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  1. What a year for F1, shame they are changing the regs so the cashed up teams can surge forward again. The racing is the best since the start of the hybrid engine era. Some encouraging comments from McLaren guru re Aussie Dan, https://www.speedcafe.com/2021/08/03/mclaren-details-exactly-why-ricciardo-has-struggled/ But Dan's results vs Norris still a long way behind, Norris 3rd on 113 pts vs Dan 50 pts in 8th. Watching Hamilton battle cleanly with Alonso lap after lap in Hungary was brilliant. Hungary overall was a race that had everything, worth watching if you haven't seen it.
  2. Experience I have had with the 3D chassis/motor pod option is expensive, but it makes a pig of a car predictable and driveable, whilst keeping ride height looking normal. HRS chassis tend to lower the car too much IMO. Wouldn't want these models doing Mosler lap times, just be a little easier to set up and more affordable out of the box. Models could come with a lower grip tyre to introduce wheel spin and limit maximum motor power to the lower end of the scale. In that configuration, they are great fun to race. Hoping Revoslot expand their 1/32 range in this area.
  3. Good news about the new Revo models to come, looking forward to seeing them.
  4. Probably posted this before, and with full respect to current manufacturers Scalextric, SCX & Pioneer, but when is a performance brand like Slot.It, NSR, Thunderslot et al going to embrace the 70's era of muscle car models? The option of throwing a 3D chassis and motor pod under a Scaley body is there, but turns an $80 slot car into a $200 slot car. First world problem I know, but I just don't get it why GT3, modern & classic LMP, Group C, Group 5, DTM etc are well represented by the top tier 1/32 RTR manufacturers, but this era of cars most of us love is neglected???? Cheers Caddo
  5. Caddo

    NSR PORSCHE 917/10K

    Thanks Brumos !
  6. Caddo

    NSR PORSCHE 917/10K

    Thanks for the info. Wondering how does the width and wheelbase compare between the NSR 908/3 and NSR 917/10k? Regards
  7. G'day Phil, the problem is always at start of the first heat of each new race. Unfortunately there is no common thread that we can find. We change race formats and settings often, but generally always have the first heat issue.
  8. Our club loves RC software, and runs it with Trackmate interfaces on a couple of routed tracks. We have had the first lap, first heat mis-register issue for so long now, we automatically re-start the first heat of each new race every time. If we don't, 95 times / 100, at least one lane, more often multiple lanes, do not register the start of the first lap "0", despite not breaking the start. Same as G34's feedback, only ever happens on the first lap, of the first heat, of each new race, regardless of race format. We have quietly raised this problem previously without luck, and have often joked that we are the only club using RC that experiences this problem, or the only club that notices the problem Dave does such great job with RC, it is very much a labour of love for him, and we love it so much, that this is really only a minor issue, but clubs racing for sheep stations should be aware. Cheers Caddo
  9. Interested in your vote for the fastest brand overall, stock set up except open tyres and weight added on magnet free, smooth timber tracks. Thanks & regards
  10. Haven't had the benefit of a magic drawer unfortunately, would love one though... Generally find running the car for more laps improves it overall, especially with the same set of tyres on, the tyres develop the camber to suit the track of the car, and cornering speed improves.
  11. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    We feel the same way with the Slot It N22's, seems like the changes might be linked. Wish the manufacturers would offer up plausible, transparent reasons for the changes. On a personal level, I welcome a change to slightly slower, lower grip, harder wearing tyres such as Slot It P6 for our group. Makes for more side by side racing at a pace that most guys can handle for more laps. What stops us doing this is the Slot It P6's have no sidewall ID marking, can this be addressed? Or make them a different colour, easier to scrutineer then
  12. Forgot to mention, we set a minimum weight of 85 grams, to keep the older, heavier cars competitive. Running 11.5V on smooth timber, satin and gloss surfaces.
  13. One thing I'd be interested to know - has anyone been able to get a Porsche 956 or 962 competitive with the Nissan and Lancia Group C's on timber? Our regs are original body, chassis, motor and gearing, weight can be added. Tyres can be changed to any rubber, N22's the benchmark. Cheers Caddo
  14. Retaining the out of the box inline orange can motor and 9:28 ratio gearing is much closer racing in our group's experience, and keeps cost down
  15. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Charles, the Thunderslot tyres grip great, fully agree. A track owner in our group tried them on his slightly more abrasive surface in an original Thunderslot car. They were great initially, recording close to lap record times, but after 12 minutes racing were heavily degraded, lap times much slower. I think our track surfaces are slightly less forgiving and more textured/abrasive than your super smooth and glossy surfaces in NZ. You also mention silicones. I have tried Slot It S1 & S2 compounds, and they are OK, but found them quite hard. Lap times are a couple of tenths slower than Slot It P6's. At least 5/10's slower than N22's. They are very hard wearing though, imagine they would last nearly forever. Think they are so hard not getting much "air rim" effect from the double shoulder rims. Know of any softer silicones to try? Regards Caddo
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