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  1. Going by Caddo's list at the top and what can be done, my only Thunderslot, a McLaren Elva, stock everything other than slightly trued rear tyres and about 10gms lead in the pointy end of the pod. Pod tight and body screws backed off a bit and front axle height adjusted. The only car I've got that comes close is a Policar P4 and I've spent 10 x the amount of time, alloy rear wheels, Ultras, a stronger orange end-bell and different gears to get within 0.2 sex of it.
  2. Another quick FLY. My Lola B98/10 fly 88038 - Google Search is stupidly quick with its bog standard black stripe motor, and it just has NSR Ultras on the standard rear wheels, and a few grams of lead behind a full width front axle added to the mix. It's still got the standard guide and braids too. I tried a Piranha 21.5k motor in it 'cos I thought it'd really fly but it wasn't any faster, just harder to drive.
  3. Looking good gazza, you don't do an FJ front end on the FX do you? I'd pay an arm and a leg to get one ..... or maybe not quite that much.
  4. Yeah, I think I've got a magic draw. Have a good night and win a few races and when I get home put them in the drawer and next time I put some of them on the track they don't go as well or make a lot of noise and go like s**t or don't go. I've taken to using small 'post it notes' of late and sticking it on the car so I remember what needs fixing in what car.
  5. Maybe a bit late thinking about it but just wondering if there is room for another Scalex Old Spice Opel?
  6. It's still easy Chas, pretty much the same way it used to be but I use Postimage instead of photosucket now.
  7. A great pair of cars and good photos too. You've got every reason to be pretty happy with those.
  8. Very tidy job there Ross, something I couldn't summons up the patience to do. Just wondering if you'd thought of mounting the side pans angled slightly up so that only the underside of them would be visible below the sills. Might make the chassis less noticeable if it's of concern especially if you intend to paint it matt black..
  9. Never heard of Peta Credlin 'til now so I had to do the google thing. If her brain's as good as her looks she'd be a keeper.
  10. Home-brand. A Revell Snaptite kit body on a modified Pioneer chassis.
  11. Yeah, that is a corker, good job. Quite partial to Cobras myself but 1:1 versions are off limits to me so a couple of 1/32 cars suffice. One of mine is a mid-engined Ninco the other a sidewinder and they both are a joy to drive and often on the pointy end podium position.
  12. Crikey, (as my mother used to say) that does look good.
  13. Wobble

    Scalex Ute

    Looking good Mac. Often thought of hacking up a V8 into a ute but thinking about it is as far as I got. Good to see you did it.
  14. I've got the Van Gis SP Tools Falcon same shape and although I've lowered it a bit, it's still got the slightly shaved support posts although no help with your quandary.
  15. Have to agree with the others ..... looking good so far, but wouldn't expect anything less Ross.
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