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    Hey Oldskool, Apologies it's taken so long, I had a few projects in front of it. Finally, we can see the light at the end, a couple more hours and it should be ready for you. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers NimROD
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    I am very tempted to join you in 2022.
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    I just had a look on Todocoleccion Spain. It’s like a Spanish ebay/ gumtree, I’ve bought heaps of cars there. Great for hard to get stuff at a decent price. Basic search just bought up 6 karts.
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    Hello Curef99, The situation in the UK is that lockdown easing is now being phased out but there is a strong concern that it is too early and that a third wave of infections might occur. So we are basicaly still in the scenario of not having a clear roadmap to "freedom". However, as above the UK slot car proxy scene is thriving with several events based on https://slotracer.online/community/forumdisplay.php?fid=42 The Brighton to John O'Groats road race finished recently. Leo
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    Meanwhile, over in the sicko-addicts corner, we bring you incredibile, spettacolare, il Bings
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    @Shaynus Just bought one off John Shultz on Facebook a few weeks ago. Pretty good print.
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    I haven't really been feeling the love of racing lately so I have decided to take a break for a bit Also As I haven't used my track in quite some time now and not seeing it happing anytime soon, I am seriously considering moving it on, either complete or I will dismantle it and sell the computer, trakemate and wiring. I would like to use the space for something new If anyone in club is interested in either option hit me up
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    We can lend you a Legend on condition you are not combative against 2 of the members [you know who]
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    I have plenty of info re Ardunio set up and wiring when you are ready. Have setup a few boards over the years. Dead stips need some extra components if you intend to run both directions. IR sensors work both directions. I think SlotsNZ tread is still here with plenty of info.
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    What sensors are you using for lap counting? I found using dead strips very easy. Regards Chas Le Breton
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    Yes, she does think I'm certifiable. ding...
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    She Who Must Be Obeyed
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    Did you name it, or was that done by a SWMBO ?
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    Thank you all, And then last night I found a $15.00 version that looks better than mine HAHAHAHAHAHA It's lot thicker though going through and putting the panel line on, then it will be ready Couple more days @Phil, please send m some pics, Dave's build of the Shadow MKII was just beautiful, got to see more. BTW, which car do you guys want next? Only if it is too hard to find Cheers NimROD
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    You got a great track there Johno...
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    Will have to get up there and have a bit more fun massive track charlie
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    Hopefully we can make this an ongoing thing with the Sydney boys. Always good to catch up and have a race of course... Cheers Paul...
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