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  1. Interested in your vote for the fastest brand overall, stock set up except open tyres and weight added on magnet free, smooth timber tracks. Thanks & regards
  2. Haven't had the benefit of a magic drawer unfortunately, would love one though... Generally find running the car for more laps improves it overall, especially with the same set of tyres on, the tyres develop the camber to suit the track of the car, and cornering speed improves.
  3. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    We feel the same way with the Slot It N22's, seems like the changes might be linked. Wish the manufacturers would offer up plausible, transparent reasons for the changes. On a personal level, I welcome a change to slightly slower, lower grip, harder wearing tyres such as Slot It P6 for our group. Makes for more side by side racing at a pace that most guys can handle for more laps. What stops us doing this is the Slot It P6's have no sidewall ID marking, can this be addressed? Or make them a different colour, easier to scrutineer then
  4. Forgot to mention, we set a minimum weight of 85 grams, to keep the older, heavier cars competitive. Running 11.5V on smooth timber, satin and gloss surfaces.
  5. One thing I'd be interested to know - has anyone been able to get a Porsche 956 or 962 competitive with the Nissan and Lancia Group C's on timber? Our regs are original body, chassis, motor and gearing, weight can be added. Tyres can be changed to any rubber, N22's the benchmark. Cheers Caddo
  6. Retaining the out of the box inline orange can motor and 9:28 ratio gearing is much closer racing in our group's experience, and keeps cost down
  7. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Charles, the Thunderslot tyres grip great, fully agree. A track owner in our group tried them on his slightly more abrasive surface in an original Thunderslot car. They were great initially, recording close to lap record times, but after 12 minutes racing were heavily degraded, lap times much slower. I think our track surfaces are slightly less forgiving and more textured/abrasive than your super smooth and glossy surfaces in NZ. You also mention silicones. I have tried Slot It S1 & S2 compounds, and they are OK, but found them quite hard. Lap times are a couple of tenths slower than Slot It P6's. At least 5/10's slower than N22's. They are very hard wearing though, imagine they would last nearly forever. Think they are so hard not getting much "air rim" effect from the double shoulder rims. Know of any softer silicones to try? Regards Caddo
  8. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Gday, The newer N22's are half as glossy, and only have "Slot It 1172" on the sidewall marking. The older ones have "Slot It 1172 N22" on the sidewall in a different font, and are much glossier on the surface. I've had a few pairs sealed in a container in the fridge for a year or two, and they are so much glossier still than the newer sets. Quite a few guys in our race club have found the "newer" N22's delaminate very quickly, without any tyre treatment and normal driving on our satin & gloss tracks . The original N22's used to grain slightly with hard driving, but nothing like the delamination we are seeing with the recent batches. Just need to work out how to post pics here, is there an easy way?
  9. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Thanks Vince, but too much graining and pick up of marbles compared to N22 for our track surfaces - smooth gloss. NSR Supa Grips have less graining and marble pick up, but also less traction. I've just purchased sets of N22 from AUS and UK suppliers. Both sets grain/delaminate severely within 20 laps on smooth gloss routed surface, absolutely woeful compared to original N22's.
  10. Think the angle on the TS & NSR sidewinders also helps the rear axle clear the motor casing without touching. Removes the need for the narrow center axles.
  11. Caddo

    Motor brackets

    Thanks to all, guess I know why they stopped making the brackets now!! Rgds Caddo
  12. Caddo

    Motor brackets

    G'day, Anyone know where to find the brackets to allow a short can motor to fit into a Slot It long can motor mount? Slot It used to supply them, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks for any info Rgds
  13. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Sideways HiGrip tyres now also unavailable according to Armchair website, maybe they were made by Slot It
  14. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Thanks guys We have also had issues with recent batches of N22's, delaminating and splitting after very little use. Cheers
  15. Caddo

    Slot It N22 tyres

    Hi all, We race 1/32 non mag on smooth timber with rubber tyres. Has anyone found an equivalent to Slot It N22 tyres? Rgds Caddo
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