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    Since this is an actual new model and not a repaint of an existing I thought it worth putting together a few pictures and initial impressions of the Tom Walkinshaw TWR John Goss Jaguar that raced and won in the 1985 James Hardie 1000. 1985 was the first year of the International Group A class in Australia and this opened up the Great Race to the Europeans who had the march on the Australian's. Tom Walkinshaw brought across his army of 3 V12 Jaguar XJS race cars and the rest is history. The Jag's had a 5.3 litre V12 and were well ahead of their opposition in this year. Although they were heavy at 1400 kg's they had approximately 500hp and were able to run with the widest tyres and hence a great package early in the classes history. So what of the Scalextric version? It is a great representation of the car and surprisingly narrow and long. The cars advantage is the low roofline which allowed a lower centre of gravity. As far as a slot car this seems to work quite well also. The specifications of the car as follows. Weight 77 grams Length 151 mm Width 54 mm Rear Track 51 mm Height 39 mm The car has all the usual Scalextric features like head and tail lights. Detail is good with excellent tampo printing, body detail with dry break fuel fillers moulded in, radiator grille, wheel detail and bumpers that simulate the brushed stainless look. The interior is limited due to the in line setup used but the driver, roll cage and dashboard detail almost make it perfect. I am one who is more than happy with Scalextrics move to in line motor setups over their typical sidewinder even if it gives up some space for a full interior. The only flaw with the Jaguar I can see is the front tyre gap to the wheel arch which measures at 2 mm. On a 1/32 scale car it is pretty obvious and while I don't want to have a complaint I have to call it out. It makes no difference to how the car runs but takes back a little from what is overall a beautiful representation. The car runs well in magnet form with perfectly round wheels and true axles. I am not a magnet guy so it ran like this on my Policar, Fleischmann plastic track for about 10 laps until I took out the magnet and gave it a run. With no weight added and a light spin on some wet and dry the tyres hooked up OK, not great but it was a bit of run controlling slides. Later I added some weight and took it to 89 grams which makes it the same as my Scalextric Sierra's and M3 BMW's. It did help and the car was surprisingly quick with standard tyres but still over half a second down on my Scalextric cars with Slot.it or NSR tyres. I then added some Slot.it N22 tyres and it was running the same times as my Ford Sierra's and faster than the M3's. Thanks again Scalextric I love the car and keep them coming. After all this I couldn't leave the front end alone and had to fix the front wheel gap by adding a brass axle tube and some thinner braid to drop the front end. Sorry to the purists but my cars are drivers and I had to do it. See the last two pictures if you want to know what I did.
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    Not really worthy of calling this one a repaint. Found a Bentley GT3 worth converting to a Bathurst 12 Hours entry. A few decals converts it to the 2015 car of Smith/Kane/Bell.
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    I'm a little late getting this one out as I have had the car a little over a week. I'm very happy to see this one out and another addition to the Group A class that Scalextric and others have been releasing over time. This is a limited release for Australia so Scalextric are taking care of us due to the importer Southern Models hard and continuous work in pushing for Australia specific releases.
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    Hi Guys, Accelerometers. Scorpius was the first company to specify an accelerometer for the digital slot car industry. We will be the first to market also The MXC6655A 3 axis accelerometer is only 2x2x1mm and is around $1.25AUD. a much better proposition than a 9 axis gyro which is overkill, 4 times the cost and OBSOLETE. For slot cars a 3 axis accelerometer will perfect. Small, cheap and from MIMSIC who lead the industry. Uses: 1: Ghost car. Here the the X axis is monitored and speed reduced as G forces increase. Calibration may be required. Early days. 2: Side impact collision detection for lane changers for use in applying penalties using the Y axis data in the Scorpius Race Management System (SRMS). 3: Front to rear collision detection for use in applying penalties using Y axis data in the SRMS. 4. Impact data collected and used in Damage Simulation for SRMS. Using an addition of all 3 axis. Once you reach a certain level of damage you must pit or retire from the race. All this will be done in car, processed by the powerful nRF52840 CKAA-R chip. And data will be fed into the processor at 100 times per second. The same data will be sent wirelessly to SRMS for use in applying penalties etc. As you can see this is very advanced for the current tech level in the industry.
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    And another with the car finished.
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    Yeah... they alternate, if you hadn't already noticed. Maybe you can come to the next one which will start 5 hours later. The last time I made special arrangements, the people for whom the arrangement was made did not show up, so I don't do that any more. Come if you can, watch the recording if you can't.
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    We have used 41 of the available 73 pins on the 52840 WLSCP chip! For a slot car decoder? And as far as wire to pcb in/out pins on the new decoder we have an 26 pins all up! In fact around the perimeter there is maybe room for 1 more pin only. We have really maxed out everything. So let’s see: 2 pins Power in 2 pins Motor Drive 2 pins Aux Motor Drive 1 pin Antenna 3 pins Hall Sensor 2 pins Carrera on board LED 2 pins Carrera LED on flylead 2 pins Scalextric Sports Digital onboard LED 2 pins Scalextric Sport Digital on Flylead 2 pins Onboard Photo Sensor (Scorpius lane change) 2 pins Photo Sensor on flylead (Scorpius lane change) 2 pins Headlights 2 pins Tailights That’s around 38 solder points!
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    Nothing else to do in lock down but print .......... And something to keep the grandkids occupied, takes the slot-it pod Thank god inkstation deliver
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    Yeah I usually fill the old screens with clay and raise them slightly so you get a better shape when vac forming. Re-glued, filled the 5mm gap to the left hand window with some styrene and filled all the smaller missing bits. The screen was in about 6 pieces but I think it will work. I'll sand it up today. Then I'll see if I can make clear resin copies for the headlights.
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    Sneak peek at work in progress on version 4 of the MPD. The previous version was 26.00x13.00mm On this version I have added: 1.Additional photo transistor on flylead on seperate input for Scalextric Sport Digital lane changer electronics with anti collision and wireless telemetry. 2.Additional LED on its own input for SCX compatibility. 3.Additional motor drive circuit for SCX plunger or solenoid a second lane changer solenoid ie double lane changer or lane changer with moving exit flipper 4. Beefed up motor circuit. 5. Additional EMF protection power in. 6. Additional EMF protection power out. 7. More advanced and smaller processor. And the size is very similar at 26.00x13.30mm! Yet again amazing work from John and we are now seeing the benefits of knowledge gained from the Nano decoder which measures only 9.4x5.0mm. Leads for hall sensor, front and rear lights and power in/out will have mini jst plugs on flyleads.
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    Read as "does not go around bends"
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    Shaynus, Typically, the diameter dimension given is the visible rim after tyre is fitted. However, be aware that manufacturers usually don't quote bead/rib height or bead/rib width. Don't assume that a tyre will fit just because it has the diameter and width you are looking for. It is possible to stretch tyres somewhat, but if you use air hubs, a tight tyre will sink into the airwell, ruining the contact patch. Hope this helps. Alan W London
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    An email today from Armchair tells me one is on its way to NZ.
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    I picked mine up today. I must say I am encouraged because it looks better in the flesh than on the interweb. Get one while you can because the Poms haven't had any BRG releases yet and they are willing to shed blood to get one. Kudos to Southern Models for pushing hard for this one - they must have known it would create friction back in Blighty.
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    That's not boding well... But you'll find that mine corners better on the straights.
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    I must admit one component on a 5mm thick pcb with expert soldering is not only astounding it’s proof of innovation, years of hands on experience and honesty. And only 4 years into it. Quick too.
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    Hi Alan, I’m watching Premier Marshmallow on the news announcing your release from detention. I hope some sort of normal returns for you. Our political princess only did a partial up here. Her speciality is lockOUT. Queensland doesn’t need tourists apparently. Or income Anyway..... now you are free to enjoy the important stuff... like racing slot cars. It’s good to get a bit of perspective and not take ourselves too seriously. I sincerely hope that no one in this group has suffered too badly in their health or in their wallets through the last 18 months of madness. Have fun and thanks again for all the effort you have put into this series. I, for one, am very grateful. This might sound a bit stupid, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching my own dismal failure from afar. I can’t wait to do it all again. Stay safe, Peter
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    Last year i was the car with the most penalties... shame does not kill, but i am trying to have none this year... we shall see.
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    ......meanwhile back in the Lab....
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    Can you start now? I need as big of a head start as I can get!
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    ok guys, stay safe. here we have 5 cases and we go to lock down... and you know what, i am ok with it.
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    This just in "Dear friend,with this email we are happy to show you our new releases, 2 newversions of the Lotus Type 38, the Jim Clark 1967 in Race version andQualifying version, here attached the photos. With these 2 versionswe complete our tribut to the great Jim Clark on the Lotus Type 38:1965 Showcar version and Indy 500 # 82 winner version1966 # 19 STP version1967 # 31 Qualifying + Race versions.At the meantime we have made some changes to the model, expecially onthe chassis, that now is on SLS 3D resin-plastic and we mounted a morepowerful motor.Also all the previous versions of the Lotus 38 are available again,updated with the new chassis, available in RTR and in the next days inKit versions.Thanks and best regardsDaniele and Gianluca Ostorero" 67 Race Version 67 Race version 67 Qualifying version 67 Qualifying version
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    I enjoyed this little vid
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    Welcome Mark i lot of knowledgeable people here so ask away we always like to see pics of members tracks so don’t be shy post away
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    So how’s 22.00x13.30mm? That’s just 292.6sq.mm! How does the worlds most functional decoder (by a factor of 5 at least) also be the second smallest? The Scorpius Nano Decoder is the smallest of them all at just 47sq.mm. However it doesn’t have any fancy hardware. This decoder acts as a car decoder for 5 brands, as a lane changer decoder for 6 brands, as a lapcounter for 5 brands, (Using our own Scorpius Race Management System), as an anti collision device for 5 brands, and finally as a location detector for 5 brands. Don’t forget also it has built in full function lights. So 21 products all up in one that can change identity in 30 seconds flat using our app off the phone. And just 292.6sq.mm. Scorpius.... industry development leaders since 2007. Pictures showing both sides of the latest Scorpius MPD just 22.00x13.30mm.
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    They're only a short wheelbase so will be 'taily', try moving the weight from the pod to the area inside of sills on the chassis.
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    And I like the way Alan thinks. Not bad for a Pom.
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    Oh wait the wire was someone else’s idea.
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    .....Are you saying you need to do 4 years of Uni, consult, lecture and have a lab in Japan to make a light connection board and maybe upgrade a resistor or say cut a certain colour wire Ade?
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    Yep that's right. They have a limited number of GTE white kits they are offering to distributors at present, then a further production in a couple of months - but Chris (of Sideways) has been teasing us for about 2 months, as he has been handing out many, many white kits to his inner-ish circle of tuners and top decorators, who have been making up liveried cars, which then turn up in jealousy creating facebook posts. Check with Armchair, they may have some very close.
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    Finally found a VW fastback to print out so i can make the Bryan Thompson monster A lot of cutting, forming and sanding ........ heaps of sanding, Scratchbuilt 3D chassis has a pod setup, inline or sidewinder, might end up with just the inline to give it a bit of clearance Nothing spectacular but it should do the job it's slowly coming together, a bit more shaping then some fine sanding and hopefully it'll turn out like this .......
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    MPD FEATURE LIST Multipurpose. Can be used as car decoder, lane changer driver, pit detector or lap counter for 5 brands Small 26.00x13.00mm size. Scorpius compatible Carrera full car decoder compatibility. Scalextric Sport Digital full car decoder compatibility. SCX car decoder compatible if using Scorpius controller. Ninco car decoder Compatible if using Scorpius controller. Runs on AC or DC systems. Runs on 8.5-18V. Uses Nordics nRF 52840 WLSCP chip. Dual radio output. RF (using Scorpius protocols) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy, ie phone connection app). App featuring virtual dashboard and wireless updating and configuration set up pages. 2 LED output channels, each channel with an onboard mounted 3mm dia. IR LED for DPR hatch use (Scalextric and Pioneer cars only) and another LED mounted on 75mm flylead. When configured as car decoder one channel represents Carrera and the second channel represents Scalextric Sport Digital. When configured as a lane changer the decoder becomes a Scorpius Lane Brain lane changer controller. 2 Photo transistor input channels, each channel with onboard mounted 3mm dia. photo transistor (sensor) for DPR hatch use (Scalextric and Pioneer cars only) and another photo transistor mounted on 75mm flylead. When configured as car decoder one channel represents Carrera and the second channel represents Scalextric Sport Digital. When configured as a lane changer you can choose either Carrera or Scalextric Sport Digital. Powerful 10A motor drive. Powerful 8.8A brake drive. Solenoid driver for SCX 3A. Headlights, high beam, low beam, on/off, controllable from Scorpius controller. Clear 3mm LEDs. Tail lights/brake lights. Red 3mm dia. LEDs. Back EMF detection for traction control and future diagnostic programs. Accelerometer with gyro for use in a proposed ghost car project and front to rear collision detection. Hall sensor to sense motor revolutions (tachometer). SCX plunger solenoid driver, 3A. JST plug connection for power in/out, lights and hall sensor. Custom DPR hatch available to suit Scalextric and Pioneer cars. Programmable race line for Scorpius, Scalextric Sport Digital and Carrera digital systems if using Scorpius lane changer electronics. Rick
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    Thanks for hosting us Bings. Shame trackmate left when I did as I've never gone so good on yellow... I did over hear these fellas before I left tho...
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    My daily 1:1 car looks better than that and I haven't washed it in years.
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    So that's why you were burning rubber in 3rd gear down the back straight, and we couldn't see where we were going
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    Thanks Phil, will be looking forward to doing a bit of racing when i get over there
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    Second week of trialing at the Club using Dave's fix it version I reckon he's fixed it :-) We've had no cases of missed laps on the starting heat for any of the race divisions. No side effects either from the version. Many thanks for the quick action Dave.
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    You've got 3 weeks to build it. Try to build something quick this time.
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    Track now has had it's 1st coat of primer/undercoat (I hate painting), coming along nicely. Lane spacing is 100mm so I will be able to run my 1/24 cars as well as the 1/32's. I will have to use standard copper braid as Magna braid is unobtainable at the moment. Cheers ding...
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    Installed the beta version last night and ran the debug for the race start as per Dave's instruction. No downsides to the update aside from losing the custom results screen. Easy enough to copy over again with the custom file. Will report back once we hear from RC.
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    Hi Mark, Replacing/modifying the "self aligning" bushes in any pod is a good idea for a couple of reasons........1/ self aligning also means "self unaligning" , and , 2/ in order for the bush to move /align in its carrier, there must be some room for the bush to move, so some "slop" is present...(as you have found out/described above). While this will not really be felt on plastic tracks (inherently rough/bumpy), it is much more apparent on wood tracks, and is magnified as you up the motor power/grip. There are a couple of options............ 1/ Glue in the spherical bushings.........You can use a dremel disc (if you have steady hands) to slightlly open the slots between the "fingers" that hold the bushes.......install the bushes/axle, and using a toothpick etc., put a few drops of CA into the slots. Notes..... You should always install a motor into the pod before installing/gluing any bushings, as the motor can distort the bushing uprights. Use the new(er) sintered bronze spherical bushes from Slo-it, instead of the older solid brass/bronze ones. On any pod with spherical bushes (whether glued or not).....take a few thou. off of the outside face of the "fingers",..enough to expose the outer face of the bush. This will ensure that your wheels/spurs/spacers, run on a smooth flat surface....this will improve precision, and, reduce friction. Below is a typical pod with spherical bushes just popped in.............you can see that the face of the bush is recessed (and clearly not even), which will result in wheels/gears etc. rubbing on the plastic fingers of the pod. I have used a file/dremel disc etc. to remove a few thou. off of the plastic fingers, leaving the edge of the bush exposed........much less friction, and more precision when setting lateral axle movement. The slightly raised portion of the bush also makes a very handy "fence" should you wish to glue the bushings in place. 2/ Replacing the spherical bushings You can certainly use ballraces in place of the spherical bushes, but, it is my experience, that quality does cost a bit, and cheap ballraces are far worse than a good quality oilite. Cheap ballraces, have poor quality components, and invariably have far less precision than oilites,.....they also do not hold oil, like a sintered bushing, so do require some constant care/maintenance/oiling, so, far from ideal for long proxy type events. (This applies to the cheap ballraced motors you can buy...if they are cheap, they are cheap for a reason !!) So if you want to invest a few dollars ($10/15 per ballrace) go right ahead, if not, you will be much better off with a pr. of quality single flanged oilites for $2/3 a pr. Cheers Chris Walker
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    Content on here has been a bit slow - here's a build I did for an AMC article a while ago. Being from The 'Gong, I've always had a soft spot for the Byrt Ford cars that appeared at Bathurst in the old Series production days. Started with a Scalextric Phase II GTHO in Diamond White. Opened the driver's window as required in the race regulations and turned 12 slot wheels from an Oz Legends die cast Falcon in to inserts. Added Patto's decals and a race driver.
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    Been a while since this has been added too. I am lazy, especially when it comes to masking, yes I'll mask for the big stuff but the little fiddly bits I keep scoring the paint and it peels or chips away. So to solve this a bit of blu-tack goes a long way, can be molded into shape and pulls off nicely. I know its not perfect but that is more me, I think the process is sound.
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    We often race older, lightly modded Scalextric cars as part of our club roster. We race no magnet on wood so getting the guide as deep in the slot as possible is key. Even with a modded front axle to lower the guide in the slot, the shallow blade depth of Scalextric guides can make it easy for cars to deslot. Here is an option to improve that issue - a very cheap alternative to buying a Slot It wood guide. I started with a stock older scalextric guide and a piece of packaging plastic that had been doubled over. To reduce the final blade width, I filed each vertical side of the blade of the guide down a bit as well. I filled the inside of the folded plastic with JB Weld and slipped the guide in place... ... then I clamped the plastic in place. When it was dry, I trimmed the plastic to the same size as a Slot It wood guide. A quick sand and we are good to go : I have posted this simple 'how to' before but wanted to reports that these cheap deep guides work well. I have raced one for over a year now and it's as good as the day I made it. Hope this was of interest to the other cheapskates out there!
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    Nail polish for bushes that spin in the chassis where super glue might be more permanent than you want. Cheap is good, wicks in easily, is dry in a few minutes and cleans off bushes easily if axle needs to be removed. A coloured polish is best if you want to see where you've put it.
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    Dave...its been a while since you got the controller,any news now you have got used to it? Terry
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    ...There is an article about the varoius (high end) controllers on the IMCA website in the News Section (you have to scroll down a bit) ; CLICK HERE It gives you a good summery on what is currently on the market. Cheers Werner
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