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  1. I hate running a control anything in a proxy. The more variation we have the more I learn what works and what doesn't. This will be the 4th year we've run this proxy and every year I learn something new. For me the basics are use skinny urethane tyres (10mm wide Yellowdogs are my weapon of choice), car weighing around 90g, lightweight body, lexan interior, front tyres 1mm off the deck, 8mm deep guide and a podded chassis.
  2. Brooksy, you're in. Keith, PM sent. Don't forget I've allowed for slow postage, that's why the cars have to be posted by 19 July, not received by that date. However, if the post is taking 6 weeks, early postage would be appreciated. Cheers Paul
  3. 4 of the tracks were built by 32coupe and his latest tracks look similar but have some change that makes them unique. Check out “Tracks by Andrew” on Facebook to see some of the 50+ tracks he’s built.
  4. Here are some of the tracks we have in Canberra. With only 10 rounds this year I'll try to have each round on a different track
  5. Posting the cars to me is still 2 months away - 19 July 2021.
  6. Damn, missed the Friday one. Must remind myself to keep an eye open for your meetings. Cheers Paul
  7. Up from 65g to 70g. So in another 4 years it should be drivable.
  8. By "rebuilt" you mean "make it easier to drive"? Still running NSR's?
  9. Glad to hear the last of the cars have been delivered.
  10. Something I did discover is to forget all preconceived ideas where you think the lead should go and put it behind the rear axle. Doesn't make sense but on Andrew's track it works.
  11. Andrew (32Coupe) and I did some testing on his track and here’s what we found. First, when cold the track has little grip so all testing was done with the fire going in Andrew’s garage and the track temp at least 15 degrees C. These are the same conditions the proxy racing will be held in. Second, no matter what I did with my cars I couldn’t get close to Andrew’s car from last year. I was there for 4 hours and tried 8 cars including last year’s winner (Calibra), this years (faster) car (Astra) and an Audi TT bodied Thunderslot which all did 5.6’s. Andrew’s Mercedes ran a 5.4 within a minute of testing. He also slapped together a Calibra with a Proslot Toyota GT1 chassis and ran 5.6’s straight away without any development. I hate him. We can all go home now and cry in our beer.
  12. Will you be on the next zoom chat? I'll log in 1 1/2 hours late (5:30am our time). There's no way I'm getting up at 4am just to talk to a bunch of old men.
  13. They are all routed MDF painted in a variety of surfaces, from Ferrodore to water based to latex paint. Rubber tyres work on a couple of tracks but they don't like most surfaces, they don't grip as well as urethane. I don't know if you talk much to Keith (Peter Gunn on the forums). He's UK based and has entered this proxy every year so knows a bit about building a competitive car. But, in the meantime, throw any questions my way and I'll try to help. Cheers Paul PS. I'm tempted to post a car to you to show you how much better a 90g car is over one without lead on a routed track. Or at least post some pictures of where I put lead on a car that you also have and see if it's faster.
  14. After the talk we had about how heavy the cars are have a look at this video from last year. Even weighing over 90g our cars are fast down the straights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSY4Yi0Z3Vg And the specs on the top 5 placed cars: Name Mfg (Body / Chassis) Body weight (grams) Model Motor Align Tires Weight Weight rear Weight front % front / rear Sports Racer Scalextric / Scaleauto 19.6 Calibra Slot.it orange endbell IL Yellowdogs 87.3 52.6 34.7 39/61 32coupe SCX / Scaleauto 26.8 Mercedes CLK Slot.it orange endbell SW yellowdogs 96.0 68.2 27.8 29/71 Aloha Fly / National Racer 24.5 BMW M3 Slot.it black endbell SW Yellowdogs 89.8 54.4 35.4 39/61 Dave P SCX / Scaleauto 29.8 Audi A4 Scaleauto 18k boxer IL Yellowdogs 107.8 69.8 38.0 35/65 Brumos RSR NSR 12.8 Renault Clio shark 21.5 SW NSR 65.6 42.9 22.7 34/66 Brumos's car was the lightest car entered and very quick but you had to concentrate 110% to get the best out of it and it deslotted easily. It's coming back this year with some weight added and it will be interesting to see how much better it will be compared to last year.
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