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    Hey Oldskool, Apologies it's taken so long, I had a few projects in front of it. Finally, we can see the light at the end, a couple more hours and it should be ready for you. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers NimROD
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    Welcome to Shelmore Park Round 2 Qualifying was completed by me on Blue lane. Drivers were briefed before the Race to ensure the race was clean with no shunts! Crowd are gathering waiting for the action. 1:1 Drivers for the day were the usual line up. Bruce Thomas. John Batich, Callan Thomas and Dave Bantoft. The Lane order has changed from 2019. Bruce 1,John is on 3, Callan 4, and Dave on two. Terry will be pleased to see that Dave has his usual shirt! But starting to influence the other drivers. The race had very few dramas.Two cars do have very deep guides that just bottomed out on the 7mm deep slot. Stubbos car suffered a body mount failure but lost almost no time as a peice of tape soon fixed the problem. One of Charles cars had a wheel slip on the axle on lane 4 with about 30 seconds to run and slowed. Bruce and Callan managed to get some great times out of my car. We did have a wild car entry for this round in Johns great car from previous year. John Batich,My Lotus and Pluggers Brabham. The podium as finished,Johns Wildcard entry does not effect the points as it is not an official entry. My driving impressions will follow soon. Round 3 Race report from Dave Grays Mornington Park Track will follow very soon.
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    Scorpius MPD prototype Version 4.0 upgrade list. Hi guys, This project would be the most complexed and advanced project ever undertaken for the digital slot car industry. And yes we are up to Version 4 prototype. The MPD or Multi Protocol Decoder will be the basis for over 24 products. Car decoder for 5 brands, lane changer for 5 brands, location detector for 5 brands, anti collision board for 5 brands. Wireless dongle for 2 brands. Wireless throttle board for 1 brand. A mini wireless analog module for 1 brand. SOC: NRF52832 upgraded to NRF52840. We need an additional UART for an additional phototransistor circuit. SOC nRF 52832 only has one UART so we have upgraded to nRF 52840. Trade off is its 13 sqmm bigger and costs a bit more. DPR attachment holes: Removed. 3D printed clip in system DPR to be utilised. Pin system found to take too much space and fiddly. Track Rectifier: 4 off PMEG3050EP,115 Schottky Diodes 30V 5A Track Transient Protection: SMF4L18CA TVS 20V Breakdown 400W peak pulse suppression (18V max track voltage recommended) Motor Drive: Now CSD17318Q2 N-channel MOSFET 30V 20mOhm @ 3.3V 10A plus revised circuitry. Motor Brake: Now PMPB27EP,115 P-channel MOSFET 30V 30mOhm @ 6V 8.8A Motor Transient Protection: SMF4L18CA TVS 20V Breakdown 400W peak pulse suppression Track Current Sensing: Now 33mOhm Resistor and Amplifier (detects motor current) Motor Back-EMF Sensing: Resistive dividers to analog inputs. Revised circuitry. Solenoid Driver SCX: AO6604 20V 3.4A Additional phototransitor for LB detection: allows for 1 and board or 1 on flylead. Headlight: 20mA constant current drive, PWM for high/low beam (allows up to 4 LEDs connected in series off board) Tail/Stoplight: 20mA constant current drive, PWM for tail/stop (allows up to 4 LEDs connected in series off board) SSD ID LED: 10mA constant current drive (allows up to 2 LEDs connected in series, 1 on board, 1 off board) Carrera ID LED: 10mA constant current drive (allows up to 2 LEDs connected in series, 1 on board, 1 off board) 3D Accelerometer: Gyro upgraded to 9 axis Work continues on the version 4 board design which has some massive changes. The extra time taken to complete the project has given us valuable insight and allow these changes to occur, instead of rushing to market, especially in regards to multi brand compatibility and multi purposing. There is a extreme amount of complex firmware to be written. And this of course where the men are sorted from the sheep. Pretty soon all you will need is a Scorpius controller, Scorpius dongle and Scorpius MPDs to do just about any task possible in regard to digital slot car racing. Possibilities vary of course with regard to different brands. Picture: Decoder quick release DPR hatch for Scalextric and Pioneer slot cars. Design by Scorpius. Rick
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    A couple more pictures of the Mustang progress. I said I made up some lenses for the tail lights from a screw box corners. Below is a picture and maybe a little close up so don't look so pretty here. On the car they look fine though. I just cut the corners off a box and then cut and sanded to size. I scribed some lines to get a straight line to paint the different lens colours and glued on with epoxy. The next picture shows some strips I made from sheet styrene for window trim as I thought it would look a little tidier this way. Cut to size, painted and glued on with flexible superglue. Below shows the window trims in place along with some of the decals so far. The window trims look much better than trying to paint a straight line so this will be something I will do from now on. So far so good.
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    We have just begun to build these to race at club. Note: All the models of Chevvy, Ford, and now Dodge share the same chassis. Under the hood they are identical, it is just the bodies that vary. They are pretty simple in essence, and our first hit-out last night was a hoot; but like all toy shop/entry level brands, they have their quirks. - Big tolerances in axle bushes, guide - Nylon gears, with the spur mounted on a spline on the axle in the same way as Scalextric cars, the stock gears are quite noisy. - Plastic wheels press fitted to the axles - Treaded tyres that look good standing still, but are quite hard, and have little grip as supplied. - Dinky little screws holding the body on, loosen them 1 turn to de-stress the chassis and provide body rock, and they will fall out. After munting my first couple of builds and having to recover the errors, today I cracked open a white kit to start a methodical tune. So, car stripped, guide, lead wire and DPR box thrown away. Magnet removed. I have cut and fitted some very thin lead in the centre, in the magnet pocket, behind the axle; - and close to the guide to keep the nose in the slot under acceleration. All up it might way 8-9 grams. The Spur gears seem to spin on the axle shaft after a while, so we decided we would allow gear replacements to the 11/12/13 tooth pinion and 33 tooth plastic spur. Standard gearing is 12/33, I have fitted a 12 tooth 6.5mm Slot.it pinion, which needs pressing onto the splined motor shaft carefully to ensure it goes on straight, and the motor shaft doesn't get bent. The Spur is 32 tooth for a slightly taller ratio, but after truing the tyres down, the final drive ratio will probably be a little lower. Those tyres are getting a true on the lathe. They are ostensibly 2.38mm hole/axle, so I just press-fitted them to the mono shaft that I would usually true Slot.it wheels on. New guide fitted, a Slot.it CH07 wood guide, new soft wire, grub screw fixed to the braid. - I always bend the stripped wire at the guide into a "U" , press it into the guide behind the braid, and thread the grub screw down above it. Less direct pressure against the motor wire, and seems to give a secure result that doesn't pop out. Once the wire is correctly positioned, a bit of tape to hold the wire how I want it to be. Tyres trued, wheels re-fitted to car . . . . and it is not a happy camper. Onto the tech block, and guess what I find - warped chassis. Checked everything, yep, quite bent. The pic above is after I tried to bend and get it roughly straight... not good. So I am giving it a bath on the steel plate, weighted down with old magnets. If you do this, take careful note of the underside of the chassis, as it is not a flat pancake, Different parts of the chassis are raised between 0.5mm and 1mm from the lowest points. I have carefully packed the raised sections underneath with thin shim magnets and thin sheet lead, to provide a stable base before placing the magnets above the chassis to hold it down flat ready for a hot water bath. Look at all those magnets top left. That is the raised area, and even with all those on it, the chassis STILL isn't quite sitting flat, but as it softens in the hot water, it should settle okay. That's all for today, bodywork tomorrow. Footnote: 90 degree bath, 2 hours to cool, chassis now pancake flat. Dried, reassembled, car a much happier camper. All four feet now touch the ground. Ready to begin prepping and painting the body and the many, many small parts.....
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    And assembled. I may just leave it plain paint, no decals as I like the look.... Better still - she goes like stink boys, quicker than the yellow one, just needs a little tyre softening.
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    I won't make it Pat. I'm in Wellington for a graduation
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    I am very tempted to join you in 2022.
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    I just had a look on Todocoleccion Spain. It’s like a Spanish ebay/ gumtree, I’ve bought heaps of cars there. Great for hard to get stuff at a decent price. Basic search just bought up 6 karts.
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    Hello Curef99, The situation in the UK is that lockdown easing is now being phased out but there is a strong concern that it is too early and that a third wave of infections might occur. So we are basicaly still in the scenario of not having a clear roadmap to "freedom". However, as above the UK slot car proxy scene is thriving with several events based on https://slotracer.online/community/forumdisplay.php?fid=42 The Brighton to John O'Groats road race finished recently. Leo
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    Meanwhile, over in the sicko-addicts corner, we bring you incredibile, spettacolare, il Bings
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    We can lend you a Legend on condition you are not combative against 2 of the members [you know who]
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    I have plenty of info re Ardunio set up and wiring when you are ready. Have setup a few boards over the years. Dead stips need some extra components if you intend to run both directions. IR sensors work both directions. I think SlotsNZ tread is still here with plenty of info.
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    What sensors are you using for lap counting? I found using dead strips very easy. Regards Chas Le Breton
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    She Who Must Be Obeyed
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    Did you name it, or was that done by a SWMBO ?
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    Usually a short text message with shed opening times. We do have a race calender on the WASCRG site which shows the date and classes of the next event. Usually every fortnight, depending on Syd's work hours. We can comment on the WASCRG site but not all members will look at this so texts works the best for us.
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    those slotting plus guides fit great ( SP101001) just use a spacer as necessary no slop at all. I think the majority of us have the fronts down around 19.5mm
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    Well, it was a top5 car last season, hoping for a top 10 this year with more entries. Well, as hard to drive as it was it finished 4th, you have some great wheel men down under. 4th in this proxy is very special so I’ll take it. If I can figure out how to build a fast heavy car....look out.
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    we have been running these little rockets as well. So much fun. A couple of members have had warped chassis as well, gears stripped on axle, wheels fall off during a race, all the issues you have mentioned, A touch of superglue seems to help sort the wheel/gear problem on the stock axles. Have also had a couple of front axles pop out with a high impact crash. We are using MJK or PG tires on the rear, Slotting Plus guides and take those front tires down a heap, running on a 4 lane Carrera track, have run both mag and non mag with them About to do a full 4 week series of no mag racing with them thanks for posting the build tips
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    Next set of tests Carrera and SCX Advance. Theory is identical to SSD cars but first we need to install Scorpius LB with speed test software to prove car speed in m/s. Seeing no other chip on earth can do this I will be installing Scorpius chip in car alongside SSD chip which will count laps. Or I can use the Scorpius chip as it can count laps for Scorpius and SSD simultaneously. No other chip can do this either. It seems someone has changed their mind and now agrees with my video. Lots of fun.
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    Interesting, thanks Mark. I checked my cars (4) and all the chassis are visually flat and I didn’t have any problems with wheels not touching done. HOWEVER my work in progress white kit, which thanks to your article, I checked before assembling the chassis, is nowhere near flat and so currently getting the hot water treatment.
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    When I moved here 12 months ago I decided not to tear down and rebuild my old track. I had a three car garage but with the move came only a double. I came across MR Trax website based in Victoria and I liked the idea that his tracks are modular and can be added to as space allows. Anway here are some pics of my latest track The track folds away in 5 minutes and I can manage it by myself.
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    *Lets out a low, slow whistle, then cleans off the drool...*
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm sure the cars were back from the start line. As I said, this only happens on the first lap of the first heat irrespective of which race we are running. I'll run in debug mode next club night and send the file off to Jeff. He has replied to my post on Slotforum suggesting this. Thanks for the info on adding a latecomer. Will try this next week. We are running a "modified" round robin. I'll report back with how we get on.
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    Something no one has mentioned. Has the plug on the offending controller been checked? There could be debris or flyaway wire fragments causing problems inside the plug. AlanW
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    I thought it was an Australian clip.
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    Sadly an update with this controller issue, it is still occurring on multiple tracks, random cars and random lanes , I've taken on board about checking braids which are fine and I have been watching hmmm What I've been witnessing it appears to occur with one particular controller more often than others, yep this is totally weird.
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    Made this today and trialed it on a gear that was rotating on a shaft. Made the aluminium disc, put glue on the gear face and slid the disc on behind the gear. Held together until glue dried and now I have a gear that can easily be repositioned and fixed
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    HAH Bram, some americans are easily amused eh !!!
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    They look suspiciously like a house set. I will have a printout of a website link with me for everyone tomorrow night, where we can buy spares. I thought maybe we can put in a combined order for spares, and some other Pioneer product - including some cars with paint defects going a bit cheaper. I have my eyes on a gold chrome dealer special Legend and a Dodge muscle car. I wouldn't mind having some spare wheels and tyres.
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    Racers ready, Bing boys ready
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    BTCC is the same as a Legend isn't it Graeme hahaha
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    Man that Snake is slippery fast. watch him boys....
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    Sure thing Michael, that was the last of the $80 ones, so just give me the cash this week or when suits.
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    FRIDAY AGAIN!!! You're Invited! Topic: World Wide Slot Car Chat #57 Time: May 21, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86533332902?pwd=WU44RUVhYU9lam9UTXJvZ0llQU1VQT09 Meeting ID: 865 3333 2902 Passcode: 136271 Time Zone Calculator for 6pm CST: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210521T230000&p1=234&p2=179&p3=136&p4=37&p5=240&p6=103 I hope you are able to join us!
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    Out this week. The birthday madness continues.
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    I can see Marty was ready
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    Sheesh, news out of date Coming up in June The second livery of the Ferrari 312B2 - That is some front aero work And their 24th Ltd edition car - CW24, which is about to ship from Europe. May be available in Oz before the end of May. And coming up around September/October, their second GT3 car - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, one we know and love This is a direct running mate to their Maserati, and will have the same MX16 motor in sidewinder setup.
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    A bit late but here is my Turbine car that I raced at Hornsby Vintage,brass & pianno wire chassis,Plafit Cheetah motor, not the nicest build but a very good car to drive. Was very competitive until some scallywags turned up with open wheeler retro's Cheers Jimmy
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    Amazing what ya find when you are not looking....
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    Stay tuned.... In case anyone is unfamiliar with the relevance of the expression "A Pack Of &^#%&*)*&" I already sent this video to Maurizio with a detailed explanation of what is required...... Let the plinth wars begin....... Suggested Plinth lettering Nissan Skyline GT-R - 1992 1st Bathurst “Gentleman Jim” Richards, some guy called Skaifey I actually thought it would make a great 3rd line if it could be squeezed onto the plinth. Nissan Skyline GT-R - 1992 1st Bathurst “Gentleman Jim” Richards, some guy called Skaifey " You're A Pack Of &^#%&*)*& " yeah , that works....... And in case anyone actually doesn't know his record Racing career summary Jim Richards Races entered 990 Wins 207 Podiums 510 Pole positions 78 Fastest laps 155 Race win percentage 20.9% Podium percentage 51.5%
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    Well decided to give myself an early Xmas present and added an additional section of track. The big advantage of the Mr Slotcar system is you can expand it easily. Now with 4 track sections I have just about reached the space available in the garage.
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    Part of the Shell Racing Team with Norm Beechey. Peter Manton Mini BRM 1/24 classic Mini white kit. Decals for both cars came from Pattos. A nice partner for the Chevy Nova I just need to find a 1/24 MKII Cortina now. I see also noted that The Parts Box does a HK Monaro - so will get one of those and do it up as well. I also picked up a Cavalier Models HT Monaro - so may look at re-popping and then doing the yellow Beechey Monaro cheers David
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    Will have to get up there and have a bit more fun massive track charlie
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    HI Sim as Johnno said I am in Old Bar About 5 of us race every Wednesday get in contact with me and I will call you Charlie
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    Next nail in the Holden coffin, the Lang Lang Proving Ground is up for sale. While it will probably be sold to developers and sub-divided someone should turn the high speed circular track into a super speedway and use the handling roads in the middle to make a road circuit and we could have our own 2 in 1 Daytona like track. Then Supercars can use the Nascar Mustangs and Camaros, problem solved?
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    Have to agree that new membership drives are fraught with a bit of risk, never quite know how people will behave when the red mist and adrenalin descend! Driving can be OK, marshalling can be atrocious A few potential pitfalls to worry about. I am not so focussed on recruiting younger racers, happy if they come along, but there is a growing pool of retirees in Australia that will no doubt remember slot cars fondly from their childhoods. They have time on their hands, and maybe a few spare dollars to spend on a hobby. Seems like the best place to start - Men's Sheds and the like. Has posting pics on here gotten any easier since Photobucket changed to subscriber payment?
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    Bit difficult for me to put my finger on any one thing in particular , but i firmly believe that there are just not enough people out there at a younger age who even think about slot car racing , let alone want to participate in it at any level. Looking back over recent years in my country and down under it is the stalwarts of the sport who have always keep it going , and now we are seeing people just drifting away some by natural causes and some who have lost interest. Was talking to John English who was with me at Hornchurch in the 60,s, god that seems so long ago now , and in both of us nothing has changed much as far as slot cars are concerned , we both are a club , he has a very nice 4 lane wood track and only one member which is him, i have a very good 2 lane track and i,m the only one who races on it . Sometimes we get together over here and have a evenings racing just the two of us , and were still competitive against each other, unfortunately his track is in a concrete man cave at the end of his garden and the elevation from the foot of his garden to the man shed is approx 30 feet and without some means to get up there with my legs now i cannot get up there, Age is taking it,s toll on our sport in a big way where every you race, and the simple fact is without people engaging on forums like Auslot , Slotforum all the expertise from so many learned over the years in slot car racing, how to do it , what to do , how to make a good race car e.t.c is going with us. I have tried recently to instill some interest in a few articles i have posted in both forums , mainly the feed back has been to say the least mediocre, or non at all, i go out of my way to try to help people with tips, suggestions , and my repaints give as much information on each waiting for comments to come back , i don't care if they are good or bad , just anything to get some interest back into our sport, where have all the people gone , many are still around and pop up at the odd times with a quote, these people were at one time on the 2 forums all the time.
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    Hopefully we can make this an ongoing thing with the Sydney boys. Always good to catch up and have a race of course... Cheers Paul...
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