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  2. ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!!ALTERNATE DAY!! ALTERNATE DAY!!This one's for you Aussies et al! Tell your mates!You're Invited!Topic: World Wide Slot Car Chat #55Time: FRIDAY May 7, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)(That's Saturday morning for you lot down under!)Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/8451306298...RUUVI5ODcxUT09Meeting ID: 845 1306 2986Passcode: 957960Time Zone Calculator for 6pm CST:https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclo...1=234&p2=179&p 3=136&p4=37&p5=240&p6=103I hope you are able to join us!
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  4. Scalextric lambo aventador. https://ibb.co/bFCbq2R I have this car running in the "unmodified stock scalextric" class in the brighton to John o'groats UK proxy road race. https://slotracer.online/community/showthread.php?tid=2105 Outperforming its specification by far (winning 2 stages) and is propping up my other 2 cars (HRS2-ninco megane and SRCi-capri ) in the team scores. On some stages she's even outperforming the other 2 cars in the team , both of which have modern long can motors in motor mounts. AlanW - London.
  5. I’m sold. Handler caught an 11 kg Snapper today. Monster of a fish.
  6. Great fun to play with, there is a lot of slot car stuff out there as well, and as i say "you never knew how much plastic crap you needed until you bought a 3d printer"
  7. Just think, a car with wheels that stick out the sides, a machine made for nerfing if there ever was one. Now - text ya handler and remind him we expect about 10kg of manuka smoked Bluefin, and a selection of fresh cray tails and scallops on the half shell his first week back at club......... (I gather the fish haven't been playing ball very well up north this year)
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  9. Hey my abilities to misplace the plot are the stuff of legend . . but just to prove my point I did another one this morning. Oh silly, silly, silly me.... Looked at the box - Ford. Checked the other box FORD. Here was me thinking I was tuning a Chev yesterday. I forgot the first step in Ford tuning, whisper sweet lies and massage it's ego. Lies told, apologies made. Number two beaten into submission er tuned. The differences - I haven't touched the fronts at all, bushes still loose, the whole 8.1 metres... I didn't bother to glue the rears on as they are pretty stiff and well fitted. I just threw them on the RSM and removed the tread, one side at a time, and flipping it like the proverbial 1 minute steak. 5 minutes later, a light garnish of thin lead, a skewer of longer half thread screws and washers a.l.a. last nights recipe, a dash of not-so-secret sauce for taste . . . . . . . . and it runs like a dog with without a broken leg. Well beggar me. A bit low on grip with just that splash of 226, but very drivable...... Actually a 15 minute build from start to finish which is a near record. Went back and re-trued the disaster zone from yesterday one more time on the RSM. Popped into the chassis . . . "working working" A wheel fell off, well that's to be expected, I have had them on and off the axle about 10 times.... plus it's a Ford. But working. Just to show - as stock, and a modified one.
  10. Most have been printed flat, the yellow mini was printed nose up, i've done a couple of early F1's from Vlad that turned out very well, just depends how good the supports are to keep the thing rigid while printing.
  11. I'm going to bump this topic EVERY DAY until the meeting this weekend, so you blokes (and sheilas) know I'm doing this meeting time specifically for you. If you want this time slot to happen in the future, be sure to make a showing. If you don't care, well... move along.
  12. I'm ready if anyone drops out, different car this year.
  13. Do you print your car bodies laying flat, (like in your photos) or angled on an incline with either the back or the nose in the air?
  14. Nice work Gary not thought of doing 3d printing myself but a lot of it about now , and after seeing all you,ve done giving it some thought
  15. View of the extra width of the Phase 3 Standard is 55 mm, i widened it another 5 mm to 60 mm, the HQ is also 60 mm wide from outside wheel arch to outside wheel arch Also in the process of printing some trackside accessories for my great nephew
  16. Been a bit of messaging today, so here is the summary of the box of pretties Graeme – Lime Green Mac – Dark Green Macca Paul – Gold/Black Ryan – Light Blue Rod – Red Macca Smithy – Yellow [He won't be at Macs, he's working tomorrow evening, but will make his return next week.] Available – White Available – Gulf I had a pig of a job on those wheels/tyres today. Pedro saw me in my finest balding state with my hair lying all over the garage floor where I threw it in clumps as I tore it out. After he left, I eventually surrendered and removed the wheels from the axles, which axles are slightly loose in the bushes. The bushes seem to be a stock 2.38mm, the axles about 2.37mm, with the wheels a tight fit on the axles. Then I had a crack with the wheels pressed onto the stub axle of my NSR lathe (very slow going with that fine grit NSR drum), then on the Hudy, (both of those lathes have smaller axle stubs than 2.38), then finally, I forced them onto my TT lathe. They come off each lathe saying they are round. On the track, it hobbled like I have offset oval wheels. I swapped axles and gear in case the axle was bent, same result. Finally, I threw a couple of sets of alloys with big tyres onto it that I had lying around from my GT3 experiments. Butter.............. silk............ Drambuie even. I duly walked around the garage tonight collecting the hair, and am carefully sticking it back in place strand by strand....... It should be set by morning. They aren't fast - it is a struggle to get under 6 seconds on my track,. but oh so fun to drive. You just have to smile. At the raw edge it tipped over, sometimes a jolly good barrel roll. Then I added a little lead behind the motor and a sliver on each side wing of the chassis. That made it a little easier to push to the limits consistently, but I only got a bare 0.1 off the lap times. I have roughly trued the fronts without gluing the tyres on the hubs, as they are hard enough not to deform. They seem to be okay. I haven't touched the sloppy guide, or the stiff braids. Now it is rolling smoothly, they didn't seem to be as much an issue as many have talked about on forums.
  17. Sorry silly me. Thanks for the correction Munter. You are spot on. Regards Chas Le Breton
  18. IEC is the jug plug and the small round one Charlesss refers to is known as the XLR connector.... unless I have my Xs mixed up with my kettle
  19. Hi Toast. Perhaps I misunderstood original question. Sorry about that. In NZ while some people use the small round IEC plug or whatever it is called preference is now fairly universal - jug plug. Problem seen with normal electrical plug is some child might try to plug into 240 volt socket. A serious potential health and safety issue. Regards Chas Le Breton
  20. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, as it does specifically mention cars, but anyway.....if anyone has any spare scenic figures (1:43 - 1.32 or thereabouts) that you'd be happy to sell, please let me know. The usual goto location for decently priced figures (the chinese ebay stores) are basically non operational ATM. Happy to check out anything, but really looking for figures to fill out a 1960s style control tower with officials, reporters & guest type figures. cheers Mal.
  21. I used Tamiya Park Green on my 1/24 Mustang, very happy with how it came out.
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