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  1. The Legends white kits come with a sweet selection of peel off numbers.
  2. Happy to follow the pack, but I reckon we go with stock everything other than pinion, gear and guide. Weight allowed.
  3. Seeing all those nicely tuned FLY Classics running always puts a smile on my face.
  4. I painted my white kit Legend today. Some judicious oiling over the last 24hrs has brought the tyres on and made a world of difference. What a hoot! Pedro's right, we should have got into these ages ago.
  5. I'll host this week as I am away for the next two. That will change up the roster as well: Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Agree with you, Pedro. A Thunderslot Mustang could be a gamechanger. Let's talk about classes / intro of Legends when we get together on Thursday. I set my one up today on stock tyres with new guide and pinion/ gear. Has enough grip to be fun to drive but it's a hard ride when you're used to soft, silky Ultragrips/ N-22s.
  6. I’ll grab one or two more when they land too. Thanks Mark. I will check out some tyre options tomorrow / see if the stock ones hook up.
  7. I just picked up a Pioneer legend. I know there has been some discussion about racing these at some point. I'm keen if we are. Are we thinking stock but we can swap out the plastic gear and put decent tyres on them?
  8. Cheers for hosting at the BingRing, boys. Always a fun track to race, though I have to say I was devaststed that there were no BingWings. No BingWings!! WTF!!
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone tell what this chip is and what's it worth? It's branded Slot It. My search just found one image which says it may be a SSD (is that scalextric sport digital?). Thanks in advance. Mac
  11. Thanks for that tip.
  12. As an aside, after work tonight, I set up the Merc that I won at the DTM this year. What a lovely car; thanks again for the generous sponsorship, Mark. It certainly looked the goods. It's wheelbase is the same as my Opel, but I managed to get the wheel track about 3mm wider, so I saw no reason for it not to be fast and stable. Right from the get-go, this was a honey on the track and I went sub7s after only a few laps. (I thought that I better take a photo for evidence - haha) I ran about another 100+ laps and dipped under 7s quite a few more times (with a best time time in the low 6.9s) - but I could lap this car, in my preferred red lane, in the 7.05 - 7.15 bracket all night long. The down side is that the higher CoG of the body makes it a bit of a handful in the tighter corners, but it was super-planted elsewhere. For those interested, I ran the body and rear of the pod loose, the front of the pod just off-tight, and used tape to dampen the pod movement. I think that once I get used to driving this car, and the tyres / motor come on, it will be every bit as competitive as my current Opel. Love it.
  13. I can't help but think that there's been way too much thought put into this, but how's this for a solution: Set a maximum 90g weight limit, but if you podium with a model, you can't run that same model next year. It's a simple rule that fixes a lot of the issues that Mark has raised.
  14. I ran a Slot It orange bell; sidewinder.
  15. So, coming back to Mark's original point of 'where to go from here?'... Having talked with Tony, and other guys over the weekend, it's clear that people have very different ideas about weight volume and placement. I try and add as little weight as possible, and target placement directly behind the guide in the centre of the chassis. Tony tells me the Nelson crew all avoid placement directly behind the guide at all costs. They like lots of weight and having it on the chassis sides, between the middle of the chassis and the motor. Personally, I would be keen on keeping the 90g maximum, but dropping the minimum weight requirement so tuners can run their cars how they want to.
  16. Haha. I think it’s mainly about tyre prep, and the right prep for the track surface. I also think lots of the guys put weight in their cars and set up the pod the same way every time, then alter their driving style to get the car to handle well - rather than fine-tuning weight and pod movement to get the desired result for each specific car. We all know that a nice handling, stable car is the key to going fast but some entrants over the weekend didn’t seem to have fine-tuning in their game plan. I helped a couple of guys with pod tuning and they dropped 2-3 tenths off their lap times immediately.
  17. This is always a tricky one. I agree with Crockett that there is usually one model per class that is easier to make quick. I have only ever tried to make one stock DTM car of my own go fast. However, the weekend before the DTM, I helped Brendan set up a brand new Alfa and had it lapping in 7.1s, just over an hour after we opened the packet. I added weight into Pat’s Mercedes while he was at work on Friday, and that was lapping in 7.0 - 7.1s from the get-go too. At this stage I am planning on entering the Mercedes I won this year in next years race. Pat’s Merc was the nicest car I drove over the weekend - such a honey - and I reckon there are sub7s times in a good one. Time will tell.
  18. Good footage, Scott. Nice one I just wanted to add in how much I enjoyed hanging out with you all. It was good seeing the regulars back again and meeting some new faces. Race Catering exceeded all expectations(!), and there was a good, postive vibe in the shed all weekend long. I enjoyed seeing Bingo’s innovative parts business going properly commercial for the first time, and it was cool seeing the mid-pack being so close and competitive during racing. Every year the racing is faster and the driving standard continues to improve. Let’s do it again.
  19. DTM pix are in the NZ racing events thread, towards the top of the forum.
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