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Magnetic Paint, Gloss Finish, Or Matt Finish

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I've got some photos, but have no idea how to post them. If I emailed them to someone would they be willing to post them up for me.



you need to upload photos to a site like photobucket and then insert links to the photos from there -

there is a thread on the forum somewhere talking about this - alternatively send me a PM if you get stuck and I will help you out




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Posting pictures


Just to prove it's idiot proof, I did it myself.


Go to Photobucket.com and create a account. free and easy.


There is a box "upload videos and images" and in that box is a "choose files", this lets you look on your PC for your pictures.


You click the pic and it starts uploading it. You can put titles in etc.


At the top of your posting on this site, are some buttons. The second one to the right of the smiley face is the "insert image". That didnt work for me.


What I do, is I open a new post, then go to photo bucket. Under your pics on photobucket are three choices Share URL, HTML code or IMG code.


You click on the box next to "IMG code". It will be highlighted in blue, then simply click edit and copy.


Go over to your posting click in the body of your posting and it will throw the image code in text form into your post. You wont see your picture yet.


Finish typing, say things like "geez Johnnyfly you are such a nice guy, can I buy you a NSR mosler for your birthday ". You know, that sort of thing.


When you preview your post, you will see that the picture associated with the image code that you copied and pasted in is now visible.


That should do it for you, though you should have some sleepless nights with the knowledge that I may have actually given you computer advice.


Looking forward to seeing pics of your track, though, I am not sure you like it. :huh:

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