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  1. Cheers for hosting, Pat. Always a good vibe at Upham Downs and so many good dices tonight - including you and me on 65-80. So few offs these days - apart from the Golden Twins in the Legends. They spent more time out of the groove than in it. My blood pressure is still recovering.
  2. I am chasing a Carrera Willy,s coupe. It doesn't have be in good condition, just a complete body is all I need. Anyone got one they want to flick? Pedro?
  3. Here's a few more of the Black Widow in her prime: and my favourite Always enjoyed racing that track.
  4. That’s a sad series of pictures there, e hoa. I always enjoyed that track and it’s ownership history. SlowJockey PieBone Crockett. That’s three of the great names in our racing group’s whakapapa. RIP the mighty Black Widow.
  5. Cheers for the big turnout tonight. Not so sure that the Legends are suited for a big open track like mine, but they were fun to run nonetheless. Personally, after the series is over, I’d be keen to move to alloy rears and decent tyres for these cars - or even just good tyres if we can find something suitable that fit the stock hubs. Seems a shame to run these honeys under their full potential. BRM do nice NASCAR inserts that will look the goods if we move to alloys and I would be happy to get a bulk lot in if that’s the consensus going forward. Alloys and good rubber is an easy fix within everyone’s reach. That’s my 5c but, as always, happy to go with the flow.
  6. Thunder Road this week, Ladies. 1 Australian Touring Cars Legends 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  7. This is your chance to learn to set up a car from one of the best RTR tuners in the game - and by that I mean one of the best in the world. Dave arrives mid-arvo Friday August 13, but the track will be open all day and into the evening. Run what you brung during the day, and if we get enough guys there, we will run some sort of house class race on Friday evening. Tuning class kicks off 9.30am Saturday, with a Thunderslot McLaren on the bench. After the masterclass is done, we'll run a Group 5 Teams race. This will be 2-4 hours long depending on how much time we have. Sounds like we will have a few out of town guests, so we will pick teams / team cars on the day to try and get an even field. I'll put up some prizes to spice it up. For the out of towners, Group 5 Rules as per our local club roster: (we mainly run Sideways cars. The hot set up seems to be sidewinder running NSR 25k). Motor: Open Wheels: Open. Tyres: Open Gears: Open Axles: Open Body: Can be lightened and lowered on chassis Chassis: Essentially stock when viewed from underneath. HRS chassis and donor chassis allowed| Interior: Lightweight interior allowed. Motor can be braced to rear axle bushes. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Dave's a top man and we will all learn some new tricks from him. Race Catering will be in full effect during the weekend - probably not for dinners, but you never know! I hope you guys make the most of this opportunity. Mac
  8. Thanks for the run Team Bing. Always a sweet drive on Falls Road.
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