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    Having watched Group A racing I would have to say it is one of my favourite race classes. Being a Ford fan I have always had a soft spot for Dick Johnson when Moffat abandoned us in the Group C days. And being a Mustang fan I loved seeing a Mustang racing. Unfortunately Ford didn't take Group A seriously early on or saw more potential in the Turbo cars so the Mustang never go to realise the potential it had due to being under powered. Dick always said the Mustang was a brilliant car across the top of the mountain but really struggled going up the hill. Anyway I finally got myself into gear to get started on Munters resin body of the Group A Mustang. It is a really well done body with not a lot of clean up required, although I still spent a lot of time on it just making sure it looks as tidy as possible. I am trying to keep my Group A class as close in performance as possible and was thinking about the Slot.it Nissan GTR when I found a chassis with the correct wheelbase for the Mustang. The Slot.it Alfa 155 chassis was perfect with the 80mm wheelbase although I had to cut a bit off the sides, front and rear to make it fit. Here are a few photo's so far that show progress. Paint was an area I was struggling to find as I noticed others over the years were using a Tamiya colour which was just not bright enough. After heaps of research and asking local paint suppliers if they could mix me a can I found I could order a rattle can from Europe with the correct colour of Dulon 913 which is a Renault colour called Verte Laitue. This seemed a stupid idea seeing I would need to wait weeks for it to turn up if at all. More research told me it is basically Green and seemed to look like every green button and dot on the internet. So after much searching I found Bunnings sell a Dulux Paint which looked close enough. Happily after painting today it almost looks a perfect match and will be the colour I use for a DJR XE Falcon when I get a body for that too. I am using a Ninco NC2 motor after some of my others were set up with a NSR Baby King which has close enough specs. I have heaps of old Ninco motors and they are great motors when pushing cars that weight over 100 grams which most Resin cars do. Anyway see progress below.
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    Here is a build I did a while ago to plug a gap in my collection of Le Mans winners. I was always a bit frustrated that Slot It did the 1983 and 1989 winners only in box sets. Getting a white kit and building this one was a no-brainer being a single colour. Not sure the Porsche would be as easy. Nicely packaged parts. The car comes like this – lack of instructions was a bit frustrating. Up to this point, things were going really well. Paint and decals went on nicely. There were a few flaws in the clear coat – I could do a better job now, but it came out OK.
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    A few projects i have started or are in the works, since acquiring the printer ............... The XM turned out really well, nice flowing lines The mini i have printed out to near 24th scale, Slot-it HRS Chassis fits perfectly under it Also have a Resin printer which i'm starting to play with as well Bought the XD elsewhere then i found the 3D file. Saw the Aston and just had to have it Same with the Jag RS200 with the flare kit was also a must, tweaked the print setup so it now fits the standard Scalextric chassis and interior Tweaked the A9X as well so the standard Scaley interior and chassis fits it or use the Slot-it chassis as the body is a couple of mill wider Made the Phase 3 look like it should as well, a little wider XT HQ GTS Capri EH Humpy Group A Mustang A lot of sanding + a few coats of spray putty + more sanding, first coat of undercoat and they are starting to take shape
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    View of the extra width of the Phase 3 Standard is 55 mm, i widened it another 5 mm to 60 mm, the HQ is also 60 mm wide from outside wheel arch to outside wheel arch Also in the process of printing some trackside accessories for my great nephew
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    I used Tamiya Park Green on my 1/24 Mustang, very happy with how it came out.
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    The ones above are PLA, the Blue Mini is resin. The slicer program that comes with the printer works well. I've done a close ratio using the dimensions of the 1-1 car to the Scaley version, the length is about the same as the 1-1 but the width is always narrower, with the the slicer program you can adjust the width without changing the length, the HQ is the right length but i've made it 60 mm wide, same with the HO, they both can take the Slot-it chassis.
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    Looking good Vince I too have the 3D model, another one to print
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    Welcome to the forum Paul. Don't be shy, post up some photos of your tracks! (Some of us like to live vicariously through other people's threads!) What region are you located in? There may be other members nearby that you could compare track surface notes with. Cheers
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    I have a Fly GT40 with a standard motor that I spent a lot of time developing and it laps faster than NSR and Slot.it classics on multiple tracks. It's a freak and I can't get any of my other Fly's (M1, Ferrari 512, 917) to lap as quick. Does anyone have a freak car that laps faster than much better cars? Any idea why? Cheers Paul
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    I'm going to bump this topic EVERY DAY until the meeting this weekend, so you blokes (and sheilas) know I'm doing this meeting time specifically for you. If you want this time slot to happen in the future, be sure to make a showing. If you don't care, well... move along.
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    I had to think back about 4 years and remembered we had a kind of fun night and I'd bought a Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR, put SlotIt gears in and NSR wheels & tyres and it was awesome...I was shocked that a car with no pod could be such a great car. I decided to modify the chassis to give it more flex...and it was crap, I got another about 18 months ago but it's still on the shelf waiting to get tuned but this one has hollow 2.5mm axles and alloy wheels already. Reading this thread and recounting my story has rekindled my interest to get it ready.
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    Your one has the correct taillights too. I am making some up for mine from the corners of a clear plastic screw box. The Mustang is small compared to most of the Group A cars but luckily sits pretty low. Not as low as the XJS but lower than the others. Would be good to see some Walkinshaw Commodores too. The Group A field thickens up all the time.
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    Nice work, Vinno. Park green seems a popular choice here too. I am going to do another small run of these in the near future so if anyone wants to join the list please let me know.
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    Hi all. Seems like there is a fairly even view on what cars are best but throw in driver and tuner ability plus track conditions and it is still anybody's guess. Hope the comments from me and the others will help you though Caddo and many more. Agree Giovanni Montiglio is a great guy. Had the privilege to meet him in Nelson. I am still trying to beat those pesky Moslers with my Thunderslot Lola GT (I refuse to buy a Mosler) which is up to Nelson Thunderslot specs but otherwise still fairly standard with now fairly used tyres. Have most of the other Thunderslot offerings but most are still in boxes. Have to say though that my NSR Classic Porsche 917 is almost as fast as the Lola. Both are certainly capable of giving all but the best Moslers a run for the money. This is largely because while down on power compared to the Mosler they are so easy to drive. A visit by Scott from Wellington on Saturday however proved the 908 is very near the Mosler. The new Porsche 917-10 could also be one to watch. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
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    I,ve found it,s horses for courses, Thunderslot are a very good all round drive on plastic track which a lot of us no club people use over here, i have found the latest NSR 908 a joy to drive also on plastic, and the Slot it Matra also has the edge on similar cars not only in the slot it range . But i don't own many standard cars as i,m a fiddler , and all of the above i,ve mentioned i,ve tuned up so they all go a lot faster than you'll buy out of the box, there is really no such thing as THE fastest car a lot depends on the track your running on and the set up of the cars. If i had to pick just one car i suppose the Thunderslot M6 might be it , once you have set it up properly and before i modified it i did notice it was the best of the Thunderslot cars i had , not by a lot but noticable, now in a staight line it was really no differance to the other Thunderslot cars i have still in standard form, but it seemed better in tight bends , now i just think this car is just that little bit WIDER than the others , and the balance and stance of the car seems better, but i still find the NSR 908 a very fast drive on my plastic track.
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    Sorry but there's no definitive make that is all conquering. The fastest cars we run are Open class. Cars range from NSR, Slot.it, Scaleauto and anything else that we can get to run superfast. The best cars on the night are dependant on who owns and modified them and who is racing them.
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    Hi all, Thanks to Alan and Mike, all the drivers and marshals. Alan great effort to get this series off the ground this year. Mike thank you for hosting a great day. All the drivers did extremely well as did all the cars. Most of the races / cars were consistent with little off's and not much carnage, at all. Marshaling was not to busy at all. The track is technical and requires concentration. It is a great track for these little cars. Most of all when I built the little 1512 Ferrari I did not expect to place on the podium never mind wining the round. Congratulations the Dennis and Brumos. See where we end up by the end of the series. Best of luck to all Thanks again Paul
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    Thanks guys. The shady photography hides some sins. I used Pattos decals. They blistered when I put red Microsol on them. Followed by Tamiya clear rattle can. I now only use blue Microset, and Humbrol clear in an airbrush, and 95% don't have any problems with them. But I couldn't tell you if the problem was with the materials or my technique.
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    Sorry Caddo. I do not think there is a clear answer so I will not be voting. Thunderslot are all good even with stock tyres; 908 is probably pick of NSR Classics although new 917/10 may be better while I believe the Slot-it Matra is also a gem. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)
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    Haven't had the benefit of a magic drawer unfortunately, would love one though... Generally find running the car for more laps improves it overall, especially with the same set of tyres on, the tyres develop the camber to suit the track of the car, and cornering speed improves.
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    Thanks for asking. Scorpius Multi Purpose Decoder The aim: To supply to market one easy to use, multi purpose, multi protocol product, small in size, hardware/firmware rich product that can perform a multitude of tasks for multiple brands. The enthusiast can upload various products into the decoder. Downloads from the website are included in the initial cost of the product. Imagine if your Scorpius Carrera compatible MPD lane changer could re-purposed as a Scorpius Scalextric Sports Digital compatible car decoder? Or as a Scorpius Lane Change decoder? Or as a wireless light board for WAM users? The solution: Develop hard/firm/soft/appware that can perform a multiple tasks on multiple platforms. Thus saving development costs and time. Resulting in cheaper more flexible products. Functionality: Car decoder. Smart Lane Change decoder. Location decoder. Light decoder (analogue WAM users). Dongle (with resistive output for Scalextric C7042/7030 and Carrera 124/132 Digital CU). Product description: A 26x13mm multi-protocol, hardware rich, multi-function chip. The product can be fitted to any slot car, DPR hatch, track cavity or powerbase input. The decoder is designed to fit a DPR hatch using the Scorpius quick release mechanism. It is also designed to fit easily within the cavity of Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, etc track systems. It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity. It has 3 power drive circuits, LED driver outputs and 1 phototransistor circuit, hall sensor, protection, headlights with high beam, brake lights and proprietary RF and BLE connection. The Brands: In alphabetical order: Carrera 132/124 Digital, Scalextric Sport digital, Scorpius Wireless, Technitoys SCX. Added functionality: Some functions like lane changing may have additional features added over proprietary functionality, example upgraded brakes, lights, ULTIMA, a combination of AC (anti collision function) and PEARL (programmable electronically activated race line) and location. Versions: There is only one version of the MPD. However the default firmware is Car Decoder, which encompasses the brands mentioned. The products are listed by brand compatibility and their function. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ut4cklppi0t85w5/MPD Document.pdf?dl=0
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    Our May 2021 Newsletter is now available for viewing and for download as a PDF file; click the link below www.slotraceshop.nz/May2021Newsletter.pdf
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    Thanks for sharing the photos Paul, great setup you have there!
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    Welcome to the forum Paul. as far as your original post on track paint, I used polyurethane garage floor paint. great with rubber and urethane tyres, crap for silicone tyres enjoy your time here Paul
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    Welcome Paul from a member who lives a little way away from you, hope you enjoy your time here , some very helpful people here as well , love your tracks by the way and the pose chuckle
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    There is a thread on here somewhere describing how to do it. Not hard when you know how (well, I guess that covers most things really, doesn't it...) I use Quickimgur on my phone and I think Imgur on my computer. Upload the image to those and they make a URL link you can insert into your post to show the picture.
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    Excellent, you've got everyone thinking they might have a chance. Just keep posting all the things I told you to write.
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    Welcome aboard Paul there is plenty of information here on different tracks and surfaces. It probably is best to see what people in your area use so if you decide to do some racing you can be competitive. If you live in NZ you would benefit from gloss paint as that seems the norm over there. In Australia it seems nothing is standard, anything from Ferrodore which is basically the paint they paint the harbour bridge with. Matt paint or chalkboard paint was popular here too. In the last few years suede paint has been popular among some of the NSW guys Everyone seems to have a different reason to use a type of paint so hopefully you can work out what is good for you. Regards Vince
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    Thanks Mark, a good turnout, great fun. That Elva is a revelation to me, I lucked?? onto a good setup in an already great car. It just goes like stink, and has the ability to make an average at best, driver look good. I now need to keep going with my tuning to beyond, “that feels ok”. Pedro starts listening really closely when the mighty Mac is giving car set up advice.
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