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Updated Slot.it Pinion Press/extractor

08 May 2018

Posted by SlotsNZ In: Front Page News
The last generation SP21 tool has been unavailable for a whole now.
Today Slot.it announced a replacement tool - due to ship through the "chain" in a few days

Posted Image

The SLOT.IT extractor/press consists of:
Main body (1) entirely made in plastic: designed to work with electrical motor for slot cars, from the most common
short can to the more sophisticated, double long transmission shaft 4WD motors.
Counter bushing (6) made of brass which must be screwed onto the lower inside part of the main body, before using the tool.
This bushing performs two very important functions:
- centre the double shaft motor perfectly by means of the axle housing hole.
- keep all those motors that are not equipped with the double shaft centred and, at the same time,
safeguard the inner bushing of those 'long can' motors motor that do not have an axle stub protruding
from the can.
Special steel extraction plate (5) fitting in the relevant housing in the main body (1) to extract pinions. It's very resistant,
and comes with a very thin eyelet to be inserted between the motor and the pinion: only 0.7 mm.
This allows safe extraction for those pinions located very close to the motor case without causing any
Multi-function brass tool (2) which, depending on the operation to be performed, must be inserted in the main body with
the plug (steel, interchangeable, Ø1.9mm in order not to damage the pinion hole) downwards, in case
of the extractor, or the pinion housing downwards, in case of the press. The pinion housing for this
element were designed to house pinions with a diameter ranging from 5.5mm to 7.5mm without
damaging them.
Steel plug (3) : the tool comes with two steel interchangeable pins, of 1.4mm and 1.9nn diameter, for pinions with 1.5 and
2mm hole, secured to the brass tool by means of an M3 grub screw (4)
Advancement screw (7) whose upper part comes with an ergonomic plastic knob (8), while the lower part is designed to
couple perfectly with the tool's bevel, to reduce friction and to allow the press to operate perpendicularly without play.
How to press a pinion.
Remove the steel extraction plate from the main body.
Unscrew the knob screw (7,8).
Slide the tool along the main body rails, the proper pinion housing facing downwards.
Position the motor in a way that its case (with double shaft motors, the shaft which is not involved in the operation)
in the counter bushing (6).
Position the pinion in its housing on the tool and place the assembly next to the motor axle
Screw the knob screw (7,8) forward until the tool and the pinion make contact..
Start (by means of the handle screw) to insert the pinion in the motor axle.
Once the operation is completed, loosen the handle screw and extract the motor.
How to extract a pinion :
Loosen the knob screw
Insert the multi-function tool with the proper plug (1.4 or 1.9mm) downwards and place it on the upper part of the extractor.
Insert the steel extraction plate with the groove facing the tool
Insert the motor so that the eyelet sits between the motor case and the pinion, facing the plug.
Start fastening the handle screw until the pinion is fully extracted
Upon completion, unscrew the handle screw and extract the motor.

There are also extraction and counter plate spares available
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Nsr Porsche 908/3

02 May 2018

Posted by SlotsNZ In: Front Page News
Quoting their website.

NSR's objective is to make a Classic car using modern technology, so high tech ‘Ready To Race’. It needed to be competitive straight out the box.
The Porsche 908/3 is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modellistic aspect."

So to translate their english translation, " We have made a car focused on going snot fast"

The first livery was as is so often the case across brands in the slot world - not going to win the beauty pageant

Posted Image

The second take; which has come along just a few weeks later is now here

Posted Image

All reports I have seen, say this is possibly their quickest classic sports model.

There are some changes to the mechanics which it is worth knowing in advance if you need to change any parts

Posted Image Posted Image

The pod is a little different - note the cut out at the back, in step with the convex forward protrusion on the chassis

Posted Image Posted Image

A new axle bush with minimum contact area of lowest friction. The motor is the usually shark 20k with slightly angleset sidewinder

It will be very interesting to compare results alongside prior models when the NSR Classic is raced in Nelson, NZ injust a few days

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It's Huracan Season Again

29 Mar 2018

Posted by SlotsNZ In: Front Page News
If you hate fantasy liveries - look away now. For the rest of you, serious eye candy follows. The Sideways Lambo in flat black "Carbon Fibre" livery
Said to be available from late April in our part of the world.

They have fitted, for better or worse, their more powerful Raptor motor to these - rated 21,400rpm, 350gcm @12vdc, for 18.8 watts power
instead of the "Baby Raptor" motor that they fitted to the other three models - rated 17,000rpm, 245gcm @12vdc, for 9.8 watts power
That's a pretty massive margin of difference - 25% more rpm, but 90% more actual power.

Gearing is the same, so the torque will be massive. With high gripping tyres, I think you may need chassis and pod upgrades to "Hard"
Posted Image

It comes with a Key ring, so next time you park your Toyota Yaris outside your mate's, you can wander inside; throw these on the table; wait for the
green then go into denial when they look out the window.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The surface finish looks stunning - in the shot below you can see that carbon fibre texture effect.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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When Yardley Came To Town

15 Mar 2018

Posted by SlotsNZ In: Front Page News
It has been two years since S.R.C. announced they were to make the McLaren M23 F1 car in Yardley livery.
But by golly, now it is finally here, the fit and finish, and the drive train do look pretty good. Production just 1,000 units

Best bit for kiwis is, it's a "Bear" livery.
Posted Image

Posted Image
They have altered their mechanics from the Fly-style angle offset used in their Ferrari T4 and Renault F1 cars.
Posted Image
Yes, those front wheels do turn - in previous SRC F1 cars, the turning has not been especially precise, we will have to wait report of
how well the front end drives.
Posted Image
It all looks pretty special to me. You will need deep pockets though, at 80 plus quid from the pom-shops and $149 from Australian shops
It might be gracing more shelf-queen displays than F1 class races at clubs. Even underneath detail is very good.
Posted Image

Looking forward to getting my sticky little paws on this one. At 1973 it is between 1 and 3 years younger than the Policar releases.
I imagine people will run them side by side for period F1 racing.
Posted Image
Posted Image
It looks better detailed than the pictures I have seen of Scalextric release. Anyone out there with both examples?

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Scalextric Allan Moffat Xw Bathurst Winning Falcon

30 Jul 2017

Posted by Vinno In: Front Page News
Scalextric slipped another couple of Aussie Cars in recently and the Moffat XW is one of those highly anticipated models. One thing I don't understand with Scalextric is why they don't make these types of cars special editions after all it was Moffat's first win and something they could make a bit of a deal about. The car is pretty well represented and looks great on the track, a little better than the Goss car. It may be the chin spoiler and the rear exhaust which gives the rear a bit more depth. It isn't perfect but it is a very nice model all the same and I for one am enjoying the in line engine configuration Scaley are using now.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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New Aussie Scalextric Releases June 2017

18 Jun 2017

Posted by Vinno In: Front Page News
It's been a while since the last Aussie cars and thankfully they are still coming from Scalextric. The latest ones from the Aussie scene are the 1988 Bathurst Winning Tony Longhurst Thomas Mezera Ford Sierra in B & H colours and the Moffat Federation XC. As has been the case for the Moffat Cars we still have not seen a Bathurst winner so hopefully that is coming at some stage. Either way these two are great models and will look great in the collection or bashing around the track.
Longhurst Ford Sierra.
Posted Image

Posted Image
Moffat R+Federation XC
Posted Image

Posted Image

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