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  1. I’ll be there. Only for two classes though. Both my Nascars are undriveable (I mean, who is surprised really?) First Visit to Bahia Vista for the reptile. I know it’s somewhere in Bayview...where is the exact location?? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yea thanks Mac for the racing and Catering. Good as usual. Id be keen on a legend. Will have to have a look and think as to what livery, but definitely put my name down.
  3. I’m sold. Handler caught an 11 kg Snapper today. Monster of a fish.
  4. Ill be there. You must have read my mind, was about to ask......see you tomorrow!
  5. Thanks Mark. Great Fun, and thanks for the controller fix, slithering in the right direction now.........Yes those power plays were great. A bit of Slot Carma.
  6. I’ll be there. After Saturday there is renewed interest in the snake basket......
  7. Love it! Thanks Mac and Pip for the great hospitality, food good as usual. Thanks JK and Mark for the great race coordination and all the out of towners for a great event. Great to win most improved, who would’ve thunked it! thanks again!!
  8. Handler and I absent tonight. Handler in the Naki. Also wondering about timing for the weekend? maybe a return on the cards too. Looks like I’ll be stuck here a little longer than expected, so best to keep myself busy. Looking forward to nerfing you all on Sat.
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