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  1. No need to panic. There's a big difference with cars on my figure 8 test track and on a real track. For setting up cars it's great but sometimes when I take a backup car to a race meet it goes better than my race prepped car.
  2. We often add/remove someone just before starting a race. You probably have to have the finals as a separate race and not linked to the results of the heats. The other option is to run your finals without the entrant and put your hand through the timing lights at the end of the race for that lane. Cheers Paul
  3. I'm taking the cars to Andrew's this Saturday for a run. There's still a few I'm waiting for so Saturday will just be a test session (and video) to let everyone know how the cars are. I tested some of them last night on my little figure 8 test track to see how good/bad they are and there are some dogs. I hope they run better on a proper track. Yours was the fastest by far. Almost broke my lap record.
  4. It’s ok, I’ve got a 10kg hammer somewhere so should have no problem removing the magnet. I’ll replace it with an equivalent weight piece of lead. Cheers Paul
  5. You’re already behind everyone with -5 points. Forget something did we? Your car sticks to the ceiling and it ain’t the magnets in the motor.
  6. 9 more to come. 10 if alexis is still in.
  7. The Aussie contingency arrived in force today. Sticks, Jimmyslots, Brooksy, Pepsi and Curef, your cars are here.
  8. BARacer’s car is here. I think that it’s the last English car expected. Something to be said for English punctuality.
  9. Thanks Lance. Reminder that the rest of you only have this weekend to finish your cars. They must be posted by Monday evening.
  10. You're already behind the 8 ball. On the entry list he's 3 spots above you. If only your name started with an A. Maybe you should get rid of a couple of letters???
  11. So there really is an Old Man entry to the proxy? And here's me thinking Shaynus was just being facetious when he sent me both cars.
  12. And I like the way Alan thinks. Not bad for a Pom.
  13. Some more cars have arrived. The mighty Holden from NZ is in the house as well as 2 cars from Western Australia. One belongs to Shaynus, the other to “Old Man”. I’m not sure if that’s an official entry name but I’m happy to update the entry list for the chronologically challenged.
  14. Paypal is paul.komnacki @ agriculture.gov.au (take out the spaces). It's ok to wait until the end of the proxy so I know how much to post the car back to you. Sorry to see you pull out Alexis. Your cars are always welcome and I'm more than happy to keep it to save you postage costs getting it back. Cheers Paul
  15. I'll check with the in-laws. I live out of town so use their mailbox.
  16. 1 week to go to get your cars in the post. No pressure.
  17. Aussies are never in a rush. And we like long lunch breaks.
  18. Another car from England came yesterday. I think it's Nonfractal's. Black Renault in a big box that had instructions on how to open it. Naturally I disregarded the instructions - a blowtorch easily opened it. Cheers Paul
  19. My daily 1:1 car looks better than that and I haven't washed it in years.
  20. That's what happens when too many people say "no, the other yellow lane".
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