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  1. Oh yeah in the absence of purple i will settle on the Gold [bttm left] & its No.13 which was my laundry number at Secondary School. Ryan will take a Blue please, top right.
  2. We need a week 6 at the moment to break the same class on the same track scenario we have currently. Maybe these with a house class and a track hosts pick from the other 5 weeks
  3. Lol, no wings in pak n save or NW. The place is falling apart
  4. Snake, jokes aside try and get here early so you can have some practice. Anytime after 6:00.
  5. Don’t like snakes - don’t like the areal ones at all. I am a certified killer of those damn things; killed a few in my time..,.....not offense snake.
  6. Snake, if you’re out there it is 506A Kennedy Rd, the back house. Down the side of the double garage and in the door at the back.
  7. Falls Road Next Week Lads Week 2 1. Pre 65 Classics 2. Slot.it Group C 3. GT1 Doors open at 6:00 for the keen.
  8. My Mantra is running like a pig and I cannot work out why
  9. The Legend was actually the lady in the kitchen
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