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  1. gref

    DG Raceway

    Looking good mate!
  2. gref

    Eastside Raceway

    Look forward to the day I can build a track if I ever have space again
  3. gref

    Eastside Raceway

    Had to move in a very short time frame (long story) and couldn't take it with me, last I heard the bloke that bought it for approx $80 from sydney had it sitting in his shed and hadn't touched it since getting it :(
  4. gref

    Eastside Raceway

    Hey Bry, long time! I too have been out of the game for a while now. Still have all my cars, but practically gave my track away due to circumstances. Do you plan to keep it or move it on now? I'd love to build another track and my wife actually encouraged me to do so. Just don't have the room at the moment
  5. seems my Photobucket account is gone, have contacted them and ways they say to recover...I have no idea?
  6. gref

    The Passing Of Moe

    Nathan or as he was known here...moe, passed away last Tuesday after a period in hospital. He was 43 years old. Slot cars and racing always was a great excuse to hang out and drink beer. Lot of good memories from the V32 racing days and every Friday night in my shed. Rest in peace mate
  7. thanks for all the replies fellas, I've decided I'll let go of doubles and cars I'll never use. I'm putting them on the Slot cars buy, sell, swap Australia group on facebook, see how I go!
  8. I have been out of the slot car scene for a while now. I sold my track for nothing on ebay as I had to get rid of it due to moving and no where to put it, sad day. I haven't raced with a club since 2012, and theres nothing much around now. Mate's have gone off in other directions and sold up. I have a lot of cars, mostly NIB that are taking up space in the garage as I no loner have shed to store them. Today I found myself contemplating selling up and putting the money towards our house savings. I don't know if I have the passion anymore? The thought of building a new track is a tad exciting, but reality tells me I won't have a shed or the space to do so in the foreseeable future. So yeah, not sure what to do. Maybe move some cars on that I will never use, that I bought coz I could. I've bought 1 car in the last 2 or more years and that was Riocciardo's Red Bull F1. In the end I was collecting the Sideways model's, but I lost interest and kinda regret that. Not sure what to do now........
  9. this was my track, analogue with working pits that were opened with the push of a button. Had fuel racing feature too, using "startline" software with power control done by PC. Track is no longer mine, I think it went to Sydney? http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13839-grefhurst-v2/
  10. gref

    Grefhurst V2

    drivers station side is bout 4m, then up to top nearly same
  11. track is now for sale, advertised elsewhere
  12. Due to a change in personal circumstances, I have to move and don't have space or room for my track, so looks like I will have to sell it. You can see pictures of it in the track section. Any questions pm me
  13. as the title says, not interested in paying anymore than retail, dont care how much "they" think it's worth. If I cant get one I won't bother, not real fussed either way
  14. I seem to have missed getting this one, anyone know where I can find one?
  15. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FLY-SHELL-RACING-TEAM-FERRARI-512S-CL-PORSCHE-917-K-24hr-of-LA-MANS-1970-/221920506503?hash=item33ab7e3287:g:WZkAAOSwKsRWFzXn "These cars are made to race & go fast. They have the usual FLY drivetrain for smooth acceleration, cornering and durability." hate to think someone would buy them relying on this quote from the listing
  16. gref

    Lowndes Red Bull 1/32

    so no more V8's ever?
  17. I did it on my first track, never do it again. the braid will never lay flat, you will get bumps and kinks etc all through it. easier and quicker just to start again, or tape over it and work around it
  18. no only just came out LTD of 100 worldwide
  19. sold out where I got it from. not sure if it's anywhere else?
  20. not for sale now, well at least til I get the bug to build again. Had a bloke emailing me about it, wanted to pay paypal, I said no to paypal, never heard from him again. Might have had a chargeback in mind. If I do sell it I'd like it to be picked up, although Im in the process of putting it back together so it can be pulled apart and put together easily and plug n play
  21. gref

    Anyone Heard Of This?

    thanks mate, ended up ordering 1 and an extra grid girl from typhoon
  22. gref

    Anyone Heard Of This?

    SWLEFR01 Racer Sideways Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick - Test Martini - French Limited Edition - SWLEFR01
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