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  1. Thanks again for the great info! I'm VERY happy to report that I was able to secure an Arduino Uno and some SFH310 T1 3mm IR sensors. I soldered the sensors up to a CAT 4 cable I cut the heads off of (already bundled and nice, thin wire) and the pins on the other side for the Arduino. I repurposed a "newer" old PC (10 years newer!) and reloaded Windows 10, installed the latest RaceCoordinator version, uploaded the RC.io file to the Arduino and we are good to go! Works perfect so far in my testing of about 100 laps. The next task is to completely rebuild or replace my light bridge as it got hammered during the move. Woof! More to come on that.
  2. Well, you made me blush. Just happy I was able to provide some fun things over the years. Thanks again, I'll let you know when I have it running!
  3. Thanks a million for this info. Here I am years later trying to cobble a new system together. I was using an old (20+ years!) parallel cable from the old VRS system with RaceCoordinator. Worked great until the cable was destroyed during our recent move. I don't want a full setup, but could not find the definitive info I was looking for until this thread I'd forgotten about. Awesome info, and I've got the Arduino Uno on the way and some SFH310 photo sensors. I'll let you know how this all goes!
  4. Had a few emails asking if it was finished. I just completed putting mine together last night. Looks pretty darned cool running around the track. I recreated the car more or less as it currently runs in the historic T/A series. Duplicolor white primer, Duplicolor Chrome Yellow, wetsanded and 5 coats of Future before being waxed. I used BelDecal paper and it worked very well - much better than my previous attempts at decals. The fonts are not 100% correct, but when it is sliding past me on it's roof at Warp 3 it won't be noticeable... PCS32 Chassis, SCC insert wheels with my inserts, Piranha 21k motor and 27/9 Slot.it gearing. Runs well enough, but not very competitive - mostly weight distribution with the PCS. I made out-riggers and placed weight as low as I could but may end up doing a brass chassis if I can't get it a little better.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments. I've a blast banging these things around the track thus far! Mopar - the Dart is due this Fall. The four letter word WORK keeps getting in the way.
  6. Chassis: a variation off of the "Stinker" for both with side pans. Worked out fairly well. I soldered up roll bars as well. Motors: Pirahna 21k Wheels: CBB 15x10 Tires: PGT-22166FF Paint: All Duplicolor Rattle Can Decals: Polecat Guide: Slotting + Axles: Slotting + These were lots of fun to build! Neither is remotely perfect. I attempted to use Bare Metal Foil one last time and had issues with adhesion again. I also just suck at it apparently. Either way, they look pretty good and slide nicely around the oval. Of course, I had to run them on the PDR and they look just perfect there as well. I think I need a fleet of these!
  7. I've been working on a few new projects and finally have enough to show. I won't be releasing these until mid-June so I can build inventory, get my photo cars done, etc...but here are the first two: 1970 Duster and 1968 Chevelle! The kits do NOT have mounts so you can build or modify whatever chassis you desire. Kits will come with interior tray and glass. This is the very early stage of the master for this car. No, the Hemi scoop will not be on it. It fits the Scalextric Cougar chassis perfectly if you use a narrow wheel. More to come!
  8. Thank you sir for participating in the auction. Enjoy the build and let me know how it turns out!
  9. Great job folks! Amazing what great folks are in this hobby! Both RMS kits are shipping out to the winners tomorrow. Thanks again, and hopefully this will help some good folks out!
  10. I'm late to the party, but I'd like to donate as well. I'll put up a 510 kit and a 612p kit. Please let me know who to send them to!
  11. Mark, I'm good thanks, just busier than normal it seems. Wouldn't have anything to do with building a new track though...LOL! PDR II Build I have to get back to resins as soon as I get this thing powered up!
  12. Nice work! I did one a few years ago and love it! Chaparral 2D
  13. dreinecke

    New 3 Lane Track

    Fantastic routed track in the making! Really nice work there!
  14. Greg - the track looks fantastic! I like the way the center lane harasses the outside ones! BTW - you need more Mopars.
  15. After an exhaustive search, I've think found Gurney's car with the stripes: I see the stripes on the header and it is hard to see the hood from this angle, but if you look where the scoop is on the hood, just below the air hose it appears that the stripes continue.
  16. Great looking car Phil!!! Very nice looking!
  17. Yes, I've driven mine...insanely fast as the 1967 boxed set was. I fixed that by re-motoring those two so they run very nice without magnets now. I'm off tomorrow, so this one will get the treatment as well. The car is gorgeous, but does need the correct decals to be perfect. I've had someone ding me for messing with the "collect-ability of the cars. I replied that I could care less, as I buy mine to drive, not look at. Get diecast if that is your desire.
  18. Phil, Nice to continue to see some great Aussie cars coming out. Great work!
  19. Vlad, thanks very much - that is humbling praise indeed! The width of the bodies are as follows: Ferrari 612 = 69.08 mm McLaren M12 = 62.95 mm I hope that helps!
  20. Two new kits from RMS! Ferrari 612 McLaren M12 Here's the facts: Ferrari 612 - Body, interior tray, driver figure, mirror, intake, metal injector stacks, wing & struts, rear drivetrain detail. Setup Slot-it Alfa Romeo T/33 or Fly Flunder 908 chassis. Mclaren M12 - Body, interior tray, driver figure, intake, metal injector stacks, wing & struts, rear panel. Setup Slot-it Alfa Romeo T/33 or Fly Flunder 908 chassis. Both kits available through my website As this is a new release, please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Thanks, and Happy Slotting!
  21. Shawn, Living in Colorado, Fat Tire is a staple in my fridge. However, I do like most German Pilsners, a number of darker ales, and such pedestrian things like Alaskan Amber and Blue Moon. I will also concur on the comments about Bud and Coors. Funny enough though, I recently was given a Bud American Ale and didn't know what I was drinking...it was actually a good one. The standard Bud stuff though, yuck! BTW, my son starts college this fall at the Colorado School of Mines (dang genius...) and is almost smack dab next to the Coors facility there. The tour is fun, but I still won't drink it.
  22. Greg - it isn't the largest, I'm sure. Actually, 3 cars were on the bench and missed the photo shoot! The Bird is the Titus car, but he never drove it as he was killed prior to that livery. Ah, the 4th car is driven by an Aussie - Mr. Moffat's green Cougar is in the lineup. Sorry, I didn't realize how that read! The VW has a Porsche pancake in the back and is wicked fast. Wait, that was my buddy's in High School. The Combi would be the ABC Sportsmobile.
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