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  1. Looks better than the first pics Waiting for the Calsonic one myself but I may be tempted to get that one as well now
  2. Spain still doesn't seem to be shipping to Australia I am chasing some decals and can't get them
  3. Mark You probably know this - Plafit does a 3/32 oilite it is 4.75mm diameter Though currently out of stock here :( cheers David
  4. Well done! Didn't happen to find two of them did you
  5. Good luck Chris I bought the black one and then thought I should have bought the white one as well to have a pair - can't find them anywhere now.
  6. BRM White Kit - decals from Pattos Tamiya TS-51 paint.
  7. Picked up this old Exclusiv 1/24 Carrera E-Type Jag not being a big fan of street slot cars I did some searching and found a chap raced his back in the mid 60s. A bit of a modification and some decals and here we have a sweet looking race car https://postimg.cc/F7tk8kmP
  8. I have been researching colours for an Aussie Mini to do a paint of a BRM white kit. I found a nice blue one that Peter Manton ran and during my research I found that Norm Beechey ran a Chevy Nova also in the blue. With some help from Auslot members I found a suitable blue. (Went for Duplicolor Blaze Blue - thanks Alan) Now all I need to find is a 1/24/1/25 MKII Cortina and I will be able to do the whole team. A friend had a AMT slot kit in need of a new home
  9. I had a non-tracked package arrive from the UK in under 10 days. When it arrived I was like what can this be - wasn't expecting anything from the UK
  10. dangermouse

    DG Raceway

    Hey Dick - looking good. Dust the old cars off and have some fun DM
  11. Nice result - thanks for sharing. Instead of buying leaf material I soak foam and dish sponges in different shades of green paint and when dry drop them into an old blender to finely chop them up. Then follow the same technique. 1/32 people are 54mm high or a little over 2 inches so trees need to be big - I think people forget that sometimes when doing scenery. cheers David
  12. I never saw the EP track - I suspect it is quite a bit before my time. Happy to help if I can. I have been back into slot cars now for around 12 years or so they are great fun. A lot better than I remember as a kid in the 70s
  13. Hi BP Squash courts were owned by the parents of a friend from school (late 70s early 80s)- we went there to play squash and once or twice ran some cars. I wasn't really that much into slot cars in high school. I had an AFX set and an old scalextric set. I got back into slot when I saw the quality of 1/32 cars by Fly Slot Cars and then got into Ninco and Scalextric collecting. Carrera 1/24 cars can be bought new from Armchair in Sydney for around $110 + post ( PS Mark if you know anyone selling 2nd hand Carrera 1/24s for $100 send me a message please ) I would look at 1/32 cars if you are using copper tape. If you want to go to the expense of magnet braid then you could choose to run anything magnet or non magnet. Lots of exploring to do. I would recommend MDF over yellow tongue - the chipboard will be ok for routing the slot but I think MDF is better. My brother and I made our first routed track on a sheet of plywood with copper lead lighting tape. We made a single lane rally track. I worked well and was fun to punt some cars on. We used MDF for the next 4 tracks. cheers David "see multiple vehicles racing on the same slot - I'm assuming the voltage to the track is constant and the throttle position is via radio control? But what happens when a faster car catches the one in front???" Digital racing - you are correct constant voltage to the track - each car has a chip in them. A couple of options an Aussie company Scorpius makes a controller /chip setup that uses wireless controllers. Other options are Carrera or Scalextric digital - and the Slot.it company now do an Oxigen digital setup. As for what happens when a car catches another well either the faster car changes lanes at the next change point or if the driver in impolite they nerf the slow guy off the track LOL PS I meant to ask last time where was the track at Everton Park? Must have been gone by the time I was knocking around the area.
  14. Hi BP - was the track at Enoggera in the squash courts? As for scale - only problem with 1/43 is the RTR cars really need a magnet to stay on the track the tyres aren't really up to non mag racing and as such need to be changed. Are you going to use plastic track or build a routed one? If going plastic I would recommend Carrera track the big stuff. You can run any scale on it. If going routed and copper tape I would stick to 1/32 or 1/24 cars. The 1/43 cars really don't go that well on non mag tracks. cheers DM
  15. Hello all I wanted to do an Aussie repaint of a 1/24 BRM Mini and found Peter Manton ran a mini for Trident Racing. A friend had done the yellow one and then I discovered it was also raced in blue. Further research lead to a Chevy Nova and a Cortina also being raced by the same team and then later a HT Monaro I can't locate a Cortina but noticed that The Part Box does a HK Monaro which is 1/24 or 1/25 Is there a lot of difference between the HK and HT ? thanks David
  16. Surprised that people in Germany are still shipping who are you buying from? cheers David
  17. Tracking a package from the US - left 14 August - Virginia to leaving New York in 4 days - 3 days later it left Hong Kong (21 August) and then tonight I found out it left Perth on its way hopefully to me in Queensland. DM
  18. Carrera made a couple of Petty cars a Plymouth Fury and Ford Torino and Revell Monogram a 67 Plymouth as well. They did sell like hot cakes which is why you can't find them Nice cars Greg and thanks for posting - I have a 1/24 Superbird body on the way from a friend and your post prompted me to add some decals for it to my order from Pattos.
  19. Maserati 250F Caroll Shelby car finally finished. BRM and Mercedes W196 are next on the build list. [
  20. You could try polishing it with a mild auto cutting compound - that may remove a fair bit of the dust and fluff. If the rag starts showing blue you have gone too far Once you clear the dust off - hit it with clear again. DM
  21. I have had that from Canada before but the other way package from Canada took 3 months to arrive.
  22. Hopefully not a sign of the times - generic shaped cars with no liveries. I suspect it will be the case for F1 cars from now on. Motorsport that makes and spends millions if not billions and yet they still want to squeeze some dollars out of Scalextric or NSR or Slot.it if they want to sell a toy car for around $80-$100. How many will they sell 1500 - 2000 - what maybe 5000 cars across all manufacturers - so licence fee would be what $1 - $2 - $5 couldn't be much more but even if it was $10 per car that is only $50000 heck motor sports burns that like nothing. Soap box away LOL
  23. LOL true accept when I tell people it is Peter Manton's blue mini and it looks like this
  24. that looks good Jimmy Nice work
  25. Hi John Must be something in the air I have been feeling the same way. We only race fortnightly, occasionally on in between weeks I head over to a mates track for a test and tune session and frankly I would prefer to do that over racing any day. Not sure what it is but I agree with you racing requires energy and a different kind of energy. You have to deal with other people who may have different motivations than you which I don't get on a test and tune day. I am enjoying resin casting as well. My next project will be to build a small pressure pot. Getting too many mishits with my casting of small parts so hoping a pot will fix that plus I want to start casting some clear parts as well. cheers David
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