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    I have a 3 LED section of these lights in each of my pit garages... I'm sure there's enough light here to be picked up by the sensors!
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    Thanks again for the great info! I'm VERY happy to report that I was able to secure an Arduino Uno and some SFH310 T1 3mm IR sensors. I soldered the sensors up to a CAT 4 cable I cut the heads off of (already bundled and nice, thin wire) and the pins on the other side for the Arduino. I repurposed a "newer" old PC (10 years newer!) and reloaded Windows 10, installed the latest RaceCoordinator version, uploaded the RC.io file to the Arduino and we are good to go! Works perfect so far in my testing of about 100 laps. The next task is to completely rebuild or replace my light bridge as it got hammered during the move. Woof! More to come on that.
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    After wanting a "proper" slot car set ever since I was a child, I ended up lashing out and buying a Carrera Evolution set a couple of years ago for the kids and I to muck around with. This went well for a while until a controller died and I soon forgot about the small setup in the shed. While away for work, I came across a shop selling the Carrera Cars 3 set. I thought it would make an excellent addition to the original track, as well as gaining some kid proof cars and that elusive extra controller required. The kids were ecstatic to say the least. Unfortunately we didn't have time to set it up that day and the kids had to wait a bit longer. Well, the next day I stumbled across a local shop that sells models & footy memorabilia. As it turns out, they also sell Carrera stuff. Needless to say, I didn't go home empty handed. I splurged on the new GT Triple Power set. Well that went really well on the floor in the living room for a week until the wife decided enough was enough and we had to pack it away. Well, I'm not one to just pack my toys away and not use them so a trip to Bunnings and some quality shed time was in order. Two days later I had this nice table knocked up. Now we have somewhere permanent and large enough to set up something really nice. Just ignore the mess. Between work, kids sport and RC racing, there isnt much time to clean out the shed. Besides, that's a job for warmer weather. I just cant wait to get this little beauty on the track.
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