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  1. List of cars unsold Avant Slot Rennaut Alpine $40 now on Trade Scalley Black Beauty F1, Ninco Stratos and Williams F1 $50 the three. Also three SCX Rally Cars on Trademe now $90 the three. All plus postage. All cars now SOLD
  2. Last car for sale MRRC Celica, Shapeways Chassis, Slot_ It Pod, Piranah motor. $50.00 plus postage. SOLD
  3. Its yours Mal , It'll be $10NZ postage to Aus, Can you do Paypal? If so send me your name and address and email.cheers Alan
  4. Yellow T70 coupe sold, Corvette sold. Green Lola T70 sold, Creepy Crawly March and Falcon sold. $10 price drop on all bar the CG slot Car ti22. Also Slot-It Alfa $50NZ, Thunderslot Lola T70s x 2 $55 each plus shipping. Lola SOLD Dana Lola sold Alfa SOLD
  5. Hi Steve, The Corvette and the green Thunderslot T70 Spyder are both available. I can send you a Paypal request and combine postage if you send email address and postal address.
  6. Zerox Cooper sold, a bit of a price drop on some of the first cars for sale.
  7. A few more, all hardly run. The green Lola a painted white kit with Slot-It motor, the Bryant Auto Coast ti22 a CG Slotcars product has had body post repaired. All $55NZ plus postage. Lolas and McLaren Thunderslot's. Both Lola's and McLaren sold ti22 SOLD
  8. Also NSR Aston Martin and Corvette A/Winders, virtually unused. $50 each plus postage. Corvette has Baby Raptor fitted. Aston and Corvette SOLD
  9. Also for sale a Racer Sideways Porsche and BMW, converted to Slot-It sidewinder, hardly used $50 each plus shipping. These two cars SOLD
  10. Sorry Bram I brought it as just a shell.
  11. Yellow F1 and Ford GT Mk 1V sold.
  12. This is for a moderator, I placed a number of cars for sale today but exceeded the limit I can sell. I believe its 8 at a time, If any kind moderator is checking, could they split the 16 I posted.
  13. I have a few cars for sale as I'm "pruning" my collection / getting other interests etc None are stock apart from the black F1 $50 each except Ford RS200 and Stratos and Falcon at $35 each $30 for F1's plus postage can give disscription on running gear / photos of underside if you pm me. Corvette has HRS chassis.
  14. A great looking track, gives me some idears.
  15. just a couple if thats ok, can you PM your address please.
  16. I have one John could you some how copy it?
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