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  1. '63 Merc SL...nice, I've got a 3D file to print one myself, I quite fancy a classic Rally car.
  2. Warren, resin casting will always be popular and 3D just enables those who can't/won't cast to print instead.
  3. You can mix and match resins, I use a 3:1 mix for bodyshells, each uv resin has its own curing needs whilst in the printing process which you can only properly find with valuation tests.
  4. The printer itself is a means to an end, I don't print anything I haven't either 3D designed or modified first. In some ways the printing is the easy bit, what do you intend printing? I spent many hours doing due diligence on the CAD side before I even ordered my printer, I wasn't remotely interested in printing endless test pieces, for me it had to be an extra resource for my slot car hobby...and it ended up taking at least half of my hobby time to become an even bigger hobby all on it's own. If you have already done CAD work you'll probably love it, 3D CAD seems easier than 2D CAD (to me) for geometric work but creating bodyshells and the like with something like Blender is something I've tried to get into but never found the real urge to want to go further.
  5. I had to think back about 4 years and remembered we had a kind of fun night and I'd bought a Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR, put SlotIt gears in and NSR wheels & tyres and it was awesome...I was shocked that a car with no pod could be such a great car. I decided to modify the chassis to give it more flex...and it was crap, I got another about 18 months ago but it's still on the shelf waiting to get tuned but this one has hollow 2.5mm axles and alloy wheels already. Reading this thread and recounting my story has rekindled my interest to get it ready.
  6. It's on Thingiverse
  7. The M6A was only 1,727mm wide, at 1/32 that's only 54mm. The Ferrari 333 SP was 1994mm wide, at 1/32 that's 62.3mm so yes, huge in comparison.
  8. Who makes or has made a LOTUS ESPRIT GT2...or do we wait for Scalextric to release it.
  9. SlotIt Group 'C's with sidewinder pod are much quicker than an R8C Racer/Sideways Group 5's are quicker than an R8C MRSlotcar Mclaren goes nice once you true the front tyres right down so they don't rub the bodywork, in fact they go so nice you'll want to stick a quicker motor in.
  10. I love the Ferrari 250LM but post to the Isle of Man put's cost beyond sensible
  11. The printing is the easy bit, those compound curves aren't easy to 3D CAD, I did some 6 spokers with a passing resemblance on the track. I may have to fire the CAD up and have a go.
  12. Covid mutations have been going on since the beginning, despite the scaremongering media with the latest and worst-yet 'variant' did you know there's currently 21 thousand variants.
  13. If you look at the covid data graph this is actually the 4th wave. We were covid-free for 7 months in the Isle of Man but 21 day lockdown after Christmas followed by a few weeks of freedom (although my wife & I were in isolation after my wife's hospital treatment), I was back at work 2 days for the first time this year then back into 21 day lockdown again. I last raced at the club on 17th Dec, the club opened for 2 or 3 weeks but we can't meet again until the end of the month at a minimum.
  14. Kevan

    FERRARI 333 SP

    Unless you're interested in selling it Alexis
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