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  1. tsmsoccer

    Track Number 4

    Hi Chas The latest version of track which is 4 pieces of Mr Trax track is 4.8 meters by 2.4 meters so it fits in one side of my double garage. You cannot really compare a purchased track against a track which is a do it yourself where your costs are only the raw materials your labour is a labour of love so to speak I have built a MDF track in the past but for me at least the biggest advantage of the Mr Trax track is the ability to assemble and fold away in minutes. If you do not have the space to have a track permanently assembled this is really an excellent option. Yes it is not cheap but like everything you get what you pay for and this is a commercial offering. i agree postage can be a killer when it is added to the cost of the track. I know it can be difficult to organise but the last piece of track i ordered a fellow racer who happens to live in the same suburb as me also wanted a track so we ordered together and that reduced the postage costs. If you can organise for a number of deliveries it does help with the postage. Without wanting to make this post an advertising campaign I can tell you the track is very well made and the method Peter uses to connect various pieces is amazing yet so simple. Another advantage to the track is its flexibility the way you can add or remove track sections brilliant. as mentioned the track is heavy and that does not help with postage. “ Regards Charlie
  2. Seems to be a problem with your pics Peter
  3. Here is the picture Maurizio from Slot It requested posted http://
  4. Its not a big deal really like most we enjoy the Slot It controllers that's why 5 out of 6 of us are using them. Would be nice to resolve the issue so we will take more notice when it occurs again, I have attached a picture of the cartridge http:// Thanks for the input
  5. Yes I know the number is there on your picture just below the nut I can make out the GE1 but not the other letters from your picture. I assume we are talking about the same thing. The cartridge in the picture has the double fuse where the ones we are using is the single fuse version
  6. If I read it right in the centre of the module towards the bottom GE112B I also have a GE112A but it is the second series being used
  7. I just thought I would add my comments as I am also part of the group which Johno was referring to in experiencing the occasional problem with the Slot It Controller There are six guys in our little group and, 5 members use SCP2’s and one member has a Truspeed controller. The member with a Truespeed controller has not experienced any issues with his controller, the issues are all related to the SCP2 controller. The issue we have experienced with the SCP2’s is that the controller once plugged into the track on very rare occasions will go into what I think is a self protection mode where the leds on the controller will all flash when the trigger is pressed and there is no power to the track. It does seem that the controller is reacting to a fault in the power and is protecting itself from further damage. The issue has happened to everyone using the SCP2,s but it is nowhere near as frequent as you may think. It happens perhaps once per meet with one controller on one occasion. It has happened on all four routed tracks that we use so it has occurred on tracks with different power supplies and different tracks. Personally I am reluctant to say it is a short such as braid arcing across lanes as it is happening on different tracks. I do not believe it is wiring as again it happens on multiple tracks. Johno’s comment about plugging in a resistor controller on the lane when the fault occurs and then reconnecting SCP2’s I think is more to do with the time it takes to remove the SCPs connect and test a resistor controller and the plug back in the SCP2 which has allowed the SCP2 to reset and it then works again. In summary the problem does exist it is quite rare maybe once per one or two meets can be any of the 5 controllers. It does not happen to Professor Motor, Pama, Truespeed controllers and seems to be the controller reacting to something and going it protection mode which is cleared when the controller is reset by unplugging and reconnecting the controller. If anyone at SlotIt wants to to contact me I would be happy to discuss Regards Tsmsoccer
  8. I decided that I wanted to attach my tyre truers onto a piece of Melamine chipboard so I could keep everything everything in one place. I was getting tired of rummaging through my slot car draws finding bits and pieces. Now I can hang the board up against a wall and everything I need is ready to plug in and go http://
  9. Rosco that is a thing of beauty well done you must be pleased
  10. Welcome plenty of helpful members around here just give a shout if you need any help or have a question
  11. tsmsoccer

    Track Number 4

    Lap times have increased by an average of 2.5 seconds I was surprised that the addition of one additional piece would increase lap times by that much. The track is more technical now with the increase in hairpin corners, actually a lot more fun to drive. The track still only takes about 10 minutes to either put down or put away it comes apart in four sections and folds up against the garage wall allowing cars to park in the garage. When the track is placed up against the garage wall it is only about 20 cms wide I place two sections side by side along the garage wall and place the next two sections in front of the first two so the total width is less than 40 cms when stored away, plenty of room to still have two cars in the garage. Each track section has its own fold down legs so to set the track up just pull down the legs and pull the track up onto its legs, joining each section takes seconds with simple clamps located under the track. It only takes one person top setup or store away. Here is a link to a video of the Mr Trax system https://www.facebook.com/MrTraxcustomtracks/videos/1980612378848941
  12. tsmsoccer

    Track Number 4

    Well decided to give myself an early Xmas present and added an additional section of track. The big advantage of the Mr Slotcar system is you can expand it easily. Now with 4 track sections I have just about reached the space available in the garage.
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