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  1. Round 3 has been run on a fairly cold and rainy day where traction was for some cars hard to find. The grip levels were pretty low with track temp low and humidity fairly high. Having had rain nearly every day for the last two weeks the moisture levels in the shed would have been quite high. The podium is 1st Lenny Broke, 2nd PM Daniels and 3rd Terry Official Results Here's the driver line up L-R Andrew, Peter, Paul, and Dennis, Thanks guys for driving to your best today. And here's the race organisation crew L-R Geoff, Bert, Calum, Heather (Mrs Broke) and Alan, Thanks Guys for helping with the Marshaling etc and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Heather for bunging on the food and drink for everyone and for putting up with me while I play with my toy cars. I've had a long day today so am about to sign off. I'll come back on tomorrow with a more detailed report and some more pics. I'm sure there will be some questions that I'll reply to tomorrow. Thanks to all the entrants for allowing us to play with your little gems today. Cheers, Alan
  2. Yep, as Paul says we'll be racing this afternoon in the final round for 2021. Racing will be from 13.00 hrs asct and we should have a result by late afternoon. I'll post all the info later in the evening once the dust has settled over the Spitfire. Also we'll announce the winner of the John Smedley constructors award. Cheers Alan
  3. The South Australian Government as just declared a 7 day lock down (stay at home order) due to a COVID19 outbreak in the state. So the rescheduled race for this Saturday cannot now be run as a race. We'll keep monitoring the situation and see how we can run this round. Stay tuned for more news.
  4. Hi Pete, yep sorry about that, I'll go back and edit the previous post's. and be assured the award has the correct spelling!!!
  5. At this stage we are hoping to reschedule the race for next Saturday (24th) afternoon acst, providing we can get all our little ducks in a row. It seems I ate something a bit dodgy on Friday night and it laid me out for a couple of days, feeling better now. Cheers Alan
  6. Hi all, I'm sorry to have to do this but due to illness I will have to postpone this event to another day. stand by for news later.
  7. Hi Terry, I gave all the cars a quick service before the qualifying run including giving the tyres a gentle run on a tyre scrubber pad using wet 1200 wet and dry. This is standard practice on my track. I'll give them all another run before racing on Saturday Cheers Alan
  8. Qualifying has been completed and the grid is now set for Saturday evening. Some cars ran a bit slower than I would have expected but were very consistent and easy to drive so should be able to rack up good lap totals in the race. The cars will be put into 6 groups and will race in with cars of similar lap times. I'll put in one of my previous tasman cars into one of the groups to make up a foursome. I'll post a grid pic tomorrow morning, too cold out in the shed now
  9. The Final Round of the 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Series will take place at Spitfire Model raceway on the evening of Saturday the 17th of July. Qualifying is scheduled for Thursday night where each car will get a ten lap run to set it's fastest time to decide the running order for the race. Spitfire Raceway is a routed MDF track with a gloss paving paint surface and tinned copper braid. Track length is 26 metres and the Tasman class lap record is a 7.370 second lap. All the cars will get a check over and lube and braid clean before things kick off on Thursday evening. This being the final round the John Smedley Constructor's award will be announced. I look forward to the running of the final round this coming Saturday Cheers, Alan
  10. Hi All The cars have now arrived back here in Adelaide and I will be opening the box shortly to check all the cars over. The final round will be held on the evening of Saturday 17th of July at Spitfire Model Raceway. This will now be the final race of this years series as I was unable to secure another track in good time to run 6 rounds. Look for a new thread for round 5 of the 2021Tasman proxy series in the next week Cheers, Alan
  11. Thanks Guys, Ill keep an eye on the tracking. And thanks for posting a pic of the track, looks like a fun layout. Alan
  12. Thanks to Paul and crew for the running of Round 4 Congratulations to Brumos for his win and to Paul for his first runners up spot. Please to see my car up there again after it's poor showing in tassie last round. Cheers Alan
  13. Ok Thanks for letting us know Terry. Can get the cars in the post ASAP please . That way I may be able to get an additional round squeezed in before the end of this month. Alan
  14. Thanks to Terry for posting and to Paul (Eric) for getting things underway. Happy with the Qualifying result, but one swallow don't make a summer so we'll have to see how it pans out today. (maybe there's a better turn of phrase..... but there ya go) Could we have a pic of the whole track please so we know what we are racing on please. Alan
  15. Thanks for running the round Phil and well done on the round win. It was good to see one of John's cars having a run too for second and another well done to Plugger on third. I'm happy with fourth place ( 3rd in the points but) and looking forward to see how we all go in Round 4.
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