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  1. Should be there too. a few hours last night and this is rolling. It ain't pretty - yet. Might solder motor wires before I leave...
  2. I owe you for rotating the drivers... p.s. Bingo's Aston passed me in two heats - that is one to watch out for...
  3. I was going to run my scalely F1 (same motor - same wheel track so might have been competitive) But if you do have a spare I would put my hand up to borrow thanks.
  4. Hi team Racing my place this week - Gates open from 6 Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 (TBC) Although mine hasn't landed yet - is there any interest in running Legends. Happy to drop a class so you can get your game on. I think the wide feet will just love the squeeze on the hairpin ... Maybe drop GT3 on the small track?
  5. I'm out again this week lads. Have avoided school camps now for 8 Years but somehow put my hand up for this one..
  6. Watch those curls JK... Yes thanks Mark, some great battles and well done to the podiumites. Pedro's little Elva was amazing to watch. A great drive too...
  7. Ok boys. My place this week. Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 Let's break that 3 second lap time. BTW haven't quite fitted the power switch so remember ...hot starts!!
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