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My Big Slot Day Out

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Well I said good bye to the cheese and kisses and the tin lids as I headed of the the big smoke from the sunny central coast


First stop was clintons house (AKA slotmania sydrome) to check out his very tidy artin 4 laner He has it located in a very interesting location in the roof accessed by ladder which should make for interesting heat changes when he runs a good sized race meet there we are thinking a video link to the lounge room might be in order

the track was fun to drive although I got hosed for the first hour as I have hardly turned a lap in the last month with all the building projects going on


Next stop Rolands Slot Shop where some more fun laps were had with some really close racing SCX cars and 2 lap sudden death sprint races

This evolved into the first unofficial artin class meet as Roland, Clinton and myself raced this format only to have a 3 way tye at the end of it all can you belive it now thats close racing


I've got to be happy when I build a car that roland has to come up with ways of making it illegal just to slow it down :)


any how Roland turned the lights out on us and kicked us out (some of us do have to work today) so clinton and myself grabed some dinner while we waited for dave (drummer) to get home so I could check out his scaly digital track

His pics and videos had really impressed me and I wanted to check it out for real


So when we walk into this little apartment I se this pissy little track (hope daves not offended) tucked behind the lounge now while it is beatifully landscaped and very pretty it is small my geuss would be about 8mtrs and compared to the size of my space taking monsters I wouldnt have thought u could have to much good racing on it


Well before I say any more let me get a few things straight


Is digital perfect? NO


Did we have overloads? YES


Was there power surging? YES


Are the cars as fast as analogue? NO


Was it fun? well if I said I got home at 3:00am would that answer the question if not hows this "IT WAS A BLAST"


man I had some fun on that pissy little track as 4 of us weaved from lave to lane and cheered as we ducked up the inside laughed as we drove through each other while somone tried to marshall and drive at the same time


So the while the answers to the above questions may seem negative all I can say is that dave has his track sorted well enough that those negatives dont get in the way of some really great fun


So as for the 64 million dollar question which do I prefer my 50 foot artin 4 laner of the scaly digital well my answer would have to be "can I have both?" but hey I've got the room for both


I would say that for 6 nights of the week I would have to say digital would be my choice but on some saturday nights when the shed is full of peaple battkeinbg it out my 4 laner would win hands down but when theres just myself or a couple of mates over digital adds a whole new dimension


I was totaly amased at the complexity of the system and how it works and even with my reasonable understanding of electrics I still get to a point where I spin out and get lost and I was impressed with the smoothness of the lane changing Scaly got this right but the thing thing that impressed me most was the way the amount of variations in lines make a little track so interesting for example dave has 3 LC's in on series of corners which makes 7 (I think) possible lines you can drive thats like 7 tracks in one


so whether your on your own or with a group of mates you can drive the line u want not the slot dictates and daves position of LC's really allows u to straighten out the corner which is SO realistic


So can I afford one? not yet

Would I buy one if I could? knowing all the challenges and being a bit handy and prepaired to fiddle YES but I must say if you walked out of a hobby shop and set it up at home and had the problems some of the guys have had you would be dissapointed


I drome home on the freeway dreaming up my little layout I could out in the corner of my shed but with me things have a tendancy to grow this was no exception

With all of the LC combinations I would like to drive like being able to straighten out an S bend or outside to inside to outside through a corner and another with 4 LC's turning through about 270 degrees my imaginary layout ended up taking up half the shed


With my limited experience form what I've gleaned around the place heres what I think I would do if I were to get a digital track now


1)Keep it small

Why so its easy to maintain the track joins and keep the rails clean also the cars wind out slower and top speed is slower so a really long straight would only be wasted daves 3.somthing mtr straight seemed just long enough

also the cars dont get to spead out and traffic is the fun part about digital

2) think about the position of LC's and limit the total number

had 3 LC's grouped closely together and while ocasionally we would all go for a LC once we got the hang of it if the cars were close one would LC while the other would be trying to get clear the reduced speed of the system allows u to think about your line and you learn to know when u will make it and when you wil jst crash againt the guy beside

3) Be prepared for overloads and surging

At the end of the day u cant run races like you can with analogue and a good lap counter (at least for the moment) there is no way you could reliably run a 100 lap race and so you have to modify your expectation thats why a good 4 laner at the moment will still allow for a better race meet but if its good clean fun an a compact package you want then I think digital could be a good option and hey it can only get better


I hope you've enjoyed this lenghty post and it may add to the pool of info that is being gathered on the much talked about subject of digital slot car racing


Keep turning laps



disclaimer: these ramblings are purely humble opinion of a very average slotcar driver who is still coming down from an earlymorning digital experience.:wacko: The authour takes no responsibilty for inividuals you may purchase digital as a result of these ramblings. <_< The author also has no desire to engage in argumentative discussion with individuals who may have differing opinions to his own.:D To such peaple looking to engage in said arguments the author says "Yes I think you may be right" :D

Keep it in the groove


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I hope you've enjoyed this lenghty post


I did, thanks for posting it. Your idea of having a second, smaller layout might tempt a few of us with largish analog collections to have a digital dabble. I know at least one guy that will have surplus Sports track soon, don't I Vinno ? <_<




There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't

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Pete! Thanks for the review.


Nice rave.

Yeah - was GREAT fun wasnt it?

Guess what, Ive renovated the track, based on our discussions and racing the other night!!

Now that we@the Beach Road are committed to digital, we dont have to have squeeze/hairpins facing at either end to make the lanes of similar challenge (doh!).


SO Ive replaced the bottom corner hairpin with some decreasing radius curves starting with R4, still goes down to R1s but not squeezed, and comes out with R2 and R4s -- the line is GREAT!!!!!!


And its fast!!!!


I think there'll be a lot less marshalling down that end, will post a pic when I can.



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Doh looks like another trip to the big smoke is in order to check out the new line (wot a chore) :)


Sounds great did u leave room for another LC down there?


I think I'm still recovering from digi fever was there any warning on the box about this


I couldnt help my self and downloaded the latest version of tracker with the digi peices on it and set about designing my ideal digi layout

it ended up with 7 LC's and its got some great lines and the combination of lines is huge now if I can only save enough cash and scaly can sort out the bugs Shekinah Park raceway will be digi too


Look forward to my next visit to the beach road


Keep it in the groove


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