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  1. Fellow Club Members I am asking if anyone has any objections to Jak joining club race nights? He is holding his own with Ryan and I on our track but I don’t want to cause an upset within the club. Essentially I am asking permission, please feel free to comment openly. My oldest grandson who is 12 has also expressed interest but I would need to bring his skill levels up before he would be ready.
  2. Ok chaps let’s go with the legends challenge, 2 rotations with the worst performance able to be dropped from the tally.
  3. Any more comments about the Legends challenge. Start or postpone for a few weeks. I think the postpone is the front runner at the moment.
  4. No worries, we can do our place. Do we want to kick off the first cycle of the Legends challenge? Aussie V8 Fly Classics LMP if we do Legends we will drop Fly Classics.
  5. Mark reminded me about the bumper I drew up for the Legends. I have now managed to get a resin that is not brittle so have printed a few.
  6. 1 Bing a definite, the other waiting to see what the senior baby sitter is doing
  7. Book me a spot. I’ll see ya there. Might be a bit slow coming in with a chunk of steel in my case.
  8. Snake I have an extra Aussie Touring. When you are ready to buy let me know No rush, just when you are ready.
  9. Keep meaning to post that we had an impromptu group decision last week. 1. Legends rolling competition as we did with fly classics where we race at each track over 2 rotations. Everyone present agreed this was a good plan so we will wait for Pedro to “re-appear” from his travels before we kick that off. 2. Rod had requested a 6:30 start so he can shorten the time away from his good lady. Generally there was agreement wit those who might not make it contacting the host so that can be rostered in the end of the cycle. General agreement although 1 member suggested we review it when summer begins. For the absentees from the impromptu meeting please forgive us for excluding you. Your opinion is valued so voice any objections etc
  10. Sad news Dave. We will miss you and those quiet cars for sure.
  11. We can lend you a Legend on condition you are not combative against 2 of the members [you know who]
  12. No Gold sadly but Ryan and I were wondering if once Pedro gets back we do a 2 cycle run of Legends at each track and have a cumulative winner at the end. We did this with fly classics. That was the proposal.
  13. Ok Lad's time for Falls Road & once everyone is here the "Bings" have a proposal to put to the masses. Gates open 18:00 Legends DTM Group 5
  14. Yes that resin is pretty smelly stuck.......I have experience in this matter now. oh by the way I am in For Thursday
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