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  1. She looks factory to me, nice job.
  2. There was a pic of the 2002 prototype on slotcarspassion in April 2020 which was the wide version they mentioned, le mans 75 from memory. So it's somewhere in between. I was hoping for the Alpina style but we'll have to wait and cross fingers for that version at a later stage.
  3. Given how brutally hard these cars go are you going to give them much running? My less interesting liveries cop a hiding, but i'm not sure i'd be able to race those two with exuberance. Nice work
  4. Ooh, i look forward to seeing mine when it arrives, the wait feels like forever!
  5. Tamiya TS49 bright red is pretty close, that's what I used on my Mustang years ago. Use a white undercoat too.
  6. Nice. Can we see her with her clothes off?
  7. We've sourced one! Thanks gentleman, I appreciate your assistance.
  8. As per title. My friend has been looking for the 1/24 TTS/BRM Ford escort TTS020; the white Castrol Zakspeed car. We've had a look around and can't find one available from a retail seller or eBay, and we've been casually looking since early this year. He intends to race the car in stock/blueprinted fashion, so ideally one unmodified in good to new condition preferred. Should you have one that needs adoption please let me know, it will be going to a loving home and have regular use. Payment via either Paypal or direct deposit to suit you. Thanks for looking and enjoy your slot cars, Chris
  9. Nice! A cracking fun car to drive too. Before restrictions my group of friends used to time trial mine regularly in a best lap round robin format. Good times.
  10. I made a brass chassis for mine. Such a well proportioned model and a decent runner with the stock chassis. I didn't have the same breakage issues with mine, i just figured i could build a better mousetrap.
  11. I wouldn't pay for that, nor put my name to it, but good on the seller for having a go and finding a healthy niche. Maybe some decent pics and old mate could clear a grand for them?
  12. My order finally arrived safe and sound 89 days after it was sent, yay
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