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  1. Everyone runs variable power supplies, easy enough to just lower the voltage, that'd even the field out
  2. There's a 3D body you can download and print, problem is that the huge wing is part of the body, last 5 seconds on the track
  3. Jaguar_V12_Bathurst_1000_1985_pole_lap_Hardies_Heroes_[Low,_360p].mp4
  4. Had to laugh, got a notice from the evil bay to let me know that I could rebid on the 42 Cuda (didn't bid in the first place) price is only $352 something +$29 postage, I just sent a page full of smiley faces back.
  5. This just in "Dear friend,with this email we are happy to show you our new releases, 2 newversions of the Lotus Type 38, the Jim Clark 1967 in Race version andQualifying version, here attached the photos. With these 2 versionswe complete our tribut to the great Jim Clark on the Lotus Type 38:1965 Showcar version and Indy 500 # 82 winner version1966 # 19 STP version1967 # 31 Qualifying + Race versions.At the meantime we have made some changes to the model, expecially onthe chassis, that now is on SLS 3D resin-plastic and we mounted a morepowerful motor.Also all the previous versions of the Lotus 38 are available again,updated with the new chassis, available in RTR and in the next days inKit versions.Thanks and best regardsDaniele and Gianluca Ostorero" 67 Race Version 67 Race version 67 Qualifying version 67 Qualifying version
  6. Nothing else to do in lock down but print .......... And something to keep the grandkids occupied, takes the slot-it pod Thank god inkstation deliver
  7. Welcome aboard, i'm sure you'll find plenty of things to keep your interest up in all the categories you mentioned
  8. You can build from home, Bunnings does deliver
  9. Well there is a choice of two liveries And i've got heaps of time, and it's great
  10. See what happens, still have a couple of tip runs before i go.
  11. Free to a good home, or to anyone that wants it, 8' x 4' all wired ready to go, pick up only Never been used and will need a clean before use.
  12. gazza

    Allan Moffat Cars

    Nice guide support there
  13. Finally found a VW fastback to print out so i can make the Bryan Thompson monster A lot of cutting, forming and sanding ........ heaps of sanding, Scratchbuilt 3D chassis has a pod setup, inline or sidewinder, might end up with just the inline to give it a bit of clearance Nothing spectacular but it should do the job it's slowly coming together, a bit more shaping then some fine sanding and hopefully it'll turn out like this .......
  14. Thanks Phil, will be looking forward to doing a bit of racing when i get over there
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