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  1. Can't see it happening. Don't think Trans Am is that popular in Europe
  2. dangermouse


    Wow - they have only been around since 2017 and given they are a small manufacturer I think they have done a really good job. They have the Porsche GT2, Viper, Supra, Marcos, Ferrari F40 and 333, the Toyota GT1 and there is a Porsche 911 GT1 and the Mercedes CLK is due out this week. We can expect a McLaren before the end of the year. They are then doing Grp 2 cars and they will be really cool to have in a decent running format - think BMW 2002 - Escort - Alfa GTA looking forward to them the BRM 1/24 are so much fun to drive. Not a lot to be annoyed about there - except that they have put a hold on releasing any new GT cars to focus on the Grp 2.
  3. Howdy all In particular I am looking for a Cheetah but also interested in any other Carrera 1/24 cars that folks may have that they are interested in selling. thanks David
  4. The brakes on the controller may not be the issue. Some cars brake differently to others due to a range of factors, such as gearing and magnets and the overall quality of the motor. Which 1/24 cars are you running? Have a look at the gear ratio and do a search on here or other forum looking for gear ration and braking. A change in ratio can bring about a change in braking characteristics. cheers DM
  5. dangermouse

    The Asylum

    Looking forward to some progress pics Steve. I post images to https://postimages.org and then upload to the forum seems to work ok. cheers David
  6. Good score Steve Bit hard to find these days. There was a white one released a couple of years back which is still around.
  7. One of the local slot car track owners up here John has really invested some time into 3D printing of slot car bodies. You can find his page on Facebook. NBS 3d Printed Slot Car Bodies, Parts and Accessories I am sure if you message John he would be happy to provide some tips on the printers he uses etc. He has filament and resin printers. cheers David
  8. Hello all Acquired another BRM Mustang - was thinking about doing the Brut 33 car. Anyone know what colour green to use? On some of the die cast it looks metallic but not sure if it is meant to be metallic or not. Was thinking of using Tamiya dark green or but if I need something metallic then any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks David
  9. Thanks Mark and Phil Someone on Fb suggested it may be a PM2110 controller - he based this assumption on the general appearance and the 10 written top right corner. https://www.professormotor.com/product-p/pmtr2110.htm?fbclid=IwAR0Gam9DAOw9vM1RIDTFNVPvEN5Y99S7refOYuEJ0m1OJP82zzaGs5IUpB0 I have emailed Prof Motors to ask them. Haven't done anything with the Parma yet. I got these with a lot of cars and parts. There are a 1/32 metal chassis thing with a lexan body included maybe he used it for those cars. cheers DM
  10. Hello all hoping someone may be able to do these controllers for me. Think the Parma is a turbo plus I guess with a brake pot..?? the Professor Motor not sure wish they would put a model number sticker on it somewhere thanks David
  11. I used Testors Hugger Orange in the spray can. That was the colour apparently
  12. Think the Alpina is the same style I would like to see. The current two are modern re-builds. There was a story on the web about the rebuild of the Warsteiner car. https://www.bmwblog.com/2018/09/20/the-business-of-restoring-a-bmw-2002-race-car/
  13. Did you see in the video on their web/Fb page the brief mention of their work on a slightly different BMW 2002 - I was trying to work out if it was the more traditional one (no flares on the wheel arches) or the one like Carrera did.
  14. Don't know hard I will race them but they will be raced. I don't have many display cars.
  15. Hello allFinished these two classic Bob Jane Camaro and Allan Moffatt Mustang BRM 1/24 scale white kits.cheersDM
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