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  1. I have never been into heavy handed moderating but recent developments seem to indicate this is how things need to be. The forum is here for all to show products and share knowledge. Pissing contests can happen somewhere else.
  2. Still the best model around and easy enough to make up some taillights. The good thing with the lights on yours is they are sunken in and it is easy to make something with a clear lens to sit over the top. When I get onto it over the weekend I will show what I did.
  3. Yep just look at what Joe Zammit ran in his car 15 years ago. Dick Smith motors with no torque but in a car that handled fantastically.
  4. Do you print them too? Will tell the kids for Father’s Day.
  5. Your one has the correct taillights too. I am making some up for mine from the corners of a clear plastic screw box. The Mustang is small compared to most of the Group A cars but luckily sits pretty low. Not as low as the XJS but lower than the others. Would be good to see some Walkinshaw Commodores too. The Group A field thickens up all the time.
  6. Awesome Garza. Need the Capri to do Seton’s car, XD, Monaro to do a Jane car and XT all in resin. Will drop around one arvo to check the progress.
  7. Hi Brett It is a Dulux Rattle can called Dura Max. Colour is GL Grass Court and I bought it from Bunnings.
  8. Nice work Brett, I bought the same original car from a mate who split up his 3 car set. I changed the rear wheels also as they ran larger 19 inch rear wheels on them and I thought it looked better set up with them and an offset pod. Need to catch up with you and some of the other Wollongong guys at some stage too.
  9. Having watched Group A racing I would have to say it is one of my favourite race classes. Being a Ford fan I have always had a soft spot for Dick Johnson when Moffat abandoned us in the Group C days. And being a Mustang fan I loved seeing a Mustang racing. Unfortunately Ford didn't take Group A seriously early on or saw more potential in the Turbo cars so the Mustang never go to realise the potential it had due to being under powered. Dick always said the Mustang was a brilliant car across the top of the mountain but really struggled going up the hill. Anyway I finally got myself into gear to get started on Munters resin body of the Group A Mustang. It is a really well done body with not a lot of clean up required, although I still spent a lot of time on it just making sure it looks as tidy as possible. I am trying to keep my Group A class as close in performance as possible and was thinking about the Slot.it Nissan GTR when I found a chassis with the correct wheelbase for the Mustang. The Slot.it Alfa 155 chassis was perfect with the 80mm wheelbase although I had to cut a bit off the sides, front and rear to make it fit. Here are a few photo's so far that show progress. Paint was an area I was struggling to find as I noticed others over the years were using a Tamiya colour which was just not bright enough. After heaps of research and asking local paint suppliers if they could mix me a can I found I could order a rattle can from Europe with the correct colour of Dulon 913 which is a Renault colour called Verte Laitue. This seemed a stupid idea seeing I would need to wait weeks for it to turn up if at all. More research told me it is basically Green and seemed to look like every green button and dot on the internet. So after much searching I found Bunnings sell a Dulux Paint which looked close enough. Happily after painting today it almost looks a perfect match and will be the colour I use for a DJR XE Falcon when I get a body for that too. I am using a Ninco NC2 motor after some of my others were set up with a NSR Baby King which has close enough specs. I have heaps of old Ninco motors and they are great motors when pushing cars that weight over 100 grams which most Resin cars do. Anyway see progress below.
  10. Vinno

    New member

    Welcome aboard Paul there is plenty of information here on different tracks and surfaces. It probably is best to see what people in your area use so if you decide to do some racing you can be competitive. If you live in NZ you would benefit from gloss paint as that seems the norm over there. In Australia it seems nothing is standard, anything from Ferrodore which is basically the paint they paint the harbour bridge with. Matt paint or chalkboard paint was popular here too. In the last few years suede paint has been popular among some of the NSW guys Everyone seems to have a different reason to use a type of paint so hopefully you can work out what is good for you. Regards Vince
  11. Gazza is away ridding the world of the Easter bunny this weekend. With the wet weather we have had I think it will be a tall order.
  12. Thanks Peter great to have you back up and posting.
  13. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Yeah John I work out of our Moorebank office it takes between 1 hour 5 minutes and 1 hour 15 in general so while further than when I managed our Sydney CBD teams it takes less time than driving to the CBD from my old house which was closer.
  14. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Landscaping done mate and swim spa on order. All planned before we built. No pergola needed we have a 7x3 metre covered balcony and same size covered verandah below. Nothing more left after the swim spa and couldn’t add more to the yard anyway.
  15. Yeah you may be onto something there.
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