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  1. Do you print your car bodies laying flat, (like in your photos) or angled on an incline with either the back or the nose in the air?
  2. They look great! Well done! Are the last ones (white) PLA or resin? What program do you use to modify the body files?
  3. Very nice car there, great effort, well done! What decals did you use?
  4. Thanks for sharing the photos Paul, great setup you have there!
  5. There is a thread on here somewhere describing how to do it. Not hard when you know how (well, I guess that covers most things really, doesn't it...) I use Quickimgur on my phone and I think Imgur on my computer. Upload the image to those and they make a URL link you can insert into your post to show the picture.
  6. Welcome to the forum Paul. Don't be shy, post up some photos of your tracks! (Some of us like to live vicariously through other people's threads!) What region are you located in? There may be other members nearby that you could compare track surface notes with. Cheers
  7. I've been working on my own light weight interior...
  8. Ah, the ol' "he needs us as much as we need him" angle...I like it...well played!
  9. Being able to remove the cars from the pit lane seems like a great additional feature
  10. Sorry Sports Racer, you'll have to speak up - there are many voices in my head you need to compete with! Hopefully my car is 10% closer to me by now, but with Australia Post, who knows??
  11. Oh, I see how it is, busy late at night in your skunk works building a beast while you "conveniently forget" to post off the cars from your most feared rivals, eh? Hmmm! Meanwhile back in the real world... (Too early to start with the trash talk?? I may be able to talk the talk, it's the walk bit I have trouble with! )
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