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  1. Hi Paul hope you are feeling better. Please add me to the list for another series,Renault Megane but this time with my new chassis & new boots that hopefully last the 10 rounds. Cheers Jimmy
  2. Hi Paul Hope your recovery is going well,& the bride didn't catch you chasing the nurses around the ward. My car & the Captains arrived home safely,my tyres were stuffed & explains the poor performance in the last 2 rounds where it dropped 5 laps in each round from the earlier rounds on repeat tracks Maybe might considder running less rounds or less laps next year to allow cars to be competitive the whole series without repairs mid proxy,how did every one elses tyres last Cheers Jimmy PS Got hold of your latest x-ray.
  3. Hi David The Parma controller looks like a 1.5 - 2 ohm that are used with 16 D motored cars at commercial raceways. Might be a little savage with scale cars but can be modified for the smaller type motors. Cheers Jimmy
  4. No Hornsby was only 1/24th,I do very little 1/32 but just lately I've got my interest back through Proxy racing. At the end of the day what works in 1/24th will basically work in the smaller scales just a different size toy Cheers Jimmy
  5. A bit late but here is my Turbine car that I raced at Hornsby Vintage,brass & pianno wire chassis,Plafit Cheetah motor, not the nicest build but a very good car to drive. Was very competitive until some scallywags turned up with open wheeler retro's Cheers Jimmy
  6. Nice livery Shaynus,best part of the NSR is they are easy to tune & a great driver straight out of the box,one of my favourite cars at the moment. Cheers Jimmy
  7. Hi Tony Had to loose some weight to make it legal so made my own body mounts,in the process it came to me to make the main base plate carbon fibre for my 2022 GT3 saving 20gms which I think has been my down fall in previous Proxy's. Might be wrong but so close to the big dogs I need to try something different & I think light weight is the only thing I haven't tried. So watch out for a very light weight GT3 next year,testing yesterday with carbon base plate came in faster than my M6. Love the challenge that Proxy's throw at you,makes you test your self to build the ultimate slot car & if you don't succeed it was fun trying anyway. An old mate rang me the other day to ask for advice on a slot car repair & when he asked me what I was doing I tried to explain what Proxy's were & I suddenly realised how hard it is to make a slot car to go fast on 10 different tracks that you haven't even seen before,now thats a challenge. Wiin lose or draw I don't care as long as strangers enjoy driving my cars I consider myself a winner. Cheers Jimmy
  8. Hi Vince

    Would be good to catch up & talk 1/32 slots as my main group are predominately 1/24th.

    I can be reached on 0407103581 & I'm retired so any time suits.

    Cheers Jimmy

    1. Vinno


      Hi Jimmy

      That would be good. Going up to Sydney for the granddaughters birthday tomorrow but next weekend or Friday night might work out. I’m not retired yet I’ve got about 5 to 7 years depending on how long I can put up with it. 

      Reagrds Vince

  9. Here's my entry for the Home Racing World 2021 World Championship Proxy in the USA & Canada using a Slot it Porsche body & any Chassis. I'm using a Plafit Chassis in this case a Red Devil which has the Aluminium base plate which is much lighter than the standard brass one that comes with the 3300. Total weight for this car comes in at 93.8 gms & is by far my lightest Plafit chassied car & if it performs as well as it's testing will give me great feedback for 2022 GT3 that I'm currently building. general fitness goals Cheers Jimmy
  10. Thanks for the run & as usual a great presentation with feed back & vids,congrats to the podium. Cheers Jimmy
  11. Hi Paul The motor in my Megane is a $10 Plafit Pointer 4 rated at 21.5 K @12 v. Cheers Jimmy
  12. Thanks for the run Paul & buddies,as usual great vids & feed back,great little track with heaps of grip. I knew it had a lot of grip when I think it was Alvaro driving the Yellow lane doing the donut flat. Cheers Jimmy
  13. Hi Tony I've used the Blue T plate in this build as it is much simpler & easier to get the allignment right. The Blue T plate is off a Plafit 1700C chassis we use for our 1/24th Can-Ams & in my opinion are the easiest chassis to set up,the bearing blocks are from the rear end & these ones were off a 3/32nd chassis,only used 3/32 axels in my attempt to save weight,only a couple of grams which was negated with the M6 body coming in 6 gms heavier than last years Z4. Currently working on my entry for the Slot it Porsche Proxy for next year & using another Plafit,the maximum weight for this class is 96 gms & my runner is 90gms so watch for a light GT3 next year. Here's a 1700C chassis with Blue T Had to modify slightly to fit 3/32 chasis but wasn't much work. Here;s the standard 3300 chassis Cheers Jimmy
  14. My Slot it McLaren M8D has been on my mind for a couple of years now ever since I did this livery for my Plafit 1/24th Can-Am. The Slot it turned out way better than I expected & has made me re-think on the colour for my Plafit & maybe a repaint will happen down the track. Lately I've tried the Bunnings Squirts as a replacement for my usual Tamiya rattle cans as was suggested by some one on this forum,more than happy with the results at more than 1/2 the price of Tamiya & twice as much paint is music to a pensioners hip pocket My main aim was to change the livery so I wasn't too interested in converting a M8D into a M8E,6 months ago when i was planning the build i was going to fill in the bottom of the side skirts to make it more slab sided & more like a M8E but decided the leave it alone,either way it looks sensational. After filing the origional wing down to replicate the M8E I was lucky to stop where I did as I broke through on the left rear guard,just a small hole that I can live with. Here's what I started with. . Here's the Vic Elford livery host online image . Slot it 1/32 with Plafit 1/24th big brother. . Cheers Jimmy
  15. Finished another of my 1/32nd cars that was on my work bench,this one is a Sideways BMW M6 white kit from Armchair. It's over in Canada at the moment waiting for the GT3 Proxy 2021 to start next week. I've gone for another Plafit 3300 chassis as my previous cars have been fairly successfull,this one has a couple of my newer mods which I was dying to try out. Chassis are free of choice so it was fun to put my own mods on an already great chassis system. The last test session before it was shipped to Canada was a good hit out with the car very easy to drive & faster than last years BMW Z4 & the previous years BMW M1 Group5. Here's the Chassis with the main difference being the Blue T plate & the 3/32 bearing blocks making the front end much simpler. Bimmer on the test track With lap time Here's a group pic with my previous years cars & their test mules in the back row Cars are going to be on you tube tonight being un boxed,if I can I will post the link. Cheers Jimmy PS Wait to you see my next repaint of a Slot it McLaren
  16. Thanks for the run guys,vid & feedback sensational. Great flat track using all avaliable space & some,my Megane looked like it was behaving itself & looked very planted. Cheers Jimmy
  17. Thanks for the run Paul & helpers,good to see the Captain have a good result with the little bit of help he had i'm sure he will return next year much wiser with his build. Love the track & there wasn't much time for the drivers to have a rest with a good combination of corners sorting out the better handling cars, Congrats to the podium & again well done Sticks. Cheers Jimmy
  18. Thanks for the run guys,great vids & good to see some cars getting much needed attention to make them competive.Keeps it all low key & friendly I went up to Sticks place to do some last minute testing on Ferradore before the start of the Proxy & his car was nice to drive. With Proxy's TYRES are critical & was good to see him get a some new boots to keep him interested in the rest of the series,watch out next year when he gets serious. Cheers Jimmy
  19. Thanks for the run guys,looks like you are enjoying these cars,congrats to the podium & ArroldN for his first win in the fastest Taxi in Aus. Thanks also Paul for the vids,fun to see our cars in action & highlights how hard it is to win a Proxy with all the different tracks & surfaces to tune a car & be consistent over many rounds,love a challenge Cheers Jimmy
  20. Thanks for the run Paul & friends & congrats on another win with Mr Gunn keeping you on your toes. The Frog continues to improve on last years results with 2 laps more & 87.77 laps would have placed it 3rd last year just in front of Rossco Cheers Jimmy
  21. Thanks for the vids Paul,The Megane looks to be behaving it's self fairly well thanks to the MJK's' This year it is doing 4 - 5 laps more than last year & lap times are also improved. Bring on Rd 4. Cheers Jimmy
  22. Thanks for the run Paul & friends,this is a very tight Proxy, in the middle group where one lap can mean a 3rd or a 13th,kind of like a lucky dip. Congrats to the Podimites,bring on the next round. Cheers Jimmy PS Any vids Paul?
  23. Try Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload,never fails for me ,I've been using it ever since P Bucket went haywire ,much quicker & reliable just like my Megane Cheers Jimmy
  24. Thanks for the run Paul & helpers. Happy with the Meganes result & if it continues to be a top 10 place will most definately return next year with much LIGHTER Plafit chassis. Happy with the Plafit Pointer motor & with a trip to weight watchers should liven up the Frog. Bring on Rd 2 Cheers Jimmy
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