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    The Asylum

    I have plenty of info re Ardunio set up and wiring when you are ready. Have setup a few boards over the years. Dead stips need some extra components if you intend to run both directions. IR sensors work both directions. I think SlotsNZ tread is still here with plenty of info.
  2. Keith Tassie tyres are made by me, about 3months before the event so they are fresh. They are 35 shore hard made from Smooth On Eurethane. IMO very little to choose from between mine and Paul’s tyres. I think John Batich ran both back in 2019 on his two cars. Preparation is everything, trued with 80 grit then polish with wet and dry using water until a nice surface is achieved. I wish I had had more time to test a few more cars, but tried to make some general observations that would apply to many cars. Of course the next tracks may be completely different, depending on the track surface and preparation. I think No 22 car is running on MJK tyres, maybe someone can confirm that. I will comment that in previous years my tyres had had too much grip on the FPR track, but this year that track had had little use and not much rubber buid up.
  3. The cars are now on their way north. But while packing them I decided to have another look at a few. These comments are not meant to be critical of any build just intended to help tune cars for future events,and the comments only relate to this track. No 16 Fast in a straight but lap times only just into the sixes. This car would tail out when pushed. I changed the rear wheels for a text run, straight down to 6.5 laps with a best of 6.51, that would put the car in top 3. The wheels I used to test were fitted with Tassie 35 shore Eurethanes,very similar to PGX tyres. Tyres are glued and trued with various grades of Wet and Dry using water. Final grade 800 or finer. My opinion that with better tyres, less car weight on front tyres this car would be a winner. No 8 Tried some tyres on this car but only made 3 tenth difference. No 10 This car is running near bottom of field, so a good car to look at. IMO this one is mainly overweight. Also the big guide and large braids tend to slow this car. I use an NSR guide with narrow braids, front wheels only just touch the track and are as narrow as rules allow, rear axle must easily slide thu the bushes.I know some people are using bearings but they must be perfectly aligned to work really well. All this is to try and reduce the friction as much as possible so that these low powered motors can perform at their best. Sorry I could not look at more cars but just picked a couple that I thought made good examples.
  4. kalbfellp

    Nissan Bluebird

    Looking great Vlad. My Prusa prints has been busy with bodies both in 1/32 and 1/24 for Dave.
  5. Caddo some more info may help see what the problem is. What race setup is, does each heat restart automatically, etc. we have RC running on 6 road tracks down here all using TM interface boards and the only time we have a missed first lap is IF we stop and restart a heat for some reason.
  6. Terry has now sold his track so the next round will now be at Erics track .Cars should be in the post Tuesday.
  7. Round 3 was held at Dave Grays Mornington Park track. Drivers for this Round were Yours Truly Adrian Gray and relative newby Mal O'May. Mal has only been racing around 2 years! This corner became very bust during the event with many cars finishing their run on this corner. A few pics of the cars on this track,sorry pics are limited hard to drive and take pics. After 2 hours Car 22 ended up on the same lap as my car 9 BUT 3 tenths in front. Mal could not come to grips with the lack of brakes in my car, just shows that Proxy cars need to be easy to drive for all drivers. Car 15 BRM had the motor expire during heat 2, this will be replaced before the cars are posted to Eric. Several of the cars struggled with grip 7mm is about the maximium depth. But in general all the cars are good to drive with no real problems with any car, as far as drivability.
  8. Charles the back of the guide was hitting the body mount screw sometimes. All OK now.
  9. Here are some coGuid problemmments about the cars on Shelmore Park track. These are general comments that I noted during the event,so not specific to any one driver. No 2 Good car but did not seem as quick as previous years. No 3 Handles well good car,lacking punch out of corners. No4 Very good car just a touch of bounce out of the tight corners. No 5 Guide Problem Guide would lock up and through the car out of the slot if sliding too far. No 6 Good car only problem is that the guide hits the body on one side,chassis not centred in body shell. No 8 Could do with abit more grip Good other wise No 9 Very fast but lacking brakes. No 10 Lacks grunt feels too heavy No 11 Quick car but twitchy to drive and hard to maintain good flow. No 12 No real problems easy to drive good car. No 14 easy to drive Tyres could no with more grip. No 15 Handles well just not enough power or possible gearing. No 16 Faster than other team car but again tyres are a bit of a let down. No 19 Needs more grip No 20 Good car just tends to let go for no reason No 22 Very good car easy to drive Very fast down the straight. No 23 No problems good car No 33 Easy to drive good car No 41 Easy to drive feels slow on the straights No 47 Needs much better tyres Too much power for the grip level No 58 Not smooth to drive needs more grip No 66 Good car handles well but again more grip will would help. No 69 good car no problems. Favorite cars to drive: 88,22 and 69.
  10. Now finally identified both as Brabham Indy BT25 Indy car, regardless of the packaging!
  11. Sorry Terry pic got deleted as I thought it was No7!!! So here is the pic of the Ferrari 4/7! This car entered as a Brabham BT3 looked weird to me so a little research showed that it is actually a Brabham BT 25 Indy car ,from 67/68 Faller produced the body and marketed and the box was marked BT3,and the body was moulded in red.While its stable mate ferrari was moulded in green. A pic of the original kit was posted back in January along with the Atlas version of the same Indy car. Only took 5 months to identify the body. Some driver comments will follow over the weekend.
  12. Welcome to Shelmore Park Round 2 Qualifying was completed by me on Blue lane. Drivers were briefed before the Race to ensure the race was clean with no shunts! Crowd are gathering waiting for the action. 1:1 Drivers for the day were the usual line up. Bruce Thomas. John Batich, Callan Thomas and Dave Bantoft. The Lane order has changed from 2019. Bruce 1,John is on 3, Callan 4, and Dave on two. Terry will be pleased to see that Dave has his usual shirt! But starting to influence the other drivers. The race had very few dramas.Two cars do have very deep guides that just bottomed out on the 7mm deep slot. Stubbos car suffered a body mount failure but lost almost no time as a peice of tape soon fixed the problem. One of Charles cars had a wheel slip on the axle on lane 4 with about 30 seconds to run and slowed. Bruce and Callan managed to get some great times out of my car. We did have a wild car entry for this round in Johns great car from previous year. John Batich,My Lotus and Pluggers Brabham. The podium as finished,Johns Wildcard entry does not effect the points as it is not an official entry. My driving impressions will follow soon. Round 3 Race report from Dave Grays Mornington Park Track will follow very soon.
  13. kalbfellp

    Sorell Creek Track

    Well done. I think you are becoming a real modeller, now for some more people around the track.
  14. I am well thanks Charles. Just organizing a crew for the next round, will confirm race date ASAP. First race will be Shelmore.
  15. Patience Charles. The two tracks will be the same as 2019. Shelmore and Mornington Park.
  16. Must remember to glue mine down before racing this week! Remind me to give you some to try painting.
  17. Resin printers produce much better detail, than filament printers.But print size is more limited and the process is more labor intensive and more expensive. I am using a Prusa after several years of trying to get reasonable results from a cheap printer. But prints off the Prusa still require many hours of filling and sanding to get good results. Printed bodies require a lot more finishing than resin cast bodies. Have a read of this these threads. https://www.hrwforum.com/forum/hrw-all-scales/3d-slot-forum
  18. I don’t think Chris frequents this forum now days.
  19. Allan my Lotus will be a non starter this year, life has got in the way of slot racing. Hopefully it will appear at some later rounds.
  20. I cannot tell you the model but it is Positive, diode direction show that. It also has the newer large diameter sensitivity pot and updated circuit board that was introduced to allow the larger pot to fit.I think this was about two years ago. Found out when wrong size pots arrived for a repair. Some of the commercial and home set controllers do not have Colour coded wiring.
  21. We have a couple of people using the Slot It controllers down here, on two occasions the controller self resetting fuse has worked and the controller stopped. The second time it happened we believe it was caused by the cars braids shorting across both track braids when the car either de slotted or was marshaled. As it only happens occasionally it is hard to pin point, but worth checking.
  22. The floor polish content varies from Country to country. Many years ago I tried what was made here and it was crap, so a friend sent me some from the UK and it was better, although IMO no where as goos as Auto acrylic clear. So it is possible what Chris is using is different to what is available here.
  23. To the best of my knowledge Jaycar do not carry any suitable wire wound pots anymore.
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