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  1. I will have a first timer with me this week - about 18 or 20 years old. Keen on Scalectric cars, had no idea of club racing. He would be content to just watch, but we will put a controller in his hand. He’ll be hooked.
  2. Warren, just check into the HBMRC club thread and scroll through a few pages for his latest output. You can message him through the forum to get more info.
  3. Surprised Bingo hasn't popped up here yet. He has an Ender 5 Pro filament, and recently added a Crealty Resin printer - and he is a gun with CAD. I think he is figuring out when to use each, and materials options. Apparently you can get quite a range of resins, and you can alter the curing rate, to change the properties of the finished product - with hard but fragile one end, less rigid but more forgiving of shocks at the other. All we know is, magic happens nearly every week. Within a few days of getting his first Pioneer Legends last week he has already replicated the chassis and the bull bars to cover for breakages since you can't seem to buy any spare parts.....
  4. I have spare NASCARS both modern and old 70s, so I will have at least 2 cars in my case. If you are unsure at all to find the location Michael, holler, and come out with me.
  5. Thanks Vince. I had decided overnight I should do almost exactly the same - but you beat me to it. But I have also unlocked the thread ready for use again, “on topic”.
  6. Gazza, I presume you got video working your end? We could certainly see you - and I made a point of giving you the one finger wave at least twice Nice to meet Scuderia Turini as well. I've seen him around other forums a fair bit. Sorry I had to dash off at short notice.
  7. Brilliant Paul - I continually stand in awe of your CAD skills. - I'll be the silly beggar claiming first customer status, two for me please.
  8. Thanks for setting it up Greg. Was good to see some old - and new faces like Sports Racer. Hear the voices, have a bit of banter.
  9. I may not make it now - daughter's fiance just messaged, they are coming over for chat and wedding planning meet........ Did you hear the clank as the wedding-planner pirates made off with another chest of my coin... sigh. So much for a leisurely breakfast and an hour in the garage playing with new toys
  10. Mac hasn't done anything in the rules thread, so here is a draft in the usual format - guide detail, and the standard ratios added I just copied the BTCC rules and tweaked. Pioneer Legends Motor: Stock Wheels: Stock Tyres: Stock Guide: Can be replaced Gears: Can be replaced (Standard is 18mm 33 tooth spur, 6.5mm 12 tooth pinion for reference) Axles: Stock Body: Stock. Chassis: Stock. Interior: Stock. Remarks: DPR box can be removed The "stock" stock car came with 11 and 13 tooth pinions anyway as options on the installed 12 tooth. So hey, why don't we let people choose their own ratio. It's not as if we are going to want to take bodies off to scrutineer. I just had a play with guides. The shaft which the guide post goes in, is a little larger diameter than for a stock Slot.it, and it is quite long/high, so a Slot.it screw guide like CH85 size or CH07 wood guide, sits about 3mm below the top, and if not screwed up just right, will be a little wobbly. It fits okay underneath, but the slot guide section is scraping the underside of the chassis, and those Scaley guide adapters would be useful to create a flat underside surface. So I added a 0.5mm guide spacer to the shaft to "lower" the guide 0.5mm and give a little wriggle room, and I had to replace the guide screw with a longer one. I used two flat spacers on top instead of just the single one supplied with the guide, as that allows the guide to be screwed up fairly snug and remove the wobble, while still allowing it to rotate easily. - ala "thrust bearing" principle Paul? It works, but it isn't a perfect fit. A "Long shaft" screw guide would be better. ScaleAuto and Sloting Plus both make such a beast. I don't have any myself But to be perfect, you want the guide adapters as shown in the first video - Paul have you been making those little triangular guide adapters that make the underside of the guide mount flat? Or you could do a quick fix as shown in the second video. I did that on one yesterday, but used a tapered self-tapping screw for supposedly better effect. It still isn't a great solution for our standard of expectations in tuning. [But I appreciate Harry's idea. For a lot of home racers that is all they need or want.]
  11. No worries here. I have that yellow one that I had bodgied, - but I have others I can set up. Is there anything else you have done Peter? Anyone else done mods? But what I just did think of as I was about to change a guide. - Perhaps we should allow removal of the digital plug and all that spaghetti of stiff wiring, so there is a flat pan of chassis in front of the motor for placement of weight if desired, and so we can put in softer silicon wire.
  12. I bagged some 1/24th scale decals which should look about right to decorate white kits of these Legends cars as the lettering and logos were done a lot bigger in those days. Excuse these low res pics. There are numbers, flames, pinstripes, logos, silly stuff There are 7 sheets in all, and we can cut and paste and share bits from a pool. Each sheet cost me about 10 bucks, so enough decals to do a car can be a "gold coin donation" or whatever.
  13. Hi John I have emailed you the details and a question about decals for white kits
  14. Quick summary of who has which liveries so far Mac – Dark Green Macca & a custom black Graeme – Lime Green Paul – Gold/Black Ryan & Mark – Light Blue Rod & JK- Red Macca Mark - Christmas Red Smithy & Mark – Yellow Marty – White (and there is a white spare, as I am going to do a custom white kit) Richard & Peter – Gulf Peter also has some others, I forget which. John - yes they are. There are white kits of Ford, Chevvy, and a Dodge. I didn't hear back from that one place about the freight. Retailers are selling out in USA and UK since I grabbed the first lot. So I am about to "make an executive decision" and grab a bundle of cars including a selection of white kits. After that, if anyone wants a random livery I didn't source, Armchair have a reasonable selection, and Tony has a couple of "dealer specials" and a couple of white kits.
  15. That will be 11am Saturday for any kiwis. I might just look in, if I can tear myself away from my Pioneer Legends tuning. [the new and coming addiction for our club] Gazza, - does that mean I might get to give you a single finger salute, then run away to safety mate ?
  16. Great night in the cave Mac - thanks to Race Catering as always for keeping us fed. And the Bing wings and other tasties I munched on. For those not there. All the Legends were claimed on the night - Smithie I have yours at home. We still have Snake to sort out, Pat? Brendon ? [tell him what he was missing Snake. ] Dave to talk into one? Munter - these make you smile just circulating. And I want to grab a couple of white kits. As soon as I hear back from one UK shop, I can do a final price compare, and which models are available at each. So those who don't have one, can you check the photos above, and tell me which one you might like - or a white kit of Ford, Chevvy, possibly a Dodge available now. White kits are a few bucks cheaper, so for some spare paint in a rattle can, and old decals, a cheaper way into one.
  17. Just think, a car with wheels that stick out the sides, a machine made for nerfing if there ever was one. Now - text ya handler and remind him we expect about 10kg of manuka smoked Bluefin, and a selection of fresh cray tails and scallops on the half shell his first week back at club......... (I gather the fish haven't been playing ball very well up north this year)
  18. Hey my abilities to misplace the plot are the stuff of legend . . but just to prove my point I did another one this morning. Oh silly, silly, silly me.... Looked at the box - Ford. Checked the other box FORD. Here was me thinking I was tuning a Chev yesterday. I forgot the first step in Ford tuning, whisper sweet lies and massage it's ego. Lies told, apologies made. Number two beaten into submission er tuned. The differences - I haven't touched the fronts at all, bushes still loose, the whole 8.1 metres... I didn't bother to glue the rears on as they are pretty stiff and well fitted. I just threw them on the RSM and removed the tread, one side at a time, and flipping it like the proverbial 1 minute steak. 5 minutes later, a light garnish of thin lead, a skewer of longer half thread screws and washers a.l.a. last nights recipe, a dash of not-so-secret sauce for taste . . . . . . . . and it runs like a dog with without a broken leg. Well beggar me. A bit low on grip with just that splash of 226, but very drivable...... Actually a 15 minute build from start to finish which is a near record. Went back and re-trued the disaster zone from yesterday one more time on the RSM. Popped into the chassis . . . "working working" A wheel fell off, well that's to be expected, I have had them on and off the axle about 10 times.... plus it's a Ford. But working. Just to show - as stock, and a modified one.
  19. Been a bit of messaging today, so here is the summary of the box of pretties Graeme – Lime Green Mac – Dark Green Macca Paul – Gold/Black Ryan – Light Blue Rod – Red Macca Smithy – Yellow [He won't be at Macs, he's working tomorrow evening, but will make his return next week.] Available – White Available – Gulf I had a pig of a job on those wheels/tyres today. Pedro saw me in my finest balding state with my hair lying all over the garage floor where I threw it in clumps as I tore it out. After he left, I eventually surrendered and removed the wheels from the axles, which axles are slightly loose in the bushes. The bushes seem to be a stock 2.38mm, the axles about 2.37mm, with the wheels a tight fit on the axles. Then I had a crack with the wheels pressed onto the stub axle of my NSR lathe (very slow going with that fine grit NSR drum), then on the Hudy, (both of those lathes have smaller axle stubs than 2.38), then finally, I forced them onto my TT lathe. They come off each lathe saying they are round. On the track, it hobbled like I have offset oval wheels. I swapped axles and gear in case the axle was bent, same result. Finally, I threw a couple of sets of alloys with big tyres onto it that I had lying around from my GT3 experiments. Butter.............. silk............ Drambuie even. I duly walked around the garage tonight collecting the hair, and am carefully sticking it back in place strand by strand....... It should be set by morning. They aren't fast - it is a struggle to get under 6 seconds on my track,. but oh so fun to drive. You just have to smile. At the raw edge it tipped over, sometimes a jolly good barrel roll. Then I added a little lead behind the motor and a sliver on each side wing of the chassis. That made it a little easier to push to the limits consistently, but I only got a bare 0.1 off the lap times. I have roughly trued the fronts without gluing the tyres on the hubs, as they are hard enough not to deform. They seem to be okay. I haven't touched the sloppy guide, or the stiff braids. Now it is rolling smoothly, they didn't seem to be as much an issue as many have talked about on forums.
  20. Lookie what turned up at lunchtime. - Funzone. I will keep the Christmas red, and one each of the blue, yellow and white to make up a house class for home - that's why I doubled up on those colours. Graeme has claimed the lime green one. Mac has the dark Green Maccas #7 Bings are next in line to choose which colours they want. I'll bring them with me and confirm details when I see you all. One each of the rest are available. This is a private cashie not a shop job. I may be slightly late, have realised we have a meeting at Black Barn at 5, to look at it for a wedding venue. I'll come straight to Macs from there.
  21. Chas has incorporated a lot of the key things in one short post. And as Rick says Giovanni (who was the design guy behind Salvatore at NSR, and is now the face of Thunderslot); is obviously a brilliant designer - and really nice guy to boot, I am told by the Cookie - the Thunderslot and NSR distributor in NZ - Gio has been out here. Those two brands are assembled in Italy so cost more, and are probably faster OOTB than a mass assembled Slot.it, but once any hobby tuner has had his wicked way for an hour in a quiet room with any of the basic setups, right tyres for the track surface and weight if desired, the jury is still out, and may not be back this side of the next pandemic. PERSONALLY, I think the Matra is head and shoulders above the other Slot.it sport classics, but others say the McLaren is quicker, or the GT40...... The NSR 908 has certainly ruled the roost of their models at the NSR Classic in NZ up to now. That said; one of our club drivers has his P68 running like a steam train on a seek and kill mission. I think the Elva or M6 are both quicker than the Lola among the Thunderslots.
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