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    Looking forward to some progress pics Steve. I post images to https://postimages.org and then upload to the forum seems to work ok. cheers David
  2. Good score Steve Bit hard to find these days. There was a white one released a couple of years back which is still around.
  3. One of the local slot car track owners up here John has really invested some time into 3D printing of slot car bodies. You can find his page on Facebook. NBS 3d Printed Slot Car Bodies, Parts and Accessories I am sure if you message John he would be happy to provide some tips on the printers he uses etc. He has filament and resin printers. cheers David
  4. Hello all Acquired another BRM Mustang - was thinking about doing the Brut 33 car. Anyone know what colour green to use? On some of the die cast it looks metallic but not sure if it is meant to be metallic or not. Was thinking of using Tamiya dark green or but if I need something metallic then any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks David
  5. Thanks Mark and Phil Someone on Fb suggested it may be a PM2110 controller - he based this assumption on the general appearance and the 10 written top right corner. https://www.professormotor.com/product-p/pmtr2110.htm?fbclid=IwAR0Gam9DAOw9vM1RIDTFNVPvEN5Y99S7refOYuEJ0m1OJP82zzaGs5IUpB0 I have emailed Prof Motors to ask them. Haven't done anything with the Parma yet. I got these with a lot of cars and parts. There are a 1/32 metal chassis thing with a lexan body included maybe he used it for those cars. cheers DM
  6. Hello all hoping someone may be able to do these controllers for me. Think the Parma is a turbo plus I guess with a brake pot..?? the Professor Motor not sure wish they would put a model number sticker on it somewhere thanks David
  7. I used Testors Hugger Orange in the spray can. That was the colour apparently
  8. Think the Alpina is the same style I would like to see. The current two are modern re-builds. There was a story on the web about the rebuild of the Warsteiner car. https://www.bmwblog.com/2018/09/20/the-business-of-restoring-a-bmw-2002-race-car/
  9. Did you see in the video on their web/Fb page the brief mention of their work on a slightly different BMW 2002 - I was trying to work out if it was the more traditional one (no flares on the wheel arches) or the one like Carrera did.
  10. Don't know hard I will race them but they will be raced. I don't have many display cars.
  11. Hello allFinished these two classic Bob Jane Camaro and Allan Moffatt Mustang BRM 1/24 scale white kits.cheersDM
  12. I see the BRM BMW 2002s have been released on their Facebook page. These are stunning looking cars. cheers DM
  13. A friend on another forum mentioned attaching a #11 blade to a soldering iron. The heated blade is used to cut and smooth out 3D prints. You could also try a razor saw. cheers DM
  14. I really don't think I have ever used Facebook for news so I don't get what all the nonsense is about. I do look at the ABC news site online and if there is something that peeks my interest internationally I go to USA Today or BBC etc but I don't recall ever opening Facebook to check out the new for the day. When I use Fb - I message friends or I check out special interest groups eg Historic Racing groups and slot car groups. About the only thing other than that I look at is cute cat videos or people falling off ladders. At the moment Fb thinks I like videos on animal rescues so I keep seeing videos of people pulling a deer out of a lake or a owl stuck in a fence. That will teach me to watch one or two of them..... DM
  15. We all own them but we don't race them that often. We aren't really into racing slot.it cars too many variables with pod setup and motors and magnets. We have raced them on a few tracks but they have low appeal in our group. As a group we run most things fairly stock - if you change wheels or gears they have to be same as what came off etc we don't run N22 tyres - we run MJK /urethanes or stock rubber. One chap put some slot.it rubber tyres on a car for one class and the grip was pretty impressive - so we told him he couldn't race with them next time - cheaper than us all going out and buy the tyres - LOL
  16. I use all over those products. The clay is great a lot better than the stuff I first used which left an oily residue on everything. I made my self some of these mould boxes. I have some left over perspex which I used to make a big box for moulding bodies and a smaller box for doing tyre moulds. https://www.makeyourownmolds.com/shop/adjust-a-mold-box/ I also made some boxes out of plastic card and old credit cards - superglued and taped. They are great because you can easily and quickly make a mould box of any size. I form the clay around the perimeter to seal the box and stop the silicone escaping. I use an old wall tile for my moulding. cheers David
  17. "And before anyones asks, no you can't rent space in my storage drawers, and no, they aren't for sale. " and there I was reading through the post thinking I will ask for your address to send you a box of cars to put in the drawer I have no answer - my only suggestion is you have a house elf that likes tuning slot cars - leave a plate of cookies in the drawer if they're gone come morning you have the answer
  18. Probably still discussing licensing terms with young Dick Grayson's estate.
  19. Package from Austria - shipped on the 9th - arrived on the 23rd - happy with that.
  20. Yep my package went from Virginia - to New York to Hong Kong to Perth a lot quicker than it travelled from Perth to Brisbane. But a mate has a better story. His package went from Melbourne to the mail centre in Brisbane (about 10mins from his house) and then on to Mackay - 600km north before heading back to him. One thinks someone put it on the wrong truck.
  21. How did you get tracking on 1st Class International? Only option I have seen for tracking is Priority Mail. cheers David
  22. Part of the Shell Racing Team with Norm Beechey. Peter Manton Mini BRM 1/24 classic Mini white kit. Decals for both cars came from Pattos. A nice partner for the Chevy Nova I just need to find a 1/24 MKII Cortina now. I see also noted that The Parts Box does a HK Monaro - so will get one of those and do it up as well. I also picked up a Cavalier Models HT Monaro - so may look at re-popping and then doing the yellow Beechey Monaro cheers David
  23. Maybe I have a rare one here - taking offers LOL
  24. Anyone else get one with Bridgestone upside down on the front bumper?
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