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  1. Hi, Does anyone have the wheelbase dimensions for the different Scaleauto bodies. I used to have them written down, but cant remember the safe place I stored them Thanks
  2. HoMErN13

    Wtb: Slotworx V8

    Looking to get into the Slotworx V8s and hoping someone may have a pre-loved one that want to part with?
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to say a quick hello. I'm not new around here, but I have been out of the hobby and off here for about 3 years. Just made my return this week and wanting to get back into the online community too.
  4. Dave, Can you please remove me from the entry list. Time and money has got the better of me this year. Hopefully next year I can join in. Thanks HoMEr.
  5. Can you put my Mclaren M8D into class B. Thanks Homer
  6. welcome aboard Homer it is always good to see new people having a go there is still room for a McLaren MD8 so you you on the list where you wanting to enter in A class or B class cheers Thank you. I have to have another look at the rules to understand the difference between the classes to make the decision.
  7. Newbie to proxys here. And newbie to can-am Can you put me down for a slot.it M8D if there is room for another one? Cheers Homer
  8. Can you please remove me from the entry list. Ive had a few issues that mean I don't have the time or money to invest into this.
  9. Can you put me down for WRC if there is space please. My first proxy in 8 years, I've got some learning to do hahaha.
  10. Great job on running a successful series for the last few years. I do hope that someone picks it up, as I was hoping to get back into proxy racing in 2016, I haven't done one since 2009 HoMEr
  11. I have been looking around lately on YouTube for videos about slot cars, unboxing, reviews, modifying etc. There isn't a lot of content (in not saying there is none). So this got me thinking, if I started a channel mainly surrounding slot cars, (and I'd also cover my other hobbies being remote control cars and my learning of videography as I progress). Would people be interested in this? I was thinking of topics along the lines of unboxing and reviews of new releases. How I modify and tune my cars. Coverage of events like the scale model nationals, and scaleauto championship. This is probably a few months off, I've got a few ideas still to refine, but thought I'd gauge if there is any interest? Cheers HoMEr
  12. HoMErN13

    Only $39.99

    I don't have the massive budgets some people I race with have, I do spned from time to time and sometimes overspend. Lately with my wife out of work it's been extremely tight. But I will always let her know what I've bought or if I want something or need something for a upcoming race. And then we budget accordingly so that I can afford to purchase.
  13. brilliant looking viper. The detail in that interior is unbelievable, I struggle with a spray can, i couldn't imagine doing anything like that. Where do i send mine hahaha.
  14. If you go with anglewinder you need a flat 6 as there is minimum clearance inside.
  15. Does anyone have the wheelbase dimensions of the different body styles? Would be handy to know what to set the setup board at when setting up a chassis. Cheers Homer
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