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  1. G'Day Everyone, The cars went in the mail this morning and on the way to Hobart for Rounds 2 & 3. Thanks to everyone involved with this round. Cheers Alan
  2. Hi Chas, The FPR track has changed locations since John's passing and hasn't had the weekly racing that it has had previously so I think it's fair to say that the grip is not what it was back then. The grip levels did improve through the day as the sun came over and warmed the room the track is in and as a consequence the track surface warmed up a bit and improved grip. Hi Terry, We didn't have an official photographer here this afternoon so we only got a few phone pics I'll post them up shortly. If you want to see some pics of the individual cars entered this year they can be seen in the arrivals thread. The cars are now back with me and I will give them all a check over before posting them off to Phil in Hobart on Monday morning. I will fix any small problems tomorrow. from what I remember it was mainly cosmetic bits falling off. I'll let the individual entrants know what I have done via PM. Cheers Alan
  3. Round 1 of the 20121 Tasman Proxy series has been run and won with Victory going to Paulslots, second to Wizard GM and third, our first international BrumosRSR Congratulations to our podium getters. Also well done to WizardGM for setting fastest lap. The race was incredibly tight with nothing decided till the last heat. All of the cars ran trouble free with only a couple mirrors and a windscreen coming adrift during the race. All will be fixed before the cars go off on their odyssey around the country. the field in finishing order. A big thanks to our drivers today Graham, Alan, Peter and Clive. Also a great big thanks to John, Bert, Geoff and Dennis for marshaling through the Day and finally to Mike for hosting this opening round of the series under some difficult circumstances the previous week. Unfortunately we didn't get any mugshots of this lot before they all bunked off home. Please note that Fooieman's #69 car is actually a Cooper T53 not a Brabham BT-3 I'll correct that before the next round.
  4. Afternoon All, Qualifying has been Run and Won The track seemed to come on as the afternoon sun came over and warmed the room with most of the quicker times set toward the end of the qualifying run. Congrats to WizardGM for setting the pole time with Rosco and Paulslots in the other podium spots. The starting grid after qualifying was completed. sorry a bout the pic quality using my phone.
  5. Morning All, Sorry for the lack of news for this round. The WAR crew have had some work commitments and local racing that have got in the way of running things up until now. However today is race day so things will kick off this afternoon with qualifying. Later on racing will be getting underway around 4.30 pm CST. I'll try and get the qualifying results posted before racing commences this afternoon.
  6. Rnd1 of the 2021 Tasman Cup Proxy Series will be run at West Adelaide Raceway (WAR) on the FPR track previously owned by John Smeadley who passed away last year. The round host is Mike aka Fooieman entrant of #69. Unfortunately the round set down to run this weekend has had to be postponed until next weekend and will kick off with qualifying on Friday night April 30 with racing the following day May 1.
  7. I gave all the cars a quick check over and gave them a short run to make sure everything was OK. There were a couple of cars that need a bit of a tweek to make them nicer to race but in general all of them run quite well. I ran the timer during the test run over ten laps. Some cars are easier to drive than others and that will show in the results over the series. Please don't put too much store in the times as I didn't push the cars too hard but if may give a bit of a form guide to the series. Also note that I had a problem with my controller that I didn't detect until quite near the end of the run which may have affected some cars runs. The cars will be going of to West Adelaide Raceway this Tuesday night with Qualifying set to run on Friday night. Racing on Saturday Afternoon Good luck everyone and hope you all havea good proxy series Cheers Alan
  8. Mrs Broke was wandering past the other day and noticed an empty spot in the travel case and asked if she could put an entry in and here it is!!!! any complaints can be forwarded to herself to be dealt with. Mrs Broke's Brabham BT11
  9. Hi Phil, Sorry to hear this. If you get a chance to finish your car please do run in the Tassie rounds then pop it in the case for the remaining rounds. Cheers, Alan All the cars received have been scrutineered and have passed inspection. Car 28 of Sticks is still in transit and hopefully will arrive in time for the start of the series. I'm hoping to take the cars out to the shed tomorrow night for a test run and make sure they are all OK before they go off on their travels. I'll give a short report on each car after. If there are any problems I will PM the affected entrant and work out what needs to be done. Look for a report over the weekend. The cars will then be delivered early next week to round one which is being run on the Fulham Park Raceway track, which is now located at West Adelaide Raceway hosted by Fooieman #69. Cheers Alan
  10. Another 5 Tasman cars arrived this week. Fooieman's Cooper T53 Climax Peter G's Cooper T79 Some random bloke's Ferrari 158 Chas' well traveled Brabham BT3 and his Cooper T60 There are still two cars to arrive, Phil's Lotus 32B and Sticks' Ferrari 156 Aero. All the cars received to date will be scrutineered today (11th). Any problems, I will contact the relevant entrants to sort it out. Cheers Alan
  11. Hi Chaz Good news, your cars have arrived her in Chez Spitfire all safe and sound. You can get a good night sleep now!!! Cheers Alan
  12. Hi Chas. I went to my 2 nearest post office's where they usually send them if I'm not home to receive. Neither have seen a parcel to my address from unzud. Hopefully we'll see something before long Cheers Alan
  13. Hi Pete, I replied to your PM with address details. Hi Chas, I'l also go round to a couple of my local PO's and see if they have gone there. I haven't seen delivery note but you never know with the postal services these days. Cheers Alan
  14. Another two of the South Oz contingent arrived today. Daniel P's BRM P261 and PM Daniels Lotus 24 Climax We're still waiting on six entries to come in two of which I know are in transit - ChasX's pair. There is only 6 days (4 business days) left to get them here with out penalty. If they are in the post there will not be any penalty. Cheers Alan
  15. Morning all, Another three cars have arrived in the last week, tow local lads and one from the Americas Paulslots Ferrari 1512 Mondeo74's Honda RA271 BrumosRSR's Ferrari 156 The deadline for car arrivals is only a week away on April 9. so if you haven't sent it get a bl%dy move on!!!! Cheers Alan.
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