slot.It and MJK Magnet pull on tester must not exceed 400grams No other modifications to car are allowed Must retain factory parts and interior Double R and Red Racer presents Slot.It Race Series In the lead up to the Qld slot championships we will be running a 6 round club series with the choice of dropping your worst round. It will be run fortnightly starting Wednesday the 25/7/2012 -7pm sharp, aim for 6:30pm There will be two classes run in two separate series. You may enter in them both. 1st class GROUP 1 (stock)Rules *One Magnet, genuine standard only *Must have at least 1.5mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Replacement genuine slot it tyres maybe used *Gluing in motor, magnet and genuine parts back on is allowed *loosening of screws is allowed *White kits must be painted *no other modifications allowed *Wheels must stay within the guards. 2nd Class MOD Rules *Only Genuine replacement slot it parts allowed *One magnet only Race Magnet can be used *Must have at least .8mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Standard motor only *Gluing is allowed *No cutting or drilling allowed *Must have interior can be Lexan *White kits must be painted *Wheels must stay within the guards Slot.It performance parts are allowed and include Hollow axles, Mag Wheels, Race Guides, Gear ratio changes etc.
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