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  1. I think he's on Slotforum, being pommy it'd be the goto forum
  2. My video was fine, Paul was the one with the problem, he finally got on and had audio only at first which lead to my comment Yeh good to see faces to the names, usually have a good chat at the end of the broadcast, everyone hangs around for 30 - 40 minutes talking crap and catching up.
  3. Great fun to play with, there is a lot of slot car stuff out there as well, and as i say "you never knew how much plastic crap you needed until you bought a 3d printer"
  4. Most have been printed flat, the yellow mini was printed nose up, i've done a couple of early F1's from Vlad that turned out very well, just depends how good the supports are to keep the thing rigid while printing.
  5. View of the extra width of the Phase 3 Standard is 55 mm, i widened it another 5 mm to 60 mm, the HQ is also 60 mm wide from outside wheel arch to outside wheel arch Also in the process of printing some trackside accessories for my great nephew
  6. How are you for socks and jocks ??????
  7. The ones above are PLA, the Blue Mini is resin. The slicer program that comes with the printer works well. I've done a close ratio using the dimensions of the 1-1 car to the Scaley version, the length is about the same as the 1-1 but the width is always narrower, with the the slicer program you can adjust the width without changing the length, the HQ is the right length but i've made it 60 mm wide, same with the HO, they both can take the Slot-it chassis.
  8. A few projects i have started or are in the works, since acquiring the printer ............... The XM turned out really well, nice flowing lines The mini i have printed out to near 24th scale, Slot-it HRS Chassis fits perfectly under it Also have a Resin printer which i'm starting to play with as well Bought the XD elsewhere then i found the 3D file. Saw the Aston and just had to have it Same with the Jag RS200 with the flare kit was also a must, tweaked the print setup so it now fits the standard Scalextric chassis and interior Tweaked the A9X as well so the standard Scaley interior and chassis fits it or use the Slot-it chassis as the body is a couple of mill wider Made the Phase 3 look like it should as well, a little wider XT HQ GTS Capri EH Humpy Group A Mustang A lot of sanding + a few coats of spray putty + more sanding, first coat of undercoat and they are starting to take shape
  9. Looking good Vince I too have the 3D model, another one to print
  10. gazza

    Sex on Wheels

    From M-Sport We've been working with FastR and Bentley to create the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak - the most extreme road-car-based Bentley designed to compete for the Time Attack 1 record at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
  11. It's a joint partnership thing ........
  12. Always stock enough ammunition for the zombie apocalypse and you'll never run out
  13. Plenty of things to paint
  14. gazza

    Calderwood Valley

    That could be trouble
  15. This from Model Car Science, April 1971
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