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  1. I'll have something for this. Maybe different than last year. Dale says he is in too.
  2. Great to hear you are in good spirits, and things went well. Maybe I can get a trip back over there to race with you and kick your butt this time. Lance
  3. posting in Jan is Ok with me. Dont forget to get pictures of the top 5. lance
  4. Thanks to Paul and crew (mates) for hosting and running this proxy. I was hoping my car would get better as the proxy continued, but it didnt. This groups builders are different from last year, I think quicker cars and better handling. I enjoy the after videos. We will be watching for the video.
  5. I agree with 32coupe and Paul. In All proxies, if a racer has an problem with their car, the host or organizers try hard to get it fixed so the proxy can continue with all cars. No problem, not tuning the car to make it faster. The idea to keep as many cars racing in the proxy as possible, as it would be hard to send the car home from Australia to the USA or UK with the postal fee s and especially time since this proxy is running a race every week. Some, if not most of these tracks are rough because of a ferrodore paint. this surface is different for us in the US and probably the UK. Looking thru what Paul has done for this proxy, hosting, scheduling, organizing, reporting, videos, and repairs, this has been a great proxy. I am sure when ALS stated he will send 3 sets of tires, he was joking. Looking at Peter G placings (top5 in first 5 races) should not be worried.
  6. Thanks Paul and crew. I like the reviews from the racers. Right after the race so the racers comments are fresh in the mind.
  7. I wonder what the repaired cars look like. hopefully we can get some pictures. i know there is a photo hosting problem.
  8. rules for 2020 Touring Car Proxy.


    1. sdeamon


      thank you very much


  9. look here. click on the sport racer created a topic line and it will open up. or look at the thread named 2020 Touring Car Proxy, it is the 1st post
  10. passing in a squeeze section? come on guys. too bad the video wasnt a bit longer as there was going to be some words between the drivers NEED TO REMIND DRIVERS THAT IT IS PROXY RACING, RACING FOR EVERY LAP, NOT WINNING A HEAT.
  11. Thanks for running the 2nd round so quick. Congrats to the podium. I clicked on imgshare link, nothing there
  12. Paul, First, thank you for organizing this event. Second, thank you for your honesty on tech. So how to proceed? Do they get to fix their cars, (only the infraction!) or are we going to continue as is? Maybe you have a better option? If they continue as is, do the cars that have penalties get the point deduction on every race because the car is not legal ? I am very surprised at the infractions and how blatant they are. I am really holding back how i really feel. After all, I entered this proxy and sent a car all the way to Australia. If I am beat by a better car, that is OK, but getting beat by illegal cars is another issue entirely. Last year, this proxy was enjoyable and had all legal cars. Lance
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