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  1. Hi Guys. Here’s a very simple diagram showing infrared light in relation to photo sensor if installed up to 1mm out of position. This proves that there are acceptable tolerances. This was tested at high speed in 2009 on the loop and it worked 100% at 10m/s. Rick
  2. Hi Guys. Offset on SCX car LED should read 10.5 mm not 9.5mm. My apologies. So the distance for SCX centreline of chassis to centre of LED is 10.5 + or - 1.0mm Rick
  3. Hi Guys, Here’s a little video showing data streaming into the PC from the car. Just like 1:1 race cars Scorpius has telemetry. Yes the car receives throttle data and sends telemetry 100 times per second. In this telemetry is all sorts of goodies. It tells you what your car ID is, throttle data from 0-255 (256 steps) and similarly with brakes 0-255. It tells you what sector you are in, which lane you are in and wether the car is trying to perform a lane change. Telemetry is fed into the Scorpius Race Management System and algorithms work out fuel usage, simulated tank weight, simulated tyre and brake wear with the new simulations recently added. New telemetry to be added to the big brother Multi Protocol Decoder includes G forces, (using an onboard accelerometer), RPM (tacho using hall sensor on motor) and BEMF (back EMF detection). These are all world firsts by Scorpius. It’s interesting that only the Scorpius system has any form of telemetry after all these years. https://youtube.com/shorts/rS_ScbF-JcU?feature=share
  4. You can’t dispute any point I’ve raised. Superbly impressed the system copies my DC/RF system as Slot.it have done. Impressed it has 9 car IDs and app connection. Not impressed with other aspects as shown/proven. That’s a report by someone qualified to do so. I’m sorry if it offends you. But bashing my company by making false allegations is not acceptable. In order to offer SCX users of course any improvements must be aimed towards areas that can be improved, like an interface that connects to a PC. That means identifying weak spots. Please refrain from false posts in the Scorpius development threads without basis. Your continued trolling me across various platforms and forums had been going on now for some time and is now becoming obvious. So back to Scorpius development ideas and discussion. Our current focus is the MPD project. I’ll make some reports here once the distractions go away. Rick
  5. Project list status May 2021. We don’t have 25 projects going only a few but they are good ones: 1. Multi Protocol Decoder: Design, prototype complete. Firmware under development. Destruction testing underway. 2. F1 Nano Decoder: Design, prototype complete. Firmware complete. Destruction testing underway. 3. Easy fit disk Scalextric Decoder: Design, complete. Dummy boards being accessed for fitment. 4. F1 Micro decoder: Design complete. On hold depending on outcome of Nano chip. 5. Wireless LCD Colour touchscreen gantry: Design, prototype complete. Firmware under development. 6. Scalextric F1: 2022 7: Carrera F1: 2022 So only 7 projects. However MPD is 13 products in 1. Plan is to have 20 new products by end of 2022! Rick
  6. Thanks for asking. Scorpius Multi Purpose Decoder The aim: To supply to market one easy to use, multi purpose, multi protocol product, small in size, hardware/firmware rich product that can perform a multitude of tasks for multiple brands. The enthusiast can upload various products into the decoder. Downloads from the website are included in the initial cost of the product. Imagine if your Scorpius Carrera compatible MPD lane changer could re-purposed as a Scorpius Scalextric Sports Digital compatible car decoder? Or as a Scorpius Lane Change decoder? Or as a wireless light board for WAM users? The solution: Develop hard/firm/soft/appware that can perform a multiple tasks on multiple platforms. Thus saving development costs and time. Resulting in cheaper more flexible products. Functionality: Car decoder. Smart Lane Change decoder. Location decoder. Light decoder (analogue WAM users). Dongle (with resistive output for Scalextric C7042/7030 and Carrera 124/132 Digital CU). Product description: A 26x13mm multi-protocol, hardware rich, multi-function chip. The product can be fitted to any slot car, DPR hatch, track cavity or powerbase input. The decoder is designed to fit a DPR hatch using the Scorpius quick release mechanism. It is also designed to fit easily within the cavity of Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, etc track systems. It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity. It has 3 power drive circuits, LED driver outputs and 1 phototransistor circuit, hall sensor, protection, headlights with high beam, brake lights and proprietary RF and BLE connection. The Brands: In alphabetical order: Carrera 132/124 Digital, Scalextric Sport digital, Scorpius Wireless, Technitoys SCX. Added functionality: Some functions like lane changing may have additional features added over proprietary functionality, example upgraded brakes, lights, ULTIMA, a combination of AC (anti collision function) and PEARL (programmable electronically activated race line) and location. Versions: There is only one version of the MPD. However the default firmware is Car Decoder, which encompasses the brands mentioned. The products are listed by brand compatibility and their function. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ut4cklppi0t85w5/MPD Document.pdf?dl=0
  7. Hi Clive It’s all there if you actually read it Again the BT unit doesn’t come into the equation and has nothing to do with our stated goals. The aim in regards the SCX BT lapcounter is to offer an alternative lap counting and pit system. Ie the Scorpius MPD embedded in the track. detecting SCX cars and sending data direct to the Scorpius Race Management System. Not to upgrade the existing SCX offerings, Forget the SCX BT even exists. If you’ve studied the SCX app it’s very basic and underwhelming. And we want a pit lane and 9 pit bays. Wouldn’t that be nice for SCX-A users. We want 4 lane lapcounting and a PC based race management system. And we want sector timing. All possible. So a typical scenario you could use all SCX gear and just add the Scorpius MPD wireless lap counter, dongle and Scorpius race software. Another example use the SCX lap counter and track but use Scorpius car decoder and Scorpius controller. The car decoder will detect DC on rails and start producing SCX code from the SSD LED, the fly lead one. Just place it 10.5mm offset in the chassis and go. It’s that’s simple. Or just use your SCX track and upgrade everything else to When the product is finally released in its initial format as the car decoder it’s going to a lot of fun slowly adding new products every couple of months until completed. Think of the MPD as an Arduino for any type of digital slot application. With digital and analogue ins and outs, motor drivers, current sensors, back EMF detection, tachometer, hall sensor, accelerometer, propriety RF and phone connectivity. All on a board 27.5x13.3x1.7mm! Aussie car decoder invention and innovation. Rick
  8. Hi Guys Just got a message from team Scorpius Ryk and Dave have been working on simulations in the Scorpius RMS. Hi Rick, Step by step, always seems to take a little longer than it could. We are just about finished with testing. No known issues at this time, I’ll be running thru all 3 dongle setups once more just to insure no new issues cropped up during the last few fixes. Recorded lap cars working again with 2 or 3 dongles. A handy, easy to implement new feature was added- now you can remove a car from the pit lane without causing an on-track Yellow (to adjust braid, etc). Car will continue to refuel while off-track. Before, there was no way to remove a car from the track without causing a track-wide Yellow for the other drivers. Great for practice, endurance races, etc. The new version will be ready for release soon. Ryk So as you can see up to 3 dongles can be used. Three is used this way.... 1. Receives throttle data 2. Receives car data. 3. Sends throttle data. Rick
  9. Ok onto testing limits of the new chip ie destroy a few chips. Here we have the car on minimum 10m/s using an NSR Mosler with Shark 25K motor. Voltage 20.0V. 10,000 laps were achieved in 92 minutes. After each test we test for heat in the chip just using touch. I can report this chip was warm to the touch with no issues. New 46K Shark on order. Next stage implement telemetry and then Car ID Set Up. In the meantime I’ll be able to install track comm LEDs into the loop. Top marks to team engineer John. To get such a complex chip running as hard and as reliably like this first attempt is a remarkable achievement. https://youtube.com/shorts/rbttcKkL7Bo?feature=share Rick
  10. On the menu we have also added ability to boot and reconfigure car decoder from controller from Nordic or Scorpius app.
  11. We’ve just implemented the latest and greatest boot loader and tweaked basics motor drive and brakes. https://youtube.com/shorts/BUbb1FOw6Nw?feature=share
  12. Any updates on embedding youtube with the recent forum update please? Copying and pasting the direct YouTube link used to work for me but not today.
  13. Telemetry now implemented. Works 100% https://youtube.com/shorts/rS_ScbF-JcU?feature=share
  14. All our research is done in house but thanks anyway. Our only requirement is to read and copy the cars LED code, then code our MPD to mimic it. Code out from the Locator Pro will be universally Scorpius.
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