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  1. Hello, I need to ask you guys how to chip Carrera Evo cars for SSD maybe you could post some pics Cheers In advance
  2. Hello, Is there anyone who races in the Cairns Region so as south as Gordonvale and as north as Caravonica Cheers Josh,
  3. Hey, This is my current track, It's so sad we don't have much room for a table i'll have to make do with a 3.0m x 1.2m table atm
  4. I meant middle of the straight
  5. thanks everyone and normal is the new abnormal anyway
  6. Hey, Does anyone know if the rear wing one these cars are removable i'm afraid of breaking it any info would be useful, thank you in advance. Cheers,
  7. what size soldering iron for these purposes
  8. Hey, Does anyone know a good formula to thinning tamiya acrylic paint to pass through a air brush.
  9. hey, also what happens when i use a enamel and acrylic paint together (not done yet) just wondering
  10. were u ever having trouble with XLC's in the middle of the track
  11. i know what a dump is, but why would you throw it away and our dump has a sign saying no scavenging allowed.
  12. Hey, What PSI should my compressor be and between 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm which needle/nozzle is best. And is acrylic paint ok if thinned out enough. Cheers.
  13. where did you get the shelby
  14. But i can use Mattcracker's plans if that ok with him because i'll just take 6 cars and dad will take 6 cars at any one time.
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