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  1. If we add the legends as a new class what class will we drop Week 1 1 BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) -[ Modern ERA Scalextric models - MG6, VW Passat, BMW 125, Honda Civic Type R] 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 GT1 Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5 Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  2. you are always going to get one model in a class that will be better than the others guy's that are interested in winning or at least being at the pointy end will almost always go for that model I am like Chas and prefer to go for something different or the model I like more as in the real car if I can I am not sure there is a easy solution to making the different models more even as there are also other factors in place like driver ability, quality of car tuning etc. how about a build/tune at the venue on that weekend, that might help take the advantage the local guy's have with being able to test and tune their cars on the track that the event is being held on, that will still favor the better car tuners and drivers but eliminates the advantage of long testing and fine tuning times on the track by the locals and maybe team the better tuners with others, each team member tunes there own car but it is a group effort with every team member helping each other to get the best car they can when you have that time pressure even the better model can not run as well as the other models
  3. Also I will be putting my 888 Ford Falcon V8 supercar up for sale very shortly, I need to do a couple of maintenance jobs on it first. If anyone in club needs ones let me know, this car has been lowered and has been a fairly consistent podium finisher Would like to see this car stay in the club
  4. Mark I might have to pull out of the DTM, not 100% sure yet but I will let you know when I know for sure
  5. I have been working on my VK Holden Commodore and while sanding and trimming I could see that the rear wheel flaring/arce is sitting a few millimeters further forward than otherside. So if anyone else in club that has the same body as I have just be aware of that, you can work with it with some clever trimming/sanding. Not sure if this has been rectified by Munter or not as the body I have is a very early mould with the widened wheel flares. Oh and I have also been working on a new 70 Camaro for muscle cars
  6. I am out this week now something has come up so not going to make it
  7. Good night as usual As for running 10 volts it was good with the fast higher powered cars but for the lower powered cars like the btcc it was to sluggish so way to easy as I could go around most corners on full trigger. No challenge and just way to boring for me I would be happy with 10 volts for the open powered classes and 12 volts for the low powered cars but would prefer just sticking to12 volts
  8. Thanks Peter, your track is now my new favorite. It just flows so well on all 3 lanes, there is not one spot I don't like but that back sweeper is just so awesome. I loved the legends, such a cool car to race. But I won't be buying one anytime soon, I still have cars that need sorting to complete all the classes we have now plus some other projects
  9. He is a Ford man but he is a very rear breed of cool dude Ford man
  10. F@#ked Offensive Retarded danger, Fell Off Rubish Dumpster, Forgotten On Rubbish Day, F@#kin Over Rubbishing decrepitness, wasting to much quality Holden time Ps. Will get on it
  11. For Only Retard Drivers, Forced On Reluctant Drivers, F#@ker only runs downhill, Frequent Overhaul Ripid deterioration, Follow Our Rusty Dogsled, Found On Redneck's Driveway, Found On Road Dead. I can carry on but who needs to waste their time with Fords anyway
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