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  1. Munter struggling for a sense of direction at the moment...getting loster by the minute
  2. Unless someone can tell me what time the dancing girls show up I will probably stay home... got a weeks worth of snotty nose and headache
  3. I made the master up by combining two kits....the roof and A pillars from the notch(?)back was added to the body of the fastback which had a targa top. By the time I had finished fiddling with the nose details I left the tail lights for you guys to tweak.....no, It wasnt until I had taken a mould that a mate kindly told me it had the wrong tail lights....sorry about that.
  4. I was intending to grace the slotting apartment with my presence last night but a lingering case of "Concrete throat" caught by close contact with a certain pre schooler meant I stayed away. A legend car for munter....white kit would be nice....are they available?
  5. IEC is the jug plug and the small round one Charlesss refers to is known as the XLR connector.... unless I have my Xs mixed up with my kettle
  6. Nice work, Vinno. Park green seems a popular choice here too. I am going to do another small run of these in the near future so if anyone wants to join the list please let me know.
  7. Heading to Auckland early Friday so I will be at home packing my nighty. My return will resume but not certain where and when
  8. I will put in my apologies for tonight....what? did I just hear Ryan and Mark sighing with relief? Gaylene has a chronic fatique syndrome that has recently again pushed to the forefront of things so I am house master, dogsitter, cook, border security and gofer.
  9. Another idea might be to drop DTM and choose a different marque....Policar F1 or Policar Ferrari 330s
  10. Easy answer....ban the Opels.
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