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  1. one car was ready on satuirday... then i try to remove some weight in the pod, and broke the pod... new one on the way. new test on the 3rd and i ship.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nHMRneAHe846YBER6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/n8m842fZrXqC6KA68 Pictures of the build. The best and smoother is the blue clio with the nsr motor.
  3. I have one of the 2 NSR clio running really good now but i am also testing some ninco megane bodies on 3d chassis... but i still have the wrong POD/Motor configuration. By the way, one day we should run control motor for this proxy... something like the old light orange belt slot it motor that we all have stock of would be great!
  4. how are you all doing in Europe ? are we planning to run one late 2021 competition or we move to 2022? the build of the alpine on a 3d printed chassis is slowly taking place on my side but i am lucky, i leave in Oz with only very few cases here!
  5. curef99

    Ninco indy body

    If anybody has ninco indycar bodies let me know.
  6. i was not thinking about it for a long time but looking at my shelves i noticed that my megane is not back... hopefully you have used the current registration address and not the old 4y old one. any chance you can check?
  7. count me in, i will have an NSR clio (or a ninco megane)... i hope to see few of them to have a sort of second competition within the competition as very few club race a category for the clio here
  8. how are you all doing in EU?
  9. same for me here in Adelaide... stay safe guys, all my family is in Europe and i know how bad it is.
  10. how are you all doing over Europe? here life is normal but we feel for the family and friends in the other side of the world!
  11. any news about the TCR series and the launch of french car bodies: Peugeot, renault.
  12. where do you buy your yellow dog tyres? i have been running MJK and it does not provide the traction i see on your cars, so, time to try something different
  13. Just bought few hrjr motors and have new printed chassis for my alpine... looking forward to 2021 lps.
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