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  1. The only system that sends car telemetry back to a pc and once received the rms can use it? If so the only system that is currently set to use Multi Axis Accelerometers?.
  2. Is that the version that gets powered analouge but you claim its digital and just speed the footage up to blur mode. LOL.
  3. No niche questions Rick lol... It causes bumping up..
  4. Cool stuff Rick, way way above hobbyist Arduino stuff, keep up the good work.. And of course the chip won't require new frackware every three weeks.
  5. Nice to see properly laid out pcb for a change and not just dressed up as something that's just designed to piggyback onto Arduino boards.. Scorpius digital leading the way again with innovation and class leading ideas for the digital community, the first wireless project and still the best..
  6. good stuff Rick ...differentiating by integration :thumb:
  7. Hi yep,me to,mass storage usb hard drives are so cheap these days..
  8. Hi firmware update here http://ssdc.jackaments.com/firmware.shtml
  9. Hi ssdc and rcs64 are the most popular, both are excellent but in different ways, both have free trial period , just type it out on Google to get the download links..
  10. Hi Yes, for the best experience you need the aux to pc cable ,this will allow hook up to a number of race management programs, most have a free trial period to allow you to evaluate them... The cable will also allow you to update the powerbase to the latest firmware which is V1.09..... I'm not sure if anyone in Aus sells it but there is a member on here from the UK who makes and sells them, have a look for member Rikorocket. ..
  11. Hi I can C from the pics that this is a great thought out piece of hardware, looking forward to C the firmware in place so testing can begin...
  12. Hi my install of Scorpius lane brain and flipper assemblies, fully adjustable in delay and hold plus liven flipper in both planes
  13. Hi This project is still live, the 3D printing is stalling because the owner decided to build his own and it's way ahead of what is commercially available, it's built and needs calibration but is on the to do list. In the meantime the files have been altered slightly to make parts a little lighter.
  14. Hi A pic of the housing http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101297 A pic of the stanchion and base http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101273 Back of housing http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=101289 These parts are all in primer,finished colour of your choice via rattle can,the base is held to the stanchion by mags,all electrical connections by spring loaded plungers,so if you knock one over just simply re locate it.
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