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  2. Round 3 has been run on a fairly cold and rainy day where traction was for some cars hard to find. The grip levels were pretty low with track temp low and humidity fairly high. Having had rain nearly every day for the last two weeks the moisture levels in the shed would have been quite high. The podium is 1st Lenny Broke, 2nd PM Daniels and 3rd Terry Official Results Here's the driver line up L-R Andrew, Peter, Paul, and Dennis, Thanks guys for driving to your best today. And here's the race organisation crew L-R Geoff, Bert, Calum, Heather (Mrs Broke) and Alan, Thanks Guys for helping with the Marshaling etc and a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Heather for bunging on the food and drink for everyone and for putting up with me while I play with my toy cars. I've had a long day today so am about to sign off. I'll come back on tomorrow with a more detailed report and some more pics. I'm sure there will be some questions that I'll reply to tomorrow. Thanks to all the entrants for allowing us to play with your little gems today. Cheers, Alan
  3. All the wheel dimensions I've seen are total diameter including centre ridge.
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  5. NSR cars, all brand new. Shipping $9 for as many cars as you like. Located – Adelaide. $105 each besides the limited edition Martini set. Listed Porsche 917 Lucky Strike SW AMG Strakka green AW AMG grey SW AMG black SW AMG green (black falcon) SW Corvette pace car SW Corvette blue valvoline SW Corvette Castrol AW Mosler AW Twin Set Limited Edition Martini Porsche 908 $230 or $119 each. I do have photos but cannot see how to attach
  6. Have been running 3D chassis in all my Trans Am or similar cars for a while now, that includes Pioneer , SCX , and Scalextric, and found the following all cars are a great improvement , more so SCX and Scaley those two by a lot , these chassis can be expensive now , but there is a chap called Angelo Amato over here who make quite a lot of these chassis and is one of the cheapest, around a tenner in our money. Then comes postage down under no idea what that is from here now but i'm sure if you contact him he would let you know , may be worth getting a couple of chassis, the advantage is many with 3d chassis lowering , better wheels and tyres and the use of slot it pods all add to the upped performance , don't forget to do srivers platforms as many of the standard interiors are to big.
  7. That's still quicker than I get somethings done around the house!
  8. By the way I mentioned the accelerometer idea on SFI back in 2007. Gee that only took 14 years to implement.
  9. That's what I thought, thanks for the confirmation Alan. Yes, I wish there was more info on the wheel 'shape' (rib size) on a lot of sites.
  10. Shaynus, Typically, the diameter dimension given is the visible rim after tyre is fitted. However, be aware that manufacturers usually don't quote bead/rib height or bead/rib width. Don't assume that a tyre will fit just because it has the diameter and width you are looking for. It is possible to stretch tyres somewhat, but if you use air hubs, a tight tyre will sink into the airwell, ruining the contact patch. Hope this helps. Alan W London
  11. Thanks Pat, sorry about the nerf in 65-85, the new wide car went well, now I’m too scared to paint it in case I spoil it’s poise. A reminder to all locals that the shed is open tomorrow afternoon, both tracks are working. Bronwen says if is not a men only gathering, the BMW group are coming with partners, but whatever fits your circumstances. cheers Peter
  12. G'day All When manufacturers give wheel sizes, for example say 16.8 x 8.5, is the diameter the central rib (bigger diameter) or the outer "rim" (smaller diameter) size? Cheers, Shaynus
  13. Everyone runs variable power supplies, easy enough to just lower the voltage, that'd even the field out
  14. Yep, as Paul says we'll be racing this afternoon in the final round for 2021. Racing will be from 13.00 hrs asct and we should have a result by late afternoon. I'll post all the info later in the evening once the dust has settled over the Spitfire. Also we'll announce the winner of the John Smedley constructors award. Cheers Alan
  15. Hi all, Today is the day. Racing at 1300, at Spitfire Raceway (due to Covid, invites only) Good luck to you all. See you at what is the end of this series for this year.
  16. Great news re Revo future models. Make for an interesting mix of cars available to be raced. Plus Revo cars are great as a car requiring little to no work.
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  18. I’ve been thinking what you mentioned about lower grip tyres for these types of cars also as I have been working on a bunch of GT 350 Mustangs, Cobra’s and other cars. Maybe the standard Scalextric Trans Am tyres on the podded chassis are the way to go. Again as you mention cost goes up though. I was reading an old review by Phil Wix where he had built a car and it had too much grip. He ended up cutting fine tread into the tyres which reduced the surface area and stopped the car tipping. Easy enough to do on a tyre true with a blade.
  19. There's a 3D body you can download and print, problem is that the huge wing is part of the body, last 5 seconds on the track
  20. Experience I have had with the 3D chassis/motor pod option is expensive, but it makes a pig of a car predictable and driveable, whilst keeping ride height looking normal. HRS chassis tend to lower the car too much IMO. Wouldn't want these models doing Mosler lap times, just be a little easier to set up and more affordable out of the box. Models could come with a lower grip tyre to introduce wheel spin and limit maximum motor power to the lower end of the scale. In that configuration, they are great fun to race. Hoping Revoslot expand their 1/32 range in this area.
  21. That looks better with a few more decals that’s for sure.
  22. An email today from Armchair tells me one is on its way to NZ.
  23. Not really worthy of calling this one a repaint. Found a Bentley GT3 worth converting to a Bathurst 12 Hours entry. A few decals converts it to the 2015 car of Smith/Kane/Bell.
  24. Good news about the new Revo models to come, looking forward to seeing them.
  25. I picked mine up today. I must say I am encouraged because it looks better in the flesh than on the interweb. Get one while you can because the Poms haven't had any BRG releases yet and they are willing to shed blood to get one. Kudos to Southern Models for pushing hard for this one - they must have known it would create friction back in Blighty.
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