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  1. @VinnoI would love to see some progress shots along the way. You have got me really interested in the taillights. Cheers Warren
  2. @gazzathey look trick. I'm looking at getting a 3D printer but unsure of which way to go. What printers have you got? What's your preference PLA or resin to print with? Cheers Warren
  3. @Sports Racer I have an LJ Torana that is on a Cortina chassis and running gear. The guy I bought the Cortina off raced it and as far as I can see the tyres are true'd and thats it. It's a sweet balanced car that surprised me because it feels better now than when it had the Cortina body on it.
  4. @SlotsNZ Mark don't get me wrong the HRS2 chassis kit is a ripper. I have used over a dozen in the last 4 months. Interesting I've used 2 sidewinders and the rest have been inline. The inline gives you that little bit more room width wise to throw some bigger feet under it. Just a side note I use the ch57b mounts on most builds that allow for them.
  5. @big denthanks for this. I saw one in the flesh and the quality got me.
  6. @SlotsNZMark I'd love to be able to buy the scaleauto ready to run chassis kit for my builds and get away from the HRS2 kit. I really think they are a better option however no one in OZ sells them and I also noticed that Pendleslot have no more stock.
  7. @rosco01Firstly great to see a post from you. I miss your detail. Secondly I am glad that you also have learnt about this brace. Cheers Warren
  8. @Chrisguywloos good. As a beginner trying to learn the dark arts of tuning what does an axle brace do?
  9. Oldskool62

    Sex on Wheels

    It is a hot looking bit of gear.
  10. @Lotus24welcome on board. Enjoy your stay.
  11. Guys I'd love to grace your shores one year for this event.
  12. @charlesxChas looking forward to reading about both.
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