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  1. Hopefully they will look up Zero Paints and order a large quantity of Calsonic Blue https://www.hiroboy.com/Calsonic_Blue_Paint_60ml--product--12178.html
  2. Welcome Please share more about your 3D printer stuff. I think they are great but for me the hardest part - is the 'design' cheers David
  3. I hope that Policar deepens the blue on the Calsonic - not sure if it is the photo but looks a bit pale to me. (But I could be wrong ) DM
  4. "The American term is IROC Racing - not sure what the acronym means" International Race of Champions - real race series from USA They started the series in 1974 with Porsche RSR and progressed to Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Trans Ams. The idea was top drivers came and all raced the same car which was provided by the track owner. Seems big in the US slot car scene as well now. Not a bad idea really - is one way to even out the field and also good for new people - they can either see that they need to tune their car or become better drivers cheers David
  5. "1. The winner of a class series has to sell his car to the slowest guy in the group at a fair market value. This allows the slower guy to at least concentrate only on his driving ability (which will vary as well) The faster guys can easily build a new weapon and repeat the process." I would make sure I never won a series LOL - but seriously I put a lot of time into getting a car right and wouldn't want to sell it to someone who hasn't put in the time just because I won the series. I am happy to tell people what I do and will even work on a car for someone but once I buy and set up a car and it starts winning well I am keeping it....
  6. We mustn't be serious racers - as far as I know we only race MJK/urethane or original rubber. No one really checks. Tyres are cleaned with shellite. Some chaps put a bit of oil on their rubber tyres but they get an ear bashing if they leave any crap on the track. I recall one chap ran slot.it something 22 - in one class and his car seemed to have more grip. Everyone told him not to be wally and run the right tyres. I get more annoyed by people who alter their cars lower the chassis smaller wheels change gear ratio etc to make it faster - we have no big issues with changing to alloy wheels but must be same size as original, gear changes the same. No ratio change permitted. We race with and without magnets I would prefer we mostly raced without because I think that racing is closer and there is less issues. eg - one chap had put GT tyres on his P330 and lowered his magnet. He copped a basting from us all for cheating but in the end no sheep station changed hands and if he feels that he has to do that to win well sad for him.
  7. I posted a promo for the forum on the Facebook Buy Sell slot cars page it has 2600 members page is meant to be buy sell only be we occasionally get general slot car questions Is there an issue with joining Auslot should I post something to tell people what to do? cheers David
  8. Well if it ain't bacon lettuce and tomato then I am guessing best lap time I must try some NSR tyres I mainly use urethane tyres. Though we use rubber tyres on the BRM mini saloons
  9. Nice my paint your own Chevy arrived yesterday. At this stage I am tossing up between a Dangermouse themed car and a Smokey Yunick colour scheme. Smokey will probably get the nod as I am a sucker for black and gold - though I need to find some shiny gold numbers. cheers David
  10. Facebook has had a part to pay in all this. Free group discussions - free photo hosting - you only have to put up with the ads LOL It is strange in some ways - slot cars themselves are supposedly on the decline yet when you look at what has been offered this year - well doesn't look like a decline to me. Prices for 2nd hand cars seem to be rising as well. Lots of ups to the hobby - yet forum traffic is down. I am not sure what we can do other than keep posting. I check in here every day. Maybe some others will as well. cheers David
  11. Your not mixing solder and shoulder are you - LOL dry and cold solder joints are the same thing - maybe those south of the border use 'cold' but us tropical folk and it seems those across the ditch call it a dry solder joint I had to look up cold solder joint never heard that before - probably like flannel and washer or bathers and togs......
  12. If you need tyres let me know.
  13. I mainly buy this kit it has chassis, wheels, guide, motor etc. The motor is 20k you could ask for a lower RPM if you wanted. Penelope Pitlane PPF1RL Chassis Kit - Vintage If you only want the chassis then PP-F1RL and the wheels are PP-VR01 Penelope Pitlane Vintage 23'' Alloy Wheels 19x6mm inserts are PP-PEW03 Send me a PM with your email and I am happy to send chassis photos etc I make my own tyres for the ones in the kit are a bit small for the 1/24 cars cheers David
  14. Hello all I have been working on some 1/24 scale Grand Prix and Indy cars. The Kurtis Kraft is a Monogram kit. Two of the D50s are resin bodies the 3rd is a Merit kit. The Talbot and Alfa are Merit/SMER kits. SMER is a reproduction of the Merit kits. I am using a Penelope Pitlane chassis from Pendleslot with their vintage wheels and inserts. I have cast my own tyres. I am not sure of the original source. The motor is an SRP 16k motor - I wanted something mild that gave NC1 like performance. I am happy with how the motor runs. The drivers are the excellent Immense Miniatures figures. I had to cut and drill and sand and glue the arms to get them to fit the narrow cockpits. The Talbot and Alfa kits came with an engine which I added for extra detail. Decals either came with the kit are homemade or came from my stash of left over decals. Lots of fun building them though they were a long time in the incubation stage. I have a Maserati 250F a Mercedes W196 and another two Talbots to build (not all for me). Now that I have finally completed these I also have several 1/24 Indy resin bodies I am planning on picking up a Vanwall GP car as well. cheers David
  15. I visit five forums everyday - something I do when having my breakfast and then usually when I want unwind at the end of the day. Catch up on news, see what people are up to etc. The forum traffic on here compared to other forums has dropped off. My own posts to this forum have dropped off as well. For me the issues with Photo hosting have been the main problem - when it became a challenge I stopped posting my builds because 1. it is a lot easier on Facebook I can take a photo in the app and drop it straight into my post and 2. a couple of the other forums I post to offer direct upload of photos now and 3. Sometimes when you post something to a couple of forums and you get a good response on one or two of them and little or nothing on another so then next time you think twice about posting to that forum particularly if it is an effort to post compared to the others. I don't post for people to pat me on the back I post to share. I get inspiration and ideas from other people's post so I hope that other might get the same from mine or I might get ideas back to improve my work. For example I built up six 1/24 Grand Prix cars - posted them up on Fb and some forums and ended up in a good conversation with another chap about wheels, chassis and inserts think that was helpful for both of us. Guess I will fish out my photos of the GP cars find somewhere to host them and upload the builds in case someone is interested. cheers DM
  16. I don't know if others knew about the Policar Ferrari 512M but it was a pleasant surprise for me. Bring on a Sunoco livery please DM
  17. "Jim Clark is rather big , but that applies to a lot of slot cars" interesting - I find the drivers in most slot cars to be quite small for 1/32 scale. When you think back to the Airfix 1/32 (or 54mm) figures slot drivers are tiny - eg slot.it cars are driven by hobbits. I haven't got one yet I decided to buy from my local hobby shop for a change and they didn't get them in
  18. They may have some more soon Grant - I am waiting on some SRP16 motors from them - Sean expects them soon cheers David
  19. I would love to find the old 1/24 Cox F1 cars - but unless they are an absolute bargain I have pretty much given up chasing the old cars - they either cost too much to start with or if you get one for a good price it is usually missing something and then it costs an arm and a leg to buy the replacement part. eg I need a swing arm for a 1/32 Cox Cheetah - I have found one for US$5 but he won't post and then I have found another for $US28 + US$25 postage - the car only cost me A$20
  20. What software are you using to design the chassis?
  21. LOL - never ran it with the 30k motor in them way over powered
  22. "Toyota Celica - same livery as was done by MRRC. This one may be a tad quicker out of the box' Maybe not - those MRRC cars had the red 30k motor in them - they were quite quick.
  23. There is a motor RPM checker you can get for your smartphone which I have tested against my DS multi tool RPM checker and the results are comparable. Get the app, spin your motor up and it will give you a RPM reading which will tell you which is the quicker motor.
  24. They are switching to a new web host for the site - things will be hit and miss for a while - check out their Facebook page (if you use it) for updates I guess.
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